On Saturday I worked until 6 and then Thea came pick me up to go to the mall in Danbury. We had a nice car ride there chit chatting a little and then, It was time for us to do some shopping!! I bought some things for my upcoming Cali trip and some basics. After trying on a bunch of clothes on top of my other clothes for laziness, Thea and I got tired and took a lemonade pause☺️ After some more talking and getting to know each other, we decided to leave the mall (we kinda had to because they were closing 😅) . None of us really wanted to go home, so we went to Panera real quick for dinner before went finally decided to go home.

This Sunday was the Super bowl!! I was going to work at Nelly’s host family’s party during the afternoon, but I met up with Thea,Nelly and Liesi to start off the day with some bagels. After that I ran some errands with Thea and hung out until It was time for me to go home and get ready for work. It was so much fun at Nelly’s, we had take care of and entertain 20 kids... but It was a lot of fun!! We worked until 8:30PM, had some dinner and finally hung out in Nellys room watching the game!!

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I started off the whek by trying to get my phone to work with a new sim card. It wouldnt work after trying a lot of different things, so on Tuesday I got a new phone and I couldn’t be happier!! Finally I have signal all the time and I can use the camera!!

Another great thing that happened on Tuesday night was the reunion of the group of girls from the training school that arrived to Darien at the same time . We hadn’t seen each other for so long and I was really missing them a lot, so catching up with them was so much fun. Of course the cheesecake I was having mede the whole thing even better 😄

On Wednesday I went to not only my first ballet class in the United States, it was also my first real ballet class in threes years!! It felt good to be back, but ad perfectionist as I am, I got a little angry at myself for being a little roasty haha. After ballet I headed pack home to make some waffles with wonderful Lea. In three words, THEY WERE GOOD!!

Thursday wad a super exciting day that made me feel so happy!! It was the “premiere” of my 13 year old host kids school play and I got invited to see it, which makes me so happy. I really enjoy watching those kind of things and I have to say that I was super impressed by these middle school kids, they were awesome!! Also, before the play, I took Adaire and Rowan out for some dinner at a pizza place and It was really cozy 😊

After the play everything was going so good I felt so happy, and then I see that my oldest host kid needed a ride back home, and apparently he had been wanting, thinking that we knew what time we were supposed to pick him up. So he was a bit annoyed and wrote that I should leave the play earlier cause he was waiting ...etc. That made me feel so sad, being so happy about being included and suddenly I get in that “worker position”. (Obviously we are workers, but I would say we are more like sisters and that some times I feel like my host kids don’t agree with, they can see me as the girl that is here to make what they tell me to do). So I got home before the rest, cause I went to pick up the oldest boy but he took an Uber, so I just headed home now that I was on my way. As soon as I opened the door, I can hear my oldest host kid telling me that he is sorry, that he didn’t mean it that way. That made me so happy as you can understand!!

If you thought Thursday wad over here you are wrong. Because I had some extra time home now, I started folding some clean laundry when suddenly the power goes out. I search for my phone in the dark and I put on the flashlight. By then I can hear Gavin screaming my name, I go downstairs to ask him about the switches that he guessed were in the basement. He was right, I went down to the basement with no power (how creepy) and started looking at the switches, everything looked right. So I went back up and I find my oldest hanging out in my room just hanging out (he was scared lol). The reason why the power went out turned out to be that a guy drove into a electricity pole on our street, that made the rest of my host family get home even later, because they wouldn’t come through with the car. So my oldest and I had a nice time hanging out and shoowing each other some funny Snapchat memories.

Friday was a interesting day 😅
It was a normal working day except for the grandparents coming over, but after a quick meet up with some friends, I had a really awkward encounter with a really good looking cop, it’s a really funny story that I’ll tell my kids lol. I would write it here, but it’s gonna make this post really long. All I’m gonna say that no, I wasn’t doing anything Illegal, just some suspicious chocolate eating 😂



During the weekend I worked a lot one day and was off the other. I was on duty saturday noon and then had a two hour break before I started working again until I put My Girl to bed. It was a pretty calm day, the boys entertain themselves by playing Xbox mostly and my girl and I did face painting on her. I just have to say that this girl is impossible to keep still, she moves ALL THE TIME hahaha. Anyway, she obviously wanted something that had to do with rainbows and unicorns so she ended up looking something like this (see pictures below). When It was time for bed we took off the makeup and brushed Adiares teeth, and then she was ready for bed!! It was a really cozy Saturday with the kids 😊

On Sunday I went to New York with Nelly and Liesi to go to “The Met”, The Metropolitan Museum of Art. It was amazing, It was huge and filled with all kinds of art. The best part is that we only paid $2 for the entrance!! We could spend hours and hours in there, but sadly the museum had to close and that means we had to leave. We walked across Central Park to get to West side and get something to eat. After a long time of considering different places we just went for a salad place, food was exactly what we needed by then. Before we wrapped it up, we decided to walk to Trader Joes to get some snacks for the train, we got s’mores bites and they were sooo good😍

What piece of Art did you like the most? I think my favorite is the one with the hangers, I love how it is presented in a very symmetric way and how it needs to be symmetrical to not collapse, but the shades are still chaotic and all over the place.

That was pretty much my weekend, hope you guys enjoyed your weekend as much as I enjoyed mine ❤️



It's time for another weekend post!

So on Saturday I worked during the day. It was My host mums birthday but she was in Miami, all I did that day was some driving and drawing with Adaire until the Grandparents came home. Then I wrote on the blog, which took me a surprisingly long time... so after that I just got ready to meet up with Nelly, Liesi and a new friend called Thea at Starbucks!

From Starbucks we went to the cinema to watch Pitch Perfect 3!! It was really funny, but you really must have seen the other ones before to think so. From there I just dropped everyone off, staying outside Nelly's house for about an hour just talking haha. When we finally said goodbye, I just drove home and jumped in my bed!

Sunday was a great day! I slept longer than what I wanted, but a lot of sleep is actually realy needed right now. When I finnaly got out of bed I headed to he gym to do cardio for only a half an hour, cause my friends and I were planning on taking some cute pictures on the beach.

After getting ready, I got picked up to go to the beach. Nelly was the assigned photographer, and she did a great job! (You'll see the pictures below)

When we were done with the pictures, we went to Starbucks to kill some time, because we were going to have dinner around 7pm at my house to celebrate Nelly. When the time was closer to seven, we went grocery shopping for Nelly's Birthday dinner and headed home to make dinner.

Dinner was a success, we had a lot of fun of making it and it tasted amazing!! (Pictures of the dinner will be posted on a separate post) When we were done, we tidied up and gave Nelly her present, which she loved!! After that we hung out for a little while and then it was time to wrap it up!




So this week basicaly started on tuesday, when I was pretty much stuck in the house because we only had one car and my host mum had tu do some errands. That means I had a lot of time to make me a cute lunch! After my host mums friend Suz drove the car back home, I drove her to the train station and then It was time for me to drive all the kids around, as usual. I did have some time to get me a Venti Pink Drink at Starbucks while Adaire was in Ballet, but after that the driving continued.

Later, once I was done, Nelly and I hung out at Starbucks (yes, I had Starbucks twice that day haha)

On wednesday it was Nelly's birthday. Her host mum invited us to surprise Nelly with a lunch at Hibachi, so Lea and I went to buy flowers and then we headed to the restaurant to meet up with Tina, Nellie and Nelly's host mom and host kids. When Nelly came in to "pick up Sushi" she saw us sitting there and we all congratulated her. The luch was a success, Nelly's host family had to leave early, but we still had a wonderful time and Nelly looked super happy!

After celebrating Nelly it was time to go back to work, as usual there was a lot of driving. But after missunderstanding what my host mum said, I messed up and went pick up Rowan from basketball when I should have been driving him there (oops). I wanted to make up for my hostparents, so I piked up Cian outside my working hours so my host mom could get some rest before her trip to Miami.

Anyway, after I dropped of Cian at the house, I drove to Dunkin' Donuts to meet up with the girls. There we celebrated Nelly a little bit more by buying some donuts!!

Thursday was a very useless day, I didn't do anything special. All I did was sleep, work and look for a gift for Cian (I didn't find one tho). Gavin and I went to a music shop to look for a record for Cian that Gavin wanted to get him, he ended up buying one for himself hahah.

Friday though, was a special day, It was Cians (My host kids) Birthday!!

Because I woke up extra early on friday, I decided to surprise my two smallest with pancakes!! While the kids were in school, I rushed to get Cian a gift and ended up buying him an old school pacman stick that he could plug into the TV (I hope It makes sence haha). After driving Gavin and Adaire to and from activities, It was time for me to pick up The Birthday Boy!!

Cian had some friends over for his birthday, so once I got home I had to drive to Shake Shack to get food for everyone. The staff in Shake Shack laughed at us buying food for 200 dollars hahaha, but they were super effective and fast giving us the food. I drove home, gave the kids dinner and then started making Cians birthday cake, which by the way turned out awesome!!

My week ended with giving Cian his present, which he liked a lot, and going to bed after tidying up a little!!



Hello there!!

Here's the post for the weekend, that was all about getting excited for California!!

On Saturday I met up with Nelly and Liesi at Starbucks to plan out trip to Cali. Our plan is to fly to San Francisco and stay there two nights, the third night we are going to sleep in a bus on our way to Los Angles, where we will spend two nights in "central" LA and the last night in Venice!! (Only writing about this makes me sooo excited!)
In Starbucks we wrote down where the spots we wanted to visit were and we booked the hostel in SF. After that, we took some pictures and went grab something to eat at Shake Shack before we started working at seven.

Once home my host parents were going out for dinner with some friends, two other kids stayed with me and my host kids during the dinner. At first they pretty much entertained themselves, but when I saw that they were looking a bit bored I decided to come with ideas. We ended up making a movie about super spies, and both the kids and I loved it!! Once the parents and their friends came home the party was on!! The kids started dancing Irish Dancing and they were amazingly talented, but the best was when my hod dad started dancing and doing some high kicks!! I put Adaire to bed and let the adults go have some whine wile I went to get some sleep.

Sundaayy, day off!!

Usually all the AuPairs are off on Sundays, so we decided to have some brunch at Sugarbowl. The place was to crowded tho, so we ended up going to Silver Star diner in Norwalk. After pancakes and some tea I got super tired, so I went home to catch up on my sleep while the girls hung out. I woke up when Liesi called to ask if we could hang out in my house, which was perfect because I had no car. As the great sleeper that I am, I fell back asleep and woke up to Liesi and Nelly knocking on my window 😂

We booked the hostels in LA (the one un Venice has greaaat location!!), did some online shopping and walked Derby, It was a great afternoon!!

I'll count Monday as weekend, because It was a red day here in the US. I woke up to someone knocking on the door, my host family was not home, so I had to go up and open for the cleaning lady Isa. I went for a long walk with Derby and then it was time to work. The boys hung out with their friends and Adaire and I made her a Mug Cake, played and watched some TV. When my host parents got home I was done working, but I just hung out in the house and finished the earrings I was making (I'll put a picture of them down below)!!



So this week I feel like I dindn't do anything interesting until friday, but I got a lot of things done tho. I finally went back to the gym after christmas, I decided which courses I am going to take and talked to my host mum about it, I finally signed up for ballet classes and I finished watching all the episodes of stranger things!! Apart from that I've been relaxing at home all week, I took a sauna, worked out and made me good food.

On wednesday we were a bit "fancier" and Lea, Nelly, Liesi and I hung out at Panera and had some delicious dinner. On friday we celebrated Liesi's 19th birthday. I came really late because I had to work, but I arrived just in time for the dessert... a salted caramel cheesecake at Cheesecake Factory... It was the bomb!!

After Cheesecake Factory, we decided to drive home the cars and uber back to Stamford to Lea's friend's house. Liesi ended up drivingcause we were all pretty tired. Once there we had a grat time just hanging out and having some drinks. The night died when one of the guys got too drunk and started being disrespectful, so we girls decided to head home.

When I got home I ate the rest of my cheesecake and went to bed, the perfect ending for a pretty good week.

Panera with the girls

Cheesecke Factory

Leas Friends House



So the weekend...

I've been literary driving around all weekend. On Saturday we did some errands and went shopping in the Stamford mall. I bought two pairs of pants and a t-shirt, I could not be more satisfied!! After some frozen yogurt and buying some groceries for dinner, we headed to Lea's friend's house. There Lea made us delicious pasta and we hung out with some beers and whine (I was driving tho).
We made our way back home and then we got ready for the next day, when we were going on a road trip!!

The road trip was super fun. We went to Providence, but were more excited about the trip than about the destination. We had some snacks, some music and some really nice vibes!! Once we got to Providence, we went to brown university to look around (maybe see some cute college guys..). After that we went to a souvenir shop and afterwards it was time to get something to eat. We ended in a place that was more on the "organic" side, some of the girls were disappointed with their meals but mine was pretty good! And their lemonades were amazing!!

After looking in some stores, we wanted to drive to another part of Providence to look around, but after after some difficulties we decided that it was time for us to head home.

My weekend was pretty much about driving around surrounded by friends and good vibes!!