For centuries, Gdansk has been one of the richest and most important cities in the Baltic Sea. The city is extremely cozy with old squares, cobbled streets and churches. This is where the best beaches are found, white and shallow. The resort has a wide range of entertainments, cafes and restaurants and great shopping opportunities.

Molo hotel in Sopot

An almost a new modern hotel welcomes us a giant hotel room. At Molo Hotel, everything is fresh and in a position at the top of Monte Cassino street, you'll be in Sopot's beautiful city center in seconds. A perfect location for exploring the city.


Sopot is located in Poland and is usually called Poland's St. Tropez. Here are tall white beaches and Europe's longest wooden pier at 511 meters. The city has also become famous for having the country's best club and nightlife.

Molo Sopot

Krzywy Domek, "the crooked house"

Pier in Sopot

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Affordable shopping in everything from small stores to the big chains.

Largest shopping center
Galeria Baltycka
is the largest shopping center in the woods area. You will find plenty of stores to choose from as there are currently over 200 pieces. There are international brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Zara, River Island and local shops. Everything from pizza to hamburgers can also be found in the mall's restaurants.

Eat out

Tips on good restaurants, cafes and bars

Piroger is understood

If you like piroger you will definitely be delighted by a visit to Nova Pierogova, which is close to the old town of Gdansk. The restaurant is a definite favorite in the city and it's hard to understand why. You have really taken turns at this restaurant by serving both traditional and innovative variations of piroger. You probably will not see any of them anywhere else than on Nova Pierogova. You can choose between spicy and sweet. Apple puffer or piroger with ricotta cheese, spinach and salmon. There has also been inspiration from countries like India and Mexico. The menu also includes salads, soups and pasta dishes. The portions tend to be quite large. Nova Pierogova is the perfect place for those who want a full budget meal.

Cafes and bars

You can say that variation is one of the words to describe the nightlife of Gdansk. There is not a direct district for nightclubs and bars. But there is nothing to worry about when you say rather, sooner than ever, something will suit you.
Café Bar Mon Balzac offers an environment that houses large sofas with discreet and cozy furnishings. You will quickly notice that there are many who have been taken to this bar. The food is the primary in this place. You can choose between different fondue dishes such as cheese and chocolate, French dishes and even breakfast.

Dominated by a red-paneled interior that directly contrasts with the brown armchairs is not the only one that stands out at Café Ferber. There is also a large variety to choose from when it comes to the menu. They serve everything from coffee to several international wines. Or why not try one of their cocktails with funny names like szary kot (gray cat). During the weekends, DJs take over the place with house music until the small hours.

Café Bar Mon Balzac

Zapiekanki from Gofry Pod Arkadami/Sopot & Gofr from Bar Neptun/Gdańsk

Café Ferber & Bar

Gdanski Bowke in Gdansk

Bar Przystan and it's popular place in Sopot with nice view

Something fun has happened

Maybe few of you wonder why I have added this picture?! I took some pictures with my sister in gdansk. While we were taking pictues, we stopped beside a café shop to change my shoes and continued taking pictures after it. When I came back to my shoes, they were disappeared. Someone stole my shoes without anyone noticing…. .This picture was taken a day before. That’s why I shared this picture with you 😃😃I can’t forget this day because I went barefoot to shoppcenter so be awake next time! 😃


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