As promised, here comes the two days we spent in Brighton.

Our first day in Brighton began with breakfast at the hotel. We had a long day infront of us. On this day we had planned to explore a bit of the english nature. We walked from our hotel to the bus station where we took a open top bus to Devil's Dyke. At nearly a mile long, the Devil's Dyke-valley is the longest and deepest 'dry valley' in the UK. There are many stories about how the Devil's Dyke was created. Scientists says it was carved out by melting water at the end of the last ice age, but the legend tells the devil created the valley.

From the mountains we had a big breathtaking view over the english countryside and the ocean. We walked around for a while and noticed how we were surrounded by glorious poppy fields.

After our visit to Devil's Dyke we took a bus to seven sisters, which is seven big white cliffs. It amazed us how different the English nature is compered to Sweden.

Every distance we walked was kilometers long that day, so we were quite exhausted when we got back to the hotel. It was now evening and we decided to go out and eat.

On our second day we had started to get tired of hotel breakfast so we walked to a little restaurant where they served classic english breakfast which consists of baked beans, bacon, eggs, sausage and breads etc. We really liked it and both agreed that we prefer the English breakfast over the Swedish.

After the breakfast we went on a shopping-spree in the famous lanes. The lanes consists of several small unique shops or boutiques. You can find anything from antiques and luxuries to vintage shops and pound-shops (shops where everything is under 1£).

The lanes could be compered to Gamla Stan (the old city) in Stockholm. In Gamla stan there are lots of little shops and the narrow and slim streets reminds me of the lanes. But one difference is that in Gamla stan the turist shops has taken over. Everywhere you look in Gamla stan you can see at least one turist shop or souvenir shop. In the lanes there are almost no classic turist shops - although this is where most turists shop. 

Anyhow, after we had shopped a little, we walked to a little baguette shop to eat a quick lunch.

At 3pm we decided to go to a museum, and we both agreed which one seemed the most interesting. It was the big indian-inspired palace in the middle of Brighton. The Royal Pavilion was built by a prince in 1786, and is now a museum. We walked through the marvelous, colorful rooms. The outside of the palace is, as I said, Indian-inspired but the inside is inspired by China.

After the visit at the Pavilion we ate dinner at a little restaurant in the lanes, but to be frank with you the food was not that great. Actually quite obnoxious to be completely sincere. We were still hungry so we decided to grab some fish n' chips at the pier.

We had two lovely days in Brighton, and the next day we headed to Oxford.

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Hi everyone!

We arrived with the train from Brighton at around 11 am yesterday. We spent two lovely days down i Brighton, but since Klara is the Brighton expert around here she’ll tell you about Brighton and what we did there in a separate post in a few days. And since I’ve been in Oxford before, it’s my little mission to tell you about our visit here!

Like i mentioned, we arrived at around 11 pm. We took a bus to our hotel in the centre of Oxford, just across the Radcliffe Camera, which is a gorgeous building with a huge library inside.

Since we had a lot of time left of the dat, we had a lot planned. But first, we were quite hungry, so I decided that we should have lunch at a very very special pub; ”The Eagle And Child”. This is the pub where J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis and other famous writers gathered to talk about books they were writing, to discuss ideas with each other and eat delicious food. The pub is absolutely amazing and the whole atmosphere is incredible.

After having a really nice lunch we rented bikes (a great way to see Oxford) and biked across the city to the Christ Church College, one of many many universities in this old and cultural city. What’s so special about Christ Church is that a few scenes of the first Harry Potter film are recorded here. For example, these places include the dining hall and the courtyard. The college is an actual college, even though the students don’t really use these areas.

As the evening came closer, we returned our bikes and walked back to our hotel where we freshened up before heading out for dinner. We had booked a table at a cute little Italian restaurant where we had these amazing pizzas! We sat there and talked about everything and nothing for about two and a half hours before paying and slowly walking home through this gorgeous city.

As our first day was over, we were both very happy about it, and we couldn't wait to get up and explore more of the city!

We had a great breakfast this morning at our hotel, they had everything we could ask for!

There was one thing I needed us to do; punting. I did it with a few friends last time I was here, and it was so much fun! It's when you sit in a boat, but instead of using oars you use a long pole to push the boat forward. And I'm telling you, it is NOT as easy as it looks, but it's really really funny. Our punting trip was supposed to take about 30 minutes, but it took us about 1,5 hours to reach shore again since we weren't particularly good at it haha.

After that we bought some picnic food at Tesco and sat down in one of the many parks for some lunch. After our little picnic we visited The Ashmolean Museum, a huge museum with lots of paintings, sculptures etc. For a few months they're having an exhibition about the ancient Egypt, and of course we wanted to see it! It was really interesting, and we got to see a lot of mummies and we learned a lot!

When we came out of the Ashmolean we realized that it already was 7 pm, so we hurried away to grab some dinner before heading towards the cinema, where we watched to new Avengers movie! After that we headed back to our hotel, and that's where we are right now. We're probably going to sleep soon, since we're both exhausted yet excited. Tomorrow morning we're heading back to London for our last two days here in England, but you can expect a blogpost about Brighton before we head home!

// Ylva




Driving the Mini Cooper was amazing, and the both of us literally fell in love with it. We left Eastbourne at around 4 pm, and arrived to Brighton about 1,5 hours later after cruising by the British coast. As soon as we hit the road we rolled down the windows, put our sunglasses on and began listening to our favorite band; Coldplay. Driving past he English countryside and the coast was absolutely gorgeous, and something we'd recommend anyone to do. Since the sun had decided to pay us a visit, we stopped to have an ice-cream break in Newhaven, which probably was the best thing so far today. We sat on a bench for about 30 minutes, enjoying the sun and our ice-creams, talking about life.

When we arrived at our cute little hotel here in Brighton, we just dropped our bags of before heading towards the pier! There we enjoyed ourselves with games, rides and sweets for about two hours, and it was really funny! We both had a great time! After that we found ourselves at a local pub, having some dinner and a pint, also watching a football game. We've seen a bit of Brighton this evening, but tomorrow we'll be able to explore more of it, and share it with you!

Right now we're both exhausted after such a fantastic day! We're planning on getting some sleep ahead of tomorrow's adventures. We'll spend the day exploring in and around Brighton, and the day after that we're leaving for Bournemouth!

// Ylva



Good afternoon.

Today we visited Eastbourne, which is a big town located on the south coast. We woke up at 7.30am and walked the 100 meters from our hotel to Kings Cross. The train took of at 8am and the trip took about two hours.

When we got of the train, we were met by typical British weather. The clouds were grey and the rain was in the air. This destroyed our plans since we had planned to hang out on the beach, but instead we decided to take a walk through the city. Eastbourne had similar buildings to London, only much smaller.

After a few hours we decided to eat lunch. We found a little restaurant that served Fish n' Chips and settled for that. As we ate the sun started to appear, and as soon as we had finished our meal we walked happily down to the beach. No one of us was in the mood for a swim so we just strolled around the long beach walk insted.

Eastbourne has a little bit less the 95 000 habitants, but one thing we noticed was how many old people there was. And sure, we visited the town in the forenoon and everyone was probably at school or at work, but still! Everywhere we looked there were seniors - at the train station, at the coffee shops and on the beach, and they were all very friendly and helpful.

We are now in a classic little British car on our way to Brighton. The last thing we did in Eastbourne was to rent this beauty! And well, we might have gone a little to far, I mean look at this car! But it was so cute, we just had to have it.

Talk to you soon! / Klara




Right now we're back at the hotel after an exciting afternoon and evening, so now I'm planning to tell you all about it!

As Klara mentioned earlier, we did lots of touristic stuff before heading back to our hotel to freshen up for the evening. Since we had a reservation at Gordon Ramsay's restaurant Savoy Grill close to Covent Garden, we wanted to dress up a bit fancy. But, before we headed towards the restaurant, there was something we had planned to do. So, we took a taxi to The London Eye to watch the sunset over this beautiful city. While we were on our way up to the top the sun began setting, and we both were stunned by the views. This is something we really recommend doing.

After that, we began walking towards Covent Garden, after all it's only about 1,5 km by foot. We got to the Savoy Grill at around 9 pm, and the food was absolutely amazing. We shared a huge plate of "châteaubriand", which was enormous pieces of beef served with french fries. Then we had some dessert and after that we paid and walked a bit before taking the underground back to the hotel, where we are right now.

One thing I wanted to write about is something I've noticed all day long. People here i England are much much more polite and nicer than back in Sweden. I like it though, and I wish that people would behave nicer in Sweden, instead of not caring about people around them at all

Tomorrow morning at 8 we're taking the train from Kings Cross towards Eastbourne, where we will have lunch and explore a bit before picking up a rented car and heading for Brighton, where we'll stay for about two days.

Until then / Ylva



Hello everyone!

We started our day in London by visiting Madame Tussauds. We took the subway from Kings Cross to Baker Street.

As fast as we saw the big building we could see how long the queue was. Just as I was about to go to the end of the line, Ylva held up two golden tickets that she had bought in advance. With these golden tickets we could pass by the whole queue. This saved us enormously much time, Ylva saved the day!

After a couple of hilarious hours att Madame Tussauds we took a long walk to Buckingham Palace. The flag was up which ment that the queen was is the palace. We walked around Hyde park and just enjoyed the nature. After a while we found a cute little restaurant next to the water, where we stayed and ate lunch.

We then walked to Westminster Abbey, followed by the Parlament and Big Ben. London is so beautiful, the buildings are stunning, the people are amazing and the whole atmosphere is just breathtaking. 

The clock was now about 3.30 pm and we decided to go back to the hotel to change before we went out to dinner.



We have finally arrived to our hotel in London after a couple of long hours at the airport. Back in Stockholm the flight was delayed due to heavy fog. This meant that we had to spend 2 extra hours at the airport. But we didn't really mind since this gave us time to plan out our day in London tomorrow.

When we arrived to London, our bags were really late and we had to wait for about one hour until our luggage came. How is it even possible for these two mishaps to occur during the same trip??

Anyway, now we've settled down at the hotel, and we are pretty exhausted. The hotel is really cute and is located next to King Cross, which is a very central place in London. After we have freshen up, we're going out to eat at a local pub.

We haven't been able to see much of London today, but tomorrow a whole day of excitements is ahead of us. 




Finally, we're on our way!

We've been looking forward to this trip for a while now, since we booked it in January. Right now, we're in the cab towards the airport, and we're both feeling very excited and a bit nervous. Our flight leaves for London at 6 pm, and we'll arrive at our hotel at around nine. After that we'll probably go out for some dinner before spending the following day in the lovely city. On Wednesday we're heading to Eastbourne, but more about that later!

Talk to you later / Ylva