​Have you ever thought of collecting vintage sheet music as a hobby? While the collection value will never match that of other antique items it can still be a fun and rewarding hobby to take on. During the 1890's there was a push to produce  Rubber sheet for agriculture   music that prominently featured favorite stage songs. As the entertainment industry bloomed and grew so did the drive to produce more sheet music. Radio shows and movies both helped to spur the popularity of sheet music. One of the most common factors for each of the various covers for the sheet music was the presence of the performers who were associated with the original songs. This is the main draw for many collectors today.

At their height of popularity sheet music printings sold a vast number of copies when they were first issued. There are many sources that agree that such hits as Down By the Old Mill Stream and A Bird in a Gilded Cage sold copies that numbered in the millions. It was almost guaranteed that if you were to look in the piano bench of any professional or even amateur musician of that time period you would find stacks and stacks of sheet music such as this. In the early 20th century many people were drawn to the sheet music by the faces of personalities such as Eddie Cantor or Al Jolson who were featured on the covers.

As the years went on other stars like such as Jimmy Dorsey, Rosemary Clooney and more appeared on the cover of sheet music as well. There are many stars that as still sought after today including more recent ones such as Journey or the Beatles. As a rule of thumb, the more popular the artist on the cover is then the more the sheet music will be worth.

Some collectors today are drawn to the artwork itself. Some of the more colorful pieces can look very fetching when framed and placed on a wall. They can look just as nice as any gallery pieces and cost only a fraction of the price. Other collectors may be interested in the sheet music due to the subject of the music itself such as those who collect militaria will be interested in sheet music that is military themed such as a composition that was sung by the Andrew Sisters. The great Irving Berlin may be a huge draw for this group as well as for those interested in the Broadway musicals of that era.

No matter what your reasons for wanting to collect a piece of history you will soon find that it is more affordable than you might have thought. With many pieces going for much less than other antiques from the same era you can soon have a vintage  Non-slip rubber mat   music collection that you will treasure for many years to come.The best way to get started with your collection is by stopping at yard sales or estate sales.

Many times you might find someone who is trying to get rid of old sheet music that one of their parents or grandparents may have left them. This will get you started on your collection. Next check out online sources such as Internet auctions or webstores. You will have that collection much sooner than you may realize.



Keeping dust, dirt, allergens, and all kinds of other contaminants out and from invading homes, offices, and other interiors, has always been a tough job to do more than ever before. Despite taking great lengths and efforts to prevent this from happening, some way or another, these will always find its way inside and mess things up for us all. Maybe perhaps it's because we've haven't been able to get hold of the right kind of equipment that has been proven to be highly effective in doing this. Maybe this is so because we haven't yet been introduced to the wonder that are the Waterhog Mats...until now. 

Mats have always been with us for a long time now, and more than ever we ever care to remember. Ever since our younger years, it has been at the doorsteps of our abodes, offices, and on many public places we visited. We've stepped on more than one kind of mat, from plastic, vinyl, hemp, or whatever, and in all kinds of colors, shapes, sizes, for countless of times already. But we never did give it a moments notice as to its real and intrinsic value in terms of keeping us safe from accidents and diseases. 

The kind of mat that must be placed on any door step entrance must be able to stand against the elements of each weather that a different season brings.Rubber sheet wholesale On rainy days perhaps, it would be advisable to put out a mat that is made from rubber that would not get easily damaged when wet. Also, it should be durable enough to take the abuse of being pounded and scraped by soiled, muddy shoes, or snow-laden soles, and that firmly stays in place to keep anyone from having a slipping accident. And during the hot and dry season, a hemp or cloth mat might be the ideal choice since there generally is no liquid of any kind from the outside to keep off the floors of interiors; besides, these kinds of mats comes in different designs, shapes, and colors that are attractive to the eye. Both are good options to take but is somewhat more of a hassle to do, considering how busy most people are to be bothered with such details. 

Waterhog Mats are unlike any other mats in production today, that is a class and category on its own. Because of today's technological advancements, the progression and revolution of better, safer, multifunctional, and more durable products from all manner of objects for man's safety and convenience, the supposedly lowly entrance mat has been recreated and transformed into something that is short of being called a miracle product by today's standards. 

Made from premium 100% polypropylene fiber for quick drying when exposed to water that will not easily fade or rot, incorporated with rubber-reinforced face nubs to keep from crushing, and designed with a "water dam" edge to effectively trap dirt and liquids and off expensive floors. It's also able to withstand electrical currents with its anti slip and static features, and designed in all attractive colors and designs, it's literally the perfect all-around mat ever created by man. It will always stays in place no matter what, and you're secure that your appliances won't get damaged from any electrical surges that happen. 

So, if you have Waterhog Mats placed indoor or outdoor,CR rubber sheet there won't be unsightly spills, accidental slips, dirty floors, or damaged appliances in your homes or offices to bother you, now and in the future.