Zombie plan

I woke up exhausted and cold in some hay. I was really confused of what has happened and why I’m here. I stand up and walks to the exit, I try to be as quiet as I can just because I don’t know what is happening. When I come outside the first thing I see is an pickup and a zombie right next to it, I also noticed a was at Piteå riding stable My first thought was that I have to leave and go somewhere else, It’s not safe to stay here. I walked around in the house to see if I could find anything to use for fight and I found a shotgun and some bullets and a fuel tank. Then I walked to the exit where the pickup were and the zombie were still there so I grabbed a stone and threw it in a bush so the zombie leaved the car. I ran and jumped in the car and the luck were on my side, the car was working and I drove away from the riding stable. I thought for a while and then I knew where I could go, Boden. I take some small roads that goes by some small
villages to Boden so I can search for other survivors and some food, but I didn’t.

When I came to Boden I see that the town is pretty much destroyed and that there’s zombies everywhere. I stopped and did my shotgun ready for fight. I started driving to the fort and I didn’t had any problem getting there but when I came there it was really many zombies at the gate trying to get inside, so I had to pick up my gun and blast their brain. After a little wile of blasting brains I finally got inside. When I gave in I got welcomed by everybody who was there and I also got some food and water. About a month later we could finally go outside, the whole town was burned down. I jumped as fast as I could into my car and went back to Piteå. When I came there I saw that the town wasn’t as destroyed as Boden was, it wasn’t any damage pretty much, so I went home and slept.