I woke up at the strömbacka school near café Zenith. Iwas all alone and for some reason I was wearing rollerblades, I’m guessing Imust’ve fallen and passed out. I noticed a weird noise coming from the mainentrance so I untied my rollerblades and walked towards the sound. What I thendiscovered literally made my heart skip a beat.

It felt like a bad dream but I knew I was wide awake.What I saw was something I would describe as zombies, these limping dead-ishcreatures. I instantly knew I had to make a run because they were heading thisdirection. I ran back to the crossroad where the “Zenith” sign was, took a turnto the left because that’s where the ventilation- and sanitation-workshop was and I knew there was agarage and a van downstairs.

I threw myself into the van, hotwired it quickly and droveright through the garage-door and knocked down atleast twenty zombies. As Ileft the school I got a phone call from my breathless friend Cevin, he told mehe was in a tight situation at Smurfit Kappa, that he was surrounded by theundead and that I needed to get a transport trailer and get there ASAP. I knewI didn’t have much time so I drove as fast as I could through the city whilekeeping an eye out for a transport trailer. After about five minutes ofsearching I found one outside an apartment close to kioskpiraten. As I linked thetrailer I got another phone call from Cevin telling me he escaped on his ownand was now situated at the busstation next to Sunes so I drove over there todiscuss what he had in mind and to see if he was okay.

Cevin told me he had raided the fritid and vildmarkslivstore on all their guns so that was a pleasant surprise, felt a little saferthan brass knuckles. He also told me he had heard about the red mountain fortin Boden being safe so we agreed to load his van onto my trailer and head to thefort in Boden. Before we took off we gathered gas from different gasstationsaround the city. Food was of course also a big necessity so we raided thesupermarkets for the small amount of food that was left. Now we were all set togo so we went to Boden and lived happily ever after. The end.                                               410 words