Here I am, finally. I've been wanting to make this post for days and voila!

If you are someone who loves cold weather clothing and in this case, shoes too, then I assume you wear boots even when it is summer. Also, if I'm right, some people call you crazy. Why? Because yes, even in the hottest days you are wearing sweaty boots. But... I think I am not wrong if I say you don't care, right?

Okay, so if I haven't made a mistake guessing your thoughts, let me show you examples and different styles of my go-to shoes (and wishlist) that as you might have figured out, are boots.

The first ones that you are going to be looking at in just seconds are the kind of boots I like for an everyday outfit. They are comfortable, chic and match with everything:

Saint Laurent

Now you may ask (another thing you didn't know about me: I can read minds through a screen too), Does she only wear black? My answer to this is yes. 90% of my shoes are black (maybe a little more than just that). And I am not going to apologise for that because dude, black is black.

Anyway, here you have my final wishlist of the moment, 95% black. Godere!

Saint Laurent
Isabel Marant
Giambattista Valli
Manolo Blahnik
Emilio Pucci (I've been obsessed with these boots ever since I saw them for the first time)
Dior (I've been obsessed with these boots ever since I saw them for the first time too)

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I do not wear make up every day or to school. I am a person who likes wearing make up when going out, but still I don't do too much. Here is my routine:

First of all, here is where I keep all my make up. It is a Caboodles make up box...? It is really comfortable, everything fits perfectly.

But to start wiith the main topic, let me tell you I do not like wearing foundation, I only use it when I have breakouts. But I decided to add it to the whole routine just so you know which brand I like using. I have the EMOLAN Light Reflecting Hypoallergenic Soft Touch Lifting Reflect Foundation.

However, my favourite thing is my Arex Hypoallergenique Concealer. I like putting some of it under my eyes in a triangle shape, in my nose, in my eyelids and wherever I have red circles.

Right after doing my face, I finish it with my Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder (Translucent) and apply it with my Sephora Multitasker Brush so that everything blends out in a flawless way.

Then my eyebrows appear in the game to be filled, and for this I use my Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Soft Brown.

Later on, I draw my wing. I have two options, sometimes I use the Arex Hypoallergenique Liquid Precision Liner or the Rimmel Glam'eyes Professional Liquid Liner.

While I wait for the liquid liner to dry, I start doing my lips. I prefer to contour my lips before applying the lipstick, so I use the M.A.C "He said, he said" Pro Longwear Lip Pencil and then apply the M.A.C "Ruby Woo" Retro Matte Lipstick.

Before finishing with everything, I like using the Japonesque Eyelash Curler to curl my lashes to stand out my eyes, not hide them.

And last but not least, mascara. I have two different types of mascara which sometimes I prefer using separately and sometimes together. The orange one is the Volume Flash Scandal Eyes Mascara by Rimmel, and the reddish one is the Scandal Eyes Rockin' Curves by Rimmel.

So... that's it. Told you I don't do too much.



I am worried about myself sometimes because I am someone who can spend seconds, minutes, EVEN HOURS, staring at one look trying to find out what it expresses or what it is supposed to express. That is one of my favourite things about fashion: art in every way, self-expression, intrigue...

Let me tell you it´s been a while since I wanted to write a post about this vibe Gucci possesses. It is all about an abstract and tacky sense but still it does not lose the classic Gucci tailoring style.

Interestingly, most of the people I know adore it because it looks extremely nobby and cool. It is like watching an old decade movie where they are all classy and where a few people stand out because of this particular and intriguing way of dressing they have. They always steal everyone's attention, including yours.

Sometimes it is not about how beautiful it is, but about what it expresses. And that is how Gucci makes me feel like. I've been feeling this vibe for a while now, it makes me feel so curious and fresh. It is like going to the museum and being so possessed by a piece of art I cannot even move.



Lets say we all have suffered or still suffer from dry lips or chapped lips because of powerful lipsticks or cold. At least I do, and a lot. That's why I need to take care of them constantly and how I got to find out my favourite ways of keeping them soft, nice and healthy.

I do not do too much. Actually, only two simple things:

The first thing that I do is apply chap-stick on my lips before applying my lipstick so that I protect them from the harm. I realised they hurt my lips so much, they take off my skin layers little by little. Yes, it is horrible and then it hurts.

The second and final thing that I do is apply vitamin E on my lips before going to bed, after getting ready to sleep. It stays all night and interestingly, it cures your lips and your skin layers grow up again. You end up waking up with really soft and healthy lips.

Make sure your dermatologist gives you the vitamin E.

I thought this was interesting to share with you because I know a lot of people who suffer from this and, if you do, I hope it works for you as much as it does for me.



I always receive questions like why do you dress like an old lady? or why do you dress so elegant and classy when you are 15 years old? or why can't you just put some jeans and a basic t-shirt on?

For those who ask me those questions, dressing like an old lady is dressing like this:

I cannot seem to find a way to know what problem they have with me dressing like I dress. Not that I care because I know there are going to be multiple times when my personal style is going to be questioned and it's okay, but there is something people do not get.

They don't get the fact that I do not dress to impress and that I do not dress for ANYONE BUT ME. Yes, I dress for myself and yes, I do not buy clothes thinking about what strangers or even my friends might think of me. They may think that but, you know what? I say screw them. Dress how you want, wear what you like. As long as you love yourself and feel good in what you are wearing it doesn't matter what they think of you. It is never gonna matter. Let them believe you dress for them, let them think and talk about you.

I might be a little old-fashioned, maybe a lot. And I might dress nobby to just go to the cinema. But personal style is... personal. Right?



Living in a fast fashion era isn't easy when it comes to finding your personal style. Why? Because trends come and go second by second. Some people follow these trends, others don't.
Personally, I do not follow trends because I prefer creating my own. This does not mean that I do not inspire myself from things or human beings such as celebrities. I do. And that's how I found my personal style.
I am a person who really enjoys watching what's outside of my everyday atmosphere. I like taking the subway or the bus and watch citizens do what they are good at; living. I like to observe the way they dress, how they act, their expressions... but I also like walking down the street and appreciate the buildings and the architecture of my city.
I basically find inspiration in so many things and in so many ways that I felt like sharing some tips for you. If you want to read some advice on how to find your own personal style, keep on reading.

Social media has its flaws and its perks, right? One of the perks is having the access to whatever you want. In this case, I am talking about celebrities' style galleries and the personal account of whoever you have in your mind right nowt.
1. Make sure to be following people who have a great style for you no matter if they buy at expensive brands.
2. Make sure to download/save the outfits you find interesting and inspiring.

After doing 1. and 2. for some time, you are going to get to a point where you realise what you like and what you don't. This is where it all begins and where it all ends.

3. Try putting garments together to create a completely different, unique and original outfit that still matches what you like.
4. Finally, make sure to feel comfortable with yourself. Stand up in front of a mirror, look at yourself, say nice things to you, remember that nobody is going to know you better than you do, give your best attitude, keep in mind you are beautiful and go rock that outfit.

​PS. Am I allowed to add a PS in a blog post? Meh, I'm doing it anyway. Never forget that you don't need to stick to a specific style for the rest of your life. It's okay to dress differently whenever you want. The most important thing is that you feel beautiful and confident.




It's been only four days since the beginning of London Fashion Week and I cannot believe how the collections are making me feel.

My favourite collection so far is the Gareth Pugh Fall '16 one. It is a very feminine collection which shows how women can wear a not very geometric design and still look classy and sophisticated.

Remarkably, the highlighted silhouette is stunning. Gareth Pugh managed to embrace the power we all women possess. On the other hand, it has that gothic side which makes everything look so fierce.

Both combinations lead me to feel so confused at the time of choosing the perfect words to describe the impact it had on me. No collection since the beginning of Fashion Week has schoked me like this one did. Maybe because it reminds me of Alexander McQueen's style; maybe because this is the way I want women to feel, in the future, when they wear my designs; maybe because it is my deepest style; or none.

Maybe I just have to keep trying to figure it out... Either way, I just loved the whole collection.