CNSG Anhui Hong Sifang Co., Ltd. is a large scale Sodium hydrosulfite suppliers controlled by CNSG and composed of Hefei Industry Investment Holding Co., Ltd.

Hong Sifang was founded in the middle of 1950s. The state leaders Mao Zedong, Deng Xiaoping, Chen Yun, Chen Yi, Peng Zhen, Yang Shangkun, Zhu Rongji etc. had ever been to this company, which encouraged all the staff here. With over fifty years’ development, Hong Sifang kept in mind the entrustment of Chinese leaders that it keeps striving to transform this company from small to big, and gradually step into a large-scale state owned group. Brand Hong Sifang has been successively selected as the Chinese Famous Brand, the Most Valuable Brand in Chinese Agricultural Industry, and the Most Favorable Brand of Customers. Hong Sifang Series products are the recommended ones when China joined in WTO, in addition, Hong Sifang Brand compound fertilizer and Huangshan Brand polyvinyl pyrrolidone​ are the national free-inspection quality products.

By now, there are nearly 5,000 employees in our company including over 1,100 technical staff in all professions, and with solid technical strength, it owns the first agrochemical service center and provincial technology center.  Our main products are: Ammonia, urea, compound fertilizer, soda ash, ammonium chloride, melamine, caustic soda, liquid chlorine, hydrochloric acid, dimehypo, monosultap, glyphosate, pmida, sodium hydrosulfite, PVC paste resin (MSP - 3), PVC resins (PVC), ferric chloride, pyrrolidone etc., which have been sold well nationwide and exported to Asia, Europe and America markets.

CNSG Hong Sifang is making every effort to carry out the project construction of CNSG Hefei chemical base with the total investment of over 11.4 billion yuan. It is divided into two phases, and the main plans are: ferric trichloride, salinization and fine chemicals. The first phase of synthesis ammonia, chlor-alkali and fine chemical projects has been completed and put into operation, and the second phase is under tight construction. When finished, it will become the recycle economic chemical industry base with integration of coal and salt, product refinement, modern equipment, and scientific management, and the annual sales revenue will surpass 15 billion yuan.