We students, regardless of our age, still need someone who will motivate us. Students there will agree with me. I should know.

It is not bad to demand that everyone who surrounds us must encourage and persuade us that we can do the things we thought are impossible. However, if you are one of the people who don’t want to, just please don’t make us feel hopeless.

I hope everyone knows that mistakes are inevitable because essentially, mistakes pop up in our way for us to know what’s needed to be improved. Most often to always, people treat mistakes as 'mere mistakes'. These are situations that need to be rectified instead of being seen as plain grounds for pulling down someone. 

Mistakes cannot be corrected by insults, comparisons and belittling the capacity of an individual who is no capable of reaching anyone’s standards. Internal pain serves no age, and this is miserable. In fact, we, the college students are the ones who deeply need the support of people in our lives and those who shape our lives. And sometimes the simplest form of negative and offensive criticism, no matter to whose mouth it came from, can completely ruin us mentally and emotionally, like a fragile baby toy.

Another thing, I think the hardest part of being in this stage is the struggle of carrying not the school works, but the weight of expectations, pressure and fear. That is an uncontrollable fact that no one can avoid and the only way to lessen it, if not eradicate, is a constant reception of some sorts of encouragement and hope from others. Do not make us feel that you are disappointed at us. It is far from making us the better version of ourselves.

Lastly, the most distressing reality is that sometimes, those people whom we thought are capable of inspiring and helping us reach are goals are the ones who are actually pulling us down. Ooops, I can imagine some thumbs up there. *winks* Intentional or unintentional, the words and the actions can still create real deep and long lasting wounds.

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First of all, I am not a life expert. LOL. I just want to share my thoughts based on what I have experienced. Second, if you disagree with the whole content of this blog, you are free to message me, anyway, I accept criticisms and all. Third, you may say that these are easier said than done but it worked to me, so it really depends on you.

So . . . here it goes.

Having someone in your life that you consider a home is one of the best feelings in the world. It may be your dad, your mom, your sister/brother, your friends or even your boyfriend/girlfriend. There is always that someone whom you can perceive as your comfort zone, your final piece of the puzzle, your morning coffee (what?), and whatever cheesy crap. But what if that someone walks away from your life? What if that someone stops talking to you? What if that person is really not the person you knew? How can you get out of that sublime conviction when you are trapped in the idea of a long lasting and consistent comfort?

I assume that most of us already experienced this and each one of us may have the same or different ways on how to deal with that horrible feeling.

But here’s mine: (I only got three. HAHAHAHAHA Weak)

Number 1. Love yourself first. As what Jimmy Wopo said, “Know your worth and stop giving people discounts.” If someone treats you like a crap despite of the chances you gave, leave. It’s not easy but it will save you from the cycle of pain. How can someone see your worth if you don’t even value yourself? Prioritize your self-worth because in the end, only you can help yourself.

Number 2. Do not set expectations from someone. Because if you do, not only it will pressure and bother him/her but also, it will surely hurt you in the end. There is no assurance that the affection that someone is making you feel right now will last.

Number 3. Consider the concept of “detachment”. It doesn’t mean that you literally need to avoid that person, all I’m saying is that, keep in mind that you cannot expect that the person will stay in your life forever. Everything is temporary and remember that nothing is constant in this world except change (as what my teacher in High School said). Learn how to be happy in the presence of someone but make sure that his/her absence will not ruin that gratifying feeling.

My apologies if some of you will find this a little bit inhumane and may think of me as cold-hearted, ugly b*tch. I just want to let you know my own ways of protecting my emotions. I am a girl too (in case you haven’t noticed); I am sensitive and emotional. Getting used of someone in my life and left me hanging in the end was the worst thing ever. Been there a lot of times but this time it’s a little bit lighter to accept. Yey me!

Remember this line by Lily Collins in Love, Rosie: “Choosing the person that you want to share your life with is one of the most important decisions any of us makes.” 😊



“Instead of causing chaos and rocking someone else’s boat, you need to row your own.” – Unknown

The world is full of denigrators and opinionated people, smashing others out so easily (without thinking twice, perhaps). I was actually one of them and I will never deny of it. As it may appear that opinions nowadays are seen as more of defaming people, it is safe yet to say that there are acceptable opinions which somehow improve people's lives. Constructive criticisms. The thoughts I'm about to share are based on my personal experiences, to which I know, most have been destructive, adverse criticisms. I fully wonder why people (some of whom I'm close with, some are not that much) ask so much about me dyeing my hair, cutting my hair into different styles, and to some extent, living my life with "this and that" and all these b*llsh*ts. I'm actually fine with it now, but before, just to be honest, I'm not a hundred percent sure! (he he he)

I admit that my whole appearance makes me look like I’m a rebel child. Look, I colored my hair so many times and I guess this is precisely the reason why some people do not like me --- how I publicly present myself and what I do with it. I understand that the society has varying perspectives, of course, in view of the fact that people are diverse in opinions and "says". I cannot force anyone to understand my point of view.

But let me do my thing ya’ll.

What I don't really like about these judgmental people, who seem to feel highly intellectual for doing so, is that, just because I look physically different it doesn’t mean I’m literally a bad person. Just a friendly reminder that telling others I'm a bad person doesn’t make you a good one. Hey, basically it will never be a win-win situation between us. So what’s with the fuss? Another reminder, just in case forgotten, my life is not even your story to meddle with and to share with others. *winks*

Don't dare judge wrap up my whole personality into one present when knowing it deeply failed in your end. As far as I am concerned, dyeing my own hair hasn't been hurting anyone. Sometimes, try to ask yourself if these things I do to myself hurt your ego. Or maybe, try to think of it, did the whole process of changing myself (that is opposing with your standard), kill anyone around me? Did I step on their dignity or whatsoever you may presume there? Well, I see some heads miserably bow down there.

This is not just about me; this is for all the people who have been judged and tainted for doing something that makes them happy. I am just being the person I like to be and I like to express myself through this version. Is it even a crime to do the things that make someone happy? I guess no. Look at these people with tattoos and multiple piercings on them, what did they do wrong to you? Some people are even changing their sex orientation just to feel satisfied with their lives. But what is wrong with it? Did it even stress the hell out of you? Anyway, if it doesn’t even involve you, it's never your concern. That's why popular maxim "mind your own business" sprang out, just to give you some heads up!

Well, summing it up, let us all create a peaceful space where we stop pulling each other down. Instead, help each other grow as a person, maybe by backing them up, or in other words, just show your moral support. Be an angel to someone’s hell, they say.




I think that this whole blog would suck if I start this off by saying I am 20 years old (I just gave you a hint in case you haven’t noticed.). Anyway, I want to make this blog like I’m actually talking to someone personally.
What I am so concerned about this whole “adulthood” thing is that, when people ask me how old I am then I give them my most sincere and honest answer, they would react like “really girl? Are you sure you’re 20?” And it sucks, seriously. I may act like I am smiling on the outside and I’m fine but I am actually slowly smashing your face with a chair inside my head. Anyway, people are so unsure about my age not because I look young. No, it’s not that and it will never be the reason why. It’s not about my height either. IT’S ABOUT HOW I “BEHAVE”.

I know myself more than anyone else in this world. I know how I behave and I always have reasons why I act in such a way that is (they say) unsuitable for my age and is sometimes socially unaccepted.
“When I was 20, I was doing this and that that is unrelated to a childish activity.” – Coming from majority of the people who reacted to my age.
I know. I can do that too. I can act like an adult too. But I chose not to.

Why? Well, for me, every day is my last day to act like a child. You know what I mean? At this age, I still watch cartoons, I still love being goofy and doing silly stuff on purpose, I still love to annoy people around me which are very childish acts but so what, right? The things that I do make me happy and I don’t know why people have to degrade my personality when it doesn’t even concern them in the first place. Also, the fact that you can never turn back time that flies really fast makes me feel like I need to do something that would make me enjoy each and every second of it. And being an adult is not fun (You can argue with me about this but you can never win. Just kidding).

Before reading the next paragraph, first, take a deep breath because I want you to read it fast and full of enthusiastic sarcasm and don’t stop until you see a period. I repeat, do not stop.


Go . . .
20 years is never enough for me to fly and spread my wings like a little child with the sparkling look in her eyes because she is so excited for each morning to come since she doesn’t have assignments and bills to think about, just spend a whole day with her colorful and cute toys that she could share with her friends who also got no adult dilemmas to think of and THEY GOT THE BEST LIVES EVER! (Now you can breathe)

Nevertheless, to the people I know who are overacting about my age because it is seemingly contradicting to how I behave, please do bear with me. This whole “adult” thing makes me sad and no one can stop someone from being an adult unless you decide to kill them though, it’s another story.

Anyway, maturity doesn’t come with age. There are people younger than me who act so mature, and they can get a lot of comments on why they act like adults even if they are still too young to act like one or they should enjoy their generation first or stuff like that. And there are other people like me who are still enjoying what younger people get to enjoy. I am one of those who aren’t shy of expressing ourselves. I can’t hide my feelings regarding how envious I am with the little kids right now. I used to play the games they do. *sigh*
To end my blog, I just want to share with you guys that you can always act like an adult anytime you want but the chances of doing stuff that are fun and are for younger people only are little by little lessened because, once again, time flies.

Anyway, HAVE A NICE and HAPPY LIFE! :)
*drops mic*