The world as we know it

Elrow Town London, UK / Shoreditch, London viewssss, UK

I'm walking down a field with my best friend holding my hand tightly. Loud music pumping in the distance. It's almost like I can feel the happiness building in my chest the closer I get.

Boarding a flight at 6.30am, not feeling the tiredness, ready to get away. Warmth, the sea, explore, kisses with a stranger.

"Lets go grab a coffee." - A simple pleasure.

Being able to give my nan a big hug instead of staying meters apart with masks on.

Putting my heels on for a night in boujee London.

All a distant dream.

Venice, Italy / The Breakfast Club, Melbourne, Australia / ACDC Lane, Melbourne, Australia

I am extremely thrilled and extremely terrified thinking about the world becoming "normal" (I mean what even is normal?).

Don't get me wrong... I can't wait for all the fun to come!! But it freaks me out that my life is heading towards 160km/h once again. The past year hasn't been all bad after all, I've learned to slow down and focus on myself and my needs. Focus on my mental and physical state in a way I never really have before.

I want to write this to remind myself not to loose that new found part of myself. The calmness and the ability to actually listen to my inner being.

Be wild, be free, but don't loose yourself!

Canggu, Bali, Indonesia





So wonderful babe! Every cloud has a silver lining <3 puss