New hair, new me... NEW WOMEN. Haha nah, it's not even permanent!!

Does remind me of when I was 15 and got dumped by my first ever boyfriend though! Ended up having a fit and colouring my hair red (and when I say red I mean RED, fire post red) thinking it's gonna make me a new person, HAH. And the years after I went through all sorts of colours before finding my one true colour by heart: blonde. And blondie is now peachy for a brief moment. A little hair saga for you!

Anyways... Moving on! I am on here again barely a week later. WOHOO! I want to blog way more frequently, as it's a nice little diary to look back on. A very public one.. (YIKES).

So to my future self, in March 2021:

I'm mainly listening to electronic music. Techno, deep house, minimalistic house etc. Like Amelie Lens, Boris Brejcha or anything that Anjunadeep comes out with! But I also have my moments when I'm relaxing to either Swedish music or old school jazz. And oh, lots and lots of Rüfüs Du Sol!! But that has been a fact for the past years, old news.

I'm currently watching psychological stuff that makes you think, Black Mirror kind of vibes. And have developed an unhealthy obsession with The real housewife of Beverly Hills during lockdown haha...

I'm reading way less than i wish I did. But when I do it's Brandi Glanvilles biography from The Real Housewives (told you I was obsessed).

I'm spending my spare time hanging out and working out LOTS, I really have found the fun in prioritising my health.

I'm drinking (shockingly) coffee and red wine, am I a grownup now?!

I'm dreaming of warm weather, sweaty dance floors and a time when we can travel freely again.