Sooooo the countdown begins! 46 days and I'll be on my way to hot, humid Bangkok making my travels down to Singapore 😍 literally cannot wait!!
Have had my packing list ready for about 2 months and I can finally get started (it's still a little while away but who cares). This will definitely not be a fashion show, back to basics for sure when you've got a fat rucksack attached to your back.

Have got some aaamazing things planned and best of all I'm meeting my all time favorite friend in Thailand and we're going on this little journey together, such qts.

This is definitely going to be a once in a life time experience for me to go to Asia and be able to explore and travel around as I'm now 22 and have bills to pay, grown up life wait a minute pls I'm not quite ready for ya

Super super excited and this trip cannot come soon enough, time to get organized!!!

Plus is there anything better than being tanned in the winter? Don't think sooo

Love, Fi x

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