Talk about watching a tv show that's out of your league. Personally, I never watch series that revolve around high school life and teenage drama, because I was always convinced with how cliché and anticipated its events were going to be.

There's always the athletic jock, the popular cheerleader with her minions alongside her, the goofy nerd, the unnoticed, yet cool guy who falls in love with the pretty girl next door. Oh..almost forgot the still-in-the-closet guy/girl!

This is how I always perceived high school movies and series; as typical as it gets. And then I found SKAM. I'm not one for double standards really, but it is hands down one the most genuine and beautifully depicted tv series I've ever watched.

For starters, it completely changed my perspective towards how we all see high school, or more precisely, how it's displayed and presented to us in movies and tv series. It discusses major and serious issues that we turn a blind eye to everyday and really focuses on the innermost personality a person has rather than what they choose to show to the world. Basically, what everyone is afraid to share, be it from vulnerability or lack of confidence. And really stresses on the fact that "Everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about... Always be kind".

Muslims outcasts. Homosexuality. Stereotypes. Slut-shaming. Fake-ness. Friendship. Insecurities.
SKAM just proves to us that there's more than what meets the eye.

Enough ranting about morals. Now more fangirling!! My personal favourite season is Isak's (season 3), I know....SHOCKER. Seriously though, besides my low key obsession with Tarjei S.M and the cuteness-overdose that is EVAK, it's really my favourite because of...well Tarjei and Evak. Guess there's no other reason. I'm sure you can relate if you watched it, which you definitely SHOULD if you still haven't!! If you're ready to meet the heartthrob of your lifetime, bawl your eyes out, discover the best ship and fandom ever, you're ready to watch it.

On to Sana's season (season 4). Which I relate to the most, considering that she's a muslim and so am I. It really opens the eye to things people say and do subconsciously and take for granted, which happen to have a huge impact on someone. In Sana's season, these small negligible things people do are criticizing her and generalizing muslim concepts (which are mostly false) according to what they see and hear about muslims on the media, which affects her daily. Sana really points out the pear pressure muslims, living abroad, face so they're not misunderstood and labeled as "the bad guy". To fit in.

BUMMER! Sana likes this guy, youssef, who she thought was muslim, but it turned out that he's not. Yes, get your tissue box ready. You're probably thinking right now that this can't get any worse...Well, that's where you go wrong! Her best friend, Noora, also likes him. She kissed him too. WHILE. SANA. WAS. WATCHING. Yup...and that's when the whole fandom lost it including me. And the rest/best is yet to come.
And there's even more juicy drama to come!

Defeat stereotypes and follow your own aesthetic...



This is my first ever blog. I know...exciting!! Before I decided to start a blog, I had absolutely no idea where to start, ironically.

I looked up how to start your own blog and tips on keeping your content interesting. But then again nothing goes like the internet says it should, because the internet only gives you 'rational' tips and 'pragmatic' results and solutions to stuff you look up. When in reality, what you need is merely a heads up, a simple guide to to where go and what to do, but NEVER how to do it, for nothing 'should' be done in a certain way.

I personally believe that everything you do, starting from the way you talk to the the way you dress, answers to the same question. "How?" Because just as I was searching how to write a blog, I answered my own question.. And it was the way "I" would.

Bottom line is that everything you do becomes automatically unique because of how YOU do it. It's because you are special and accordingly anything you do is, too.

Defeat stereotypes and follow your aesthetic...