One of the concerns and also complaints that parents have regarding their young adult kids is that “My kid does not show interest in reading.”

If this is your concern and complaint too then you need to ask one more question. How were you when you were a small kid? Were you a voracious reader? At what age you started reading? You will need to give honest answers and it will make it evident that your kid is no different from you. Over enthusiastic parents often tend to make many mistakes in their enthusiasm to make their kids develop the habit of reading. Here are few important points that you need to remember, the dos and don’ts.

Look for books for the right age group. If the book is too basic or too complex depending on where your kids current age then they will not be showing interest either because it is too basic and nothing new to learn or because it is too complex to understand. So if you are keen on helping your kid develop the habit of reading then get young adult books if your kids are of that age. This is a very crucial age and kids themselves will be in a confused state. They are still kids but want to show to the world that they are grownups. Choose your books wisely.

Never replace their games time with reading time and if you do then you are going make them hate reading all their life. Kids like to play than to read. You need to accept this fact and not deprive your kid of their games time and fun time.

Give your kids interesting and popular titles such as Harry Potter books so that it will give them a chance to boast about themselves. Kids want to show off as well by telling their friends they read Harry Potter and that they have completed all the sequels of the Harry Potter series. Try to address this need of kids as well when you are trying to buy them books. Pick popular books and popular authors.

Try to schedule their reading time in their daily activities. This will help them get into the habit and discipline of reading. It is much easier to develop the reading habit when kids know that there is a specific time for reading everyday rather than keeping the reading time open ended. Keep the reading time short. To get started, 20 to 30 minutes should be good enough. Do not tell them to read for two hours daily and that is the best way to put their interest off in reading. Once they taste the pleasure of reading they will eventually get to spend more time reading and you should not be surprised when they spend two hours or more in reading every day. It will however take time.

Get some nice colorful books for your kids. Keep the books easily accessible to them so that they could reach to those books whenever they feel like reading.