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Shoes: New Balance 574

Hat: Stradivarius

Socks: H&M

" Yolandah, darling, Everything comes to you at the right moment. Stay patient.”

It’s coming to that time of the year again I solely dread for the simple fact I disagree with the notion that romantic love should be celebrated in just one day. Why couldn’t unexpected and unforced affectionate acts of love be performed spontaneously every day to show your loved one that you truly care? Are we simply blinded by all the fuzziness and expectations that we don’t realize that this is a ploy of consumerism? Disregard my tendencies to think out loud.

It has nothing to do with the mere fact that I have never celebrated the day due to the fact that I’ve always been single every Valentine’s Day. Apart from once upon a time, I received a card from a workplace admirer that read I was his cup of tea and continued to read on inside the card that if I was to refuse his advances, he would kindly never speak to me again. The latter happened. A decision I later regretted I would have easily exchanged a platonic date for the workplace awkwardness that was to follow. Of course, I kept the card for the humorous memories it brings. Again, it has nothing to do with the fact that it is the only card I’ve ever received for Valentine’s day, therefore sadly keeping it as memorabilia.

I often disappear off of the face of the earth this time of the year to avoid the constant nagging questions from friends who find it ok to ask me why I’m still single as though I should have an answer. You’re so beautiful, they say. We couldn’t possibly pinpoint where you’re going wrong. As though that alone should be the deciding factor of whether I find myself in a relationship or not. My mother, oh my poor mother who would marry me off without my will if she could. Oh, how she has already planned a trip to take me to a sperm bank because God forbid I reach my mid-30s, still single, with no grandchildren of hers looming in the horizon. The thought of it makes me chuckle. Surely I have a decade.

Don’t get me wrong, I am one to cheer on great couples with a beaming heart but will gag at the sight of Valentine’s Day display without fail. I am certainly not bitter. However, Surprise-surprise there has been a major shift in my life this year. If you want to find out how I’ll be spending my Valentine’s Day keep a look out for my Valentine’s Day post.

Love and Light xo

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