I have not written in a while now so I thought it was time for that now. It has happend a lot sense last time to. I have not much left on project A, project B is on it's way and I have started on an internship two weeks back now so I can get some real work experience that I need to get an actuall job! So that is the short version.

In my last post I was almost done with the page called bocker I only had some minor details on the form to fix which I still do because I have been working on the next page. That page has been a little bit tricky because I have three buttons which are supposed to show three different texts. So I have got the buttons and the "bubbles" as i call them but I have not figured out how to make the buttons work to show the bubbles. So there I am a little bit stuck but I will eventually figure it out I am shure of that. I also have completed the last page which is the about page and that was simple, just some text and a picture nothing special. That is basically what I have done in project A.


For project B I have only just started with the code. I have built up the project how I want it so I can easely work with it and my first step is to code the header and navigation sections. There is where I am for the moment and it is exciting to see how it will end up like.


Over all I have been quite busy lately so that is one of the reasons why it has been a while sense I have written. And I am going to keep being busy until my internship is over at least but I will try to post as often as I can.

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This time I have been working on the page called Böcker or bocker in the code. This page was quite simple. The first element was a picutre of the cover of the book, some info about the book and a button to order the book. The second element is a form where you order the book. The second element was the tricky part on this page. To make it work I used php to send the form info to an email adress. However I have not yet made it work properly. I have some minor details to figure out in the code to make it work properly but for now I think I will take a break with that. I will go back to it with a fresh set of eyes and maybe then I can figure out what is wrong. Beside that, the bocker page is done so next page will be tjanster. If you are curious about the code the link is here.

One other thing that has happend is that I have had the first meeting for project B so now I can start for real with that page to, which I have done. I have only started to sketch down some ideas for the page so far so more will come on that later on. I have a few ideas on the navigation so far, the rest of the pages I think I have an idea of what it would look like that will work. The navigation I need to talk to my client about to see their opinion about.




I have been working on the homepage now and I feel quite satisfied with it so far just some minor details that need fixing later. Most of them are for the responsive part andI think I will concentrate on that in the end.

Basically has three pictures that will lead to other pages. All the pictures has a hovereffectthat shows a text and a button which leads to the page it says. The effect was a little bit tricky to get right and well I could not figure out what was wrong first. I had the same effect on every picture but only one was wokring the way it should and I compared the css over and over and did not find the error. I also compared the html and I could not see where the error where. So I took the html code on the picture that worked and copied it to the others and then it worked. So I must have missed some detail that was wrong. Sometimes you get blind when you stare at your code, the important part is to not give up, if it works on one part it should work on the others to.

So it has been a lot of problemsolving going on but in the end I made it work and I am very happy about that. So there is new code in the repository which is here if you like to see it.

Oh one morething I found the effect when I was looking around on the internet for inspiration so in the repository is a file on how I made the effect called code-help.html it was easier that way to copy down the code. I ofcourse modified the code to fit my project so it is not the same as the code-help I just needed it because I am quite new to this with transitions and things like that. I think it gives the webpage a little bit extra.

Next time I am going over next page called bocker where I am going to do a form amongst other, that will be intresting. So stay tuned for next post. Hope you find it as intresting as I am.



Hi this is my 5:th entry and my projectis progressing, for this post I have made a flexible grid that I amgoing to use when I structure my elements. I have also been workingon and finished the header, navigtaion and footer elements, well notquite finished I need to make them responsive as well but I think Iwill wait with that. I have also made a repository for this projecton github now. So if you are intreseted in checking out the code youcan do this here.

Now to theelements I have made.

In the header Iam using an image for background and then there is the logo for thecompany. The things I needed to fix in the header was the positing ofthe the picture and the logo. So it was a quite simple task.

The navigationwas a little bit trickier because I was going to do a dropdown menuwhich where the first time for me. I choose to only use css to makethe dropdown menu I know you can use javascript too but I tested tomake it only in css. I am pleased with the result of the navigation,it is working the way I wanted it to work and looks good.

The footer wherenot difficult either, the background is an image, then I have a divwhich the info is inside. The div has a background color with sometransparency. It was a bit tricky to make the div transparent withoutmaking the text inside transparent too. I found out that you coulduse rgba (red, green, blue, alpha) to solve that problem. Otherwise Ijust needed to position the elements how I wanted them.

And that wasthat for this time. Next time I will have worked on the elements inthe homepage. And there is where my flexible grid is going to beuseful.




Project A is on it's way. The firstthing I am doing with the code is actually not so much code butrather the structure. That means that I am making folders and filesand naming them so I have a good structure to work with. There isprobably going to be more folders and files later but at least I havesomething to start with. I have also worked on fixing the tools I amgoing to use. Some of them are quite new to me so that is going to beexciting and fun. What I am going to use is Atom as my code editor,code languages I am going to use is html, css, javascript as basics.For my css I am going to use sass which is new to me. To use sass youneed to install it so that I have done, you also need something tocomplie the sass to css with, for that I am using livereload.Livereload comes with an extra feature that I like. The feautre isthat I don't have to go and refresh the page when I want to see thechanges, livereload does that for me. I have also made som variablesfor color and font (perk of sass) and made the images accessible.Next thing I am going to do is make a flexible grid for the page,that means I am not going to use bootstrap for this. I want to do itbecause it gives me a challenge and I have watched DevTips andgot the idea from him. When I work I am going to use github and savemy work there if any of you is interested in looking at the code. Ihave not made a repository yet but it will come and then I will linkit here and on my twitter.

For my other projects...

I am planing a meeting for project Band hoping it will be soon, only after the meeting can I startfiguring out how it will look. For my own page I have not gotten anyfurther as I said in the last post project A and B are thepriorities. I am also looking for a job so those things take up mytime.



Hi there!

The project is advancing, a lot ishappening now. I Have made some mockups that I have sent to my clientfor some feedback. I am pleased with what I have come up with and Iam excited to start with the code. The feedback from my client wasgood, she thought the structure of the page was good wich means I canstart working on the code. Things that are going to change are thecolors and the pictures. The pictures that are in the mockups whereonly there for show, she wants pictures more related to food. Whichshe is going to fix, in the meantime I am going to start working withwhat I have, other pictures and colors are quite simple to fix later. The texts are not finished yet either.

You can see the mockups below.

In addition to this project I am goingto start two new projects. First of I want to change my own page, Iam not happy about how it looks right now, I want it to represent mebetter. Second I am going to do webpage for an association. My ownpage I am going to work on last, the priorities is project A (thefirst one I started here) and project B (the one for theassociation).

For Project B I have just only got theinformation that I am going to do the page so the first thing tothere is to have a meeting with the clients to discuss what is goingto be important on the page and such.

Before I make changes to my page I needto figure out what information I want on it so I can make the bestdesign for that particular information (I am my own client in thiscase). One big thing I do is that I am a hobby photographer so I wantto show of my work there. Then I have recently started this blog so Iwant to promote that somehow on the page and I also have a twitterthat can be promoted as well. And of course I am designing andbuildning websites.



Hi again!

I said last week that I was going to post on Wednesdays but before I posted it I changed my mind thought that I should post when I have something to write about but I forgott to mention that in my post so I am sorry for that. So from now on I am going to post whenever I have something I want to write about. Now back to my project.

Now it is time for some sketches. As Isaid in the previous post I got some ideas from the meeting with my client. So I started to sketch them down, just using a pen and paper, so that I could see how it could look like. To do sketches is a good way to start with a design because in that way you can get a quick look at what the the project might end up and you can also sketch down more than one idea to get a good picture on how you want the design to look. It also gets easier to have an open dialog with your client and you can change things the clients don't want in an early state.

There is going to be four pages on thewebsite so I sketched up these four pages so I could have an idea of what it would look like. Some of the pages I had more than one idea for that I sketched than I took pictures of the sketches and sent to my client for some feedback. 

Below you can see the sketches I have made.



Hi this is my first blog so I am reallyexcited! I am going to try and write every week and I am going topublish on Wednesdays. That is the plan anyway.

In this blog I am going to write aboutmy work in webdesign. It can be all from a design I have thoughtabout to a whole project or only trying out new code. I am going tostart of this blog with a project that I recently have startedworking on. So this is going to be fun!

Start of the project!

First of I started the project bytalking to my client so we set up a meeting. We needed to discusswhat she wanted out of the webpage. We also needed to talk about whothe target group was.

This where the things we talked aboutduring the meeting. I also got some information like the company logoand som contact information. Things I could use on the page.

With this meeting I got some ideas onhow the webpage could look like so next step was to make somsketches. That is what I am going to talk about next week so hang inthere for more updates.

The plan is to first do some sketches,than move on to making mockups and after that it is time to startcoding. I am going to use github when I start coding so by that timeI am going to link to my github too if you want follow the projecteven more closely. I am also going to post some tweets about thisproject.

That was it for this time hope youliked it and you will come back for more.