Good morning! I'm right now enjoying a buckwheat pancake with banana and some green tea for breakfast. Yesterday was a really great day! I met a really nice guy from Canada at breakfast who worked as a photographer, non of us had any plans for the day so we decided to just walk around Kathmandu for the whole day. We got lost outside of the touristy central parts and ended up on a backstreet which was used only for all the trash (grows), and then we walked back towards the more central part of the city when we saw the rain coming in around midday. We then ended up in a great restaurant called Or2k, which had so many vegan options and we sat there and ate for probably like 4 hours until the thunder and rain had passed. We had food, smoothies and dessert, so we did literally roll out of this place and did therefor decide to walk to the Monkey temple to walk away the food a bit. We got there just in time for the sunset.

The disaster of the earthquake in 2015 is still very visible, especially if you walk out a bit of the central streets.

A holy river that runs through Kathmandu, which looks more like a trash center.. and smells like one too..

The monkey temple

A monkey at the monkey temple

Kathmandu view

Yesterday's sunset.

Today I don't really have a plan yet for what to do, more than that I want to go and rock climb in a few hours, and read one of my books for a while.
I hope you all have a great day!

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Hello! Yesterday I didn't blog so I thought I would start by talking about what I did then. Me and my roomies took quite a long walk and went to the Pashupatinath Tempel, which is a world heritage site, that is very holy for Hindu people. It was originally quite expensive to get in, but we found a local guide who showed us the back way in and charged us less with a tour included. The tour was very good since he told us the rituals about the funerals happening in the temple area. In Nepalese Hinduism funerals happens just hours after the person dies, the person is then carried to a crematorium place, like the one we were visiting, where the ceremony happens. They believe that when you die you need to return to the 5 elements of existent that we are made of, so fire, water, wood, earth and space. The dead person is therefore cremated on a bed of wood, and then the ashes are washed down in the river which the ceremony happens next to.

There are over 40 funerals here every day, so there is always a thick smoke fog from all the cremations over the area.. and only about 40 m away from where they wash down the ashes from the cremation, you can see people do their laundry or clean their body in the same river.. interesting.

The Shiva shanti fallo was also here to pray to, (as in every other Hindu temple around Asia) if you want help with everything that can be created here on earth, since the symbol has to do with fertility.

View over the whole tempel area. The tempel you can see to the right is the oldest and most holy part of the temple, it is about 1500 years old, and you are only allowed to enter of you are a Hindu, so we did not get to get in.

There was also this little negative temple, where Hindus pray to death, by offering one male animal to the gods every Tuesday and Saturday.. so I will not go back there on one of those days.

After the guided tour around the temple we took a small taxi back to our hostel, or well we got out half way there since I had to sit in the space that is left when the car is full, and I don't think anyone thought that was to comfortable, so when we got stuck in traffic we decided to get out and just walk back.
I then went and got a falafel, and then did some rock climbing before heading back to the hostel to chill for a while before I went to bed.

Today, Friday I woke up and went to the hostels rooftop bar, and they got me a vegan buckwheat pancake with banana and peanut butter! It was so good!! I have since then walked around Thamel (the part of Kathmandu I'm in), I got a first layer pair of pants and a shirt, and now I'm in a restaurant having some Dal fry and tea reading. I will soon head back to the hostel to meet up with some people and go rock climbing with them for a while.



Hello! This morning I woke up in Kathmandu, Nepal. And I had the luck to wake up in a hostel room full of girls from all over the world who wanted to hang out all day long. So we started the day with heading to a great coffee place just around the corner from our hostel for breakfast. We then went out in Kathmandu to get some warmer clothing since a few of us just got here yesterday and did therefore not have enough clothes for the nights here or for the hikes that we are all here for. I got a pair of hiking shoes, a warm jacket, some gloves and a warm headband. I was even lucky enough to find a knee support for my knee which has gone much worse after the yoga festival. I did actually feel an improvement only from wearing it today, it does not hurt as much at all.

After we all had found the stuff we were looking fore I went to the rock climbing gym that I had looked up before going here, and 2 of the girls from my room wanted to join! The gym was very small, but still amazing since I have longed so much for rock climbing!

To not have done climbing for about 1 and a half month has really caused a loss in finger strength.. and in climbing hands, I got lite 4 scars in less than 2 hours! Pain in both muscles and skin in the best way haha! I got a membership in the club for the next month so I will defiantly hang out there as much as possible! There was also one very high rope wall, with several ways to get up, and the guys who worked there told me that they definitely can teach me how to secure the line and all things around that so that I will be able to do that too.

We decided to walk to the Swayambhunath temple to watch the sunset. It is also called the Monkey temple since there are so many monkeys there. It was quite a walk with a few hundred steps to get up but it was definitely worth it, for the wire over Kathmandu and the temple!

There were also a lot of small shops around the temple, and this one rooftop cafe that everyone seemed to miss, but we found it and had dinner with a 360 degree view over Kathmandu and the monkey temple!

Me and some of the people from the Hostel

We then walked back to the hostel and split up, some where going out for even more food, others just went to their rooms, I decided to check out the hostels rooftop bar which was nice. I'm soon going to bed, tomorrow I'll go to some other temples, and then back to do some more rock climbing.



Happy Holi!! Today is the Holi festival here in India, which is celebrated widely from last night and all day long today with all types of color thrown around, very much alcohol and drugs. I actually stayed as long as I am in India to be able to see this celebration, but the more I read into it and talked to people about the Holi festival the more I understood that it's not at all as in the fun pictures in many ways. As I said, a lot of alcohol and drugs are involved in this holiday, so people out on the street are vary much drunk, in big groups having fun together. It is good to have fun, but as much else here in India the fun is mostly for the guys. As a girl you need to be even more careful than usually since those big groups of drunk guys may think that it is very fun to touch women, especially if you're by yourself. I have even heard from Indian women that they stay inside, so I can imagine it being a good idea to be extra careful as a blond tourist. I therefor decided to only attend the hostels own Holi celebration on the hostels rooftop in the morning, and I can assure you that there was more than enough colors involved haha! Not that this party was short on either alcohol or drugs, haha the hostels owners dad walked around and gave everyone who wanted blue magic milkshake (milk and marijuana..), but it was at the hostel so it was mainly only other tourists there and it was in a safe environment. There was live drum music a lot of dancing so it was fun. Most others did then go out and continued to celebrate on the street, but I decided to instead chill at the hostel with a shower, and then talked to my friend Hanna for a few hours.

Morning Holi party

But the owners dad was not only good for the others to get magic smoothie from, he also helped me to get some food to the hostel since most places are closed today and I did not want to go out to find some. He got me some type of naan filled with potato and onion, which I am very grateful for since I really was hungry!

And now I'm just at the rooftop, reading my Ayurveda book, eating chocolate and bananas. Tomorrow afternoon I will leave to fly to Kathmandu! I am very excited! So I guess I'll see you on Wednesday when I have arrived and got some photos to show you of Kathmandu.



Hello! This morning I woke up in my hostel bed (which actually is quite comfortable as a change), and went directly to my last Ayurvedic treatment. It contained of a very nice whole body massage, knee treatment and steam bath. After I was done my sweet massage lady had brought me some special vegan Holi cookies! She also made me tea and painted me a little with some organic colors. She is so sweet! So we celebrated a little mini Holi together since I won't see her again and since I won't go out to much tomorrow on actual Holi since people are very drunk, high and does just not act very nice then on the mor central streets. So I got very happy when she gave me this little mini Holi experience!

I then walked back to my hostel and had a long shower, and cleaned out all of the oil that has not really gone away from all the massages haha, i think I shampooed it like 3 times! And now I'm at The 60's cafe, a place quite close to my hostel where they have a lot of vegan food, and I'm just waiting on my second round of their vegan veggie and rice noodle soup.

Yesterday was a very rainy day..

Yesterday's view from the Royal cafe where I spent bid parts of the day with my friend Sydney

My view right now

And now my food got here so I gotta eat! See you all!



Hello! I am back! I have had so much to do during the Yoga festival so I did not have time to write, and I is also not have to much to write about more than the individual yoga classes I attended. So I have decided to instead summering the festival now instead! Everyday was full with different types of physical yoga and different lectures, with everything from nadi yoga (where we got to massage each other's toes to get the gas out of the system), spiritual lectures, and all types of yoga such as Lila yoga, vinyasa, ashtanga, ayengar, and kundalini. I have learned the kundalini defiantly is not my type of yoga.. all the armswinging and mantra screaming freaked me out! So no more of that for me.
I was very lucky to meet Amy, Sydney and Vikky, 3 girls from England and South Africa who I really got along with. We spent a lot of time together and Sydney and Amy are still in Rishikesh on yoga teacher trainings so I will meet up with at least Sydney tomorrow.

Now I'm on my last week here in Rishikesh, and in India before Nepal. I have decided to spend half of it (till tomorrow) at the Ashram since they had room, and then change to stay at a hostel instead from tomorrow to the 14th when I fly to Kathmandu. These days now are a bit boring, since the is not much to do here in Rishikesh, especially not for me since I hurt my knee again on the yoga festival, so I can not do any yoga classes right now, or take to long hikes or walks. Therefor I mostly spend my time in the mornings at a Ayurveda center where I am doing a Panchakarma for this last week. A panchakarma is a detox or cleansing program which is personally set up to balance your doshas, and detox your system. For me it involves a lot of massage, steam baths and coconut oil tea to lubricate my dry joints. It is very relaxing.
After my massage I usually take a walk into the town by laxman Jula and sit down to eat at some cafe and look out over the river. I usually paint, read or talk to friends and family.

Me in a ashtanga class on my head

Got some henna from this great girl named Vikky!

Took some yoga photos with Sydney

I studied a lot of reiki and other bookes

They thought I was weird to eat so much fruit every day

Vikky giving me a toe massage

Me Amy and Vikky

On the last day of the festival we celebrated Mini Holi festival. Apparently one of the 100 cameras who filmed us while throwing color and dancing was the indian news, so I guess you can say that I'm now famous

The day after the festival was rainy and cold, but I decided in walking to the Beatles ashram which is suppose to be only 600m from the ashram I'm staying at, but I got lost, and the only thing I found was this

A marijuana field.. I left quickly since I was the only one there and I didn't want anyone to get the wrong idea of who I was walking around there

Instead I walked to the Laxman Jula and ate food

Saw a tempel


See y'all later



Hello! Or maybe I should just start with namast after all this Yoga. The international yoga festival started yesterday, so I checked in here at Parmarth Niketan Ashram for 3 days ago now. The festival is really good and I have met some other girls around my age from England and South Africa who I hang out with at food times and in some classes when we decide to attend the same.
Every day has different classes with really great teachers. Yesterday I went to a very Traditional hatha yoga at 6.30 in the morning that mostly was a long chant i would say, i also had my first Reiki class which I thought was really interesting so I will go today too, and a shoulder and hip opening vinyasa.

At the Ganga

With a loooot of people

It was such a great thing to have the Ganga river just next to me though, such a meditative sound

At the opening ceremony some of the boys who live at this ashram to learn yoga preformed, and I just feel like they set a high rib with their amazing asanas and acro yoga work!

I was quite sure that there would be no coffee at the ashram, but when I really started to feel that craving headache arrive I found it! And it was so good (probably only because I really craved it, but anyways).

Me and those girls then went to a small juice bar very close to the ashram after the last class and just sat down to talk and chill for a while. It was really nice and I feel like I got to know them all a bit better. We were all very tired from the day though so we went to bed quite early to be able to get up today at 6 to do yoga too!

Today I started with ashtanga at 6.30 which felt so good!! I love ashtanga and even though it was quite basic and we did not do the whole primary series it still made me happy. And the teacher was really good too. I hope he will have some more ashtanga later this week, and hopefully even a Mysore so I can Get to do the whole serie 1.

Here is the rest of the schedule for today.

See you later!



Hello! Today I had my alarm set at 4.15 in the morning to get up in time to join for the sunrise at a temple called Kanjaputi temple which was up high on a mountain that we got to by jeep very early in the morning. It was a very curvy and bumpy ride, and I was not the only one who got a bit sick from the car ride so we had to stop several times to just get out and breath a little. But we made it up before the sun!

After we got there I started to feel better from the car drive and after a while I got really happy when they started to serve masala tea/ black tea and curry noodles for breakfast. We then hiked back down to the hostel which took about 3 hours.

I got a bindi in the temple on the top of the mountain of a monk.

This monk

Me and the ground through the rice fields!

Future rice

Supercuts cow baby in a tiny mountain town who wanted to get a real close up picture of himself

The view was beautiful and from the top I found see all the way to the snowy mountain tops of the Himalayas!

We then arrived at this beautiful waterfall!

I wanted a picture with me under the waterfall.. we'll it ended up in a shower kind of with clothes on haha

I got back to the hostel at around midday and was then super hungry, so I took a walk down towards the Ganga and had some dal fry at a balcony restaurant with some lemon and mint tea. I then took quite a long walk over Shivananda Jula, walked on the other side of the river and then back to my side over Rama Jula and then by the road back to my hostel. It took quite long but I feel like I now know the place a bit better.

Shivananda Jula if I'm not mixing the 2 bridges up..

View from the bridge

There are so many great bookshops around here full with amazing yoga books!! But At the same time it's like to many books, which makes it really hard to choose, so I haven't bought any yet, and I don't know if I even will. I feel like I already have bought such great books here in India (and there is no more space in my bag..).

It's always laundry day in the Ganga river


The last picture is from the way home to the hostel, of the side of the road. It is sad how This place or more this country is so dirty. It seems like people have no idea about how bad it is to just through out all their shit on the side of the street, and they seem to think that it all goes away when they burn it up, but it only leads to more pollution, and the pollution here is already bad..

I had to take a picture because I felt so dirty when I got back to the hostel, like totally grows from all the smoke, dust, cow shit (the I walked in haha) and everything else as well. All though you might not see it.

I was very happy to find some masala "Knackebrot" here in a health store together with some raw vegan brownies on my was back though so that's what I'm spending the rest of my night with! Plus add a papaya and some bananas to the equation..

I will go to bed early tonight since I am very tired from the looong day, and tomorrow I will check out from here to go and check in at the ashram for the international yoga festival!



Hello! Today i had to wake up at 3.40 in the morning to take a taxi to the Dabolim airport to leave Goa at 7.10 to Mumbai, and then from Mumbai to Deradum airport in Rishikesh. I did not have time to eat any breakfast before I left the hostel so I was happy to see that they actually served food on the 1 hour flight between Goa and Mumbai. I must say though that that may have been the most stressful service flight for the flight attendance people. I got a vegan "mexican roll", which felt more like an Indians version of taco. You all probably know how we in Sweden have swedified the Mexican taco totally and that a Mexican probably would not even recognize it as something Mexican? This one felt the same but in an Indian way, haha! I think it is very funny how it seems like so many countries has their own version on a "mexican dish", this Indian one had a twist of masala and ginger and was super spicy.
I also had a huge Dosa without gee (butter) which was filled with curry potato for brunch at the airport in Mumbai. But the best thing at Mumbai airport was how they had so many vegan chocolates! It made me so happy! I bought a huge dark mint chocolate which tastes just like after 8, which I love so much!

Above is the huge Dosa filled with potato and with masala, and a coffee


The flight to Rishikesh from Mumbai went good and fast and I even met a women from the Netherlands who I could share a taxi from the airport with. Me and her were the only non Indians on the whole airplane! Haha! The landing strip on the airport here is very short, so the airplane had a press the break brutally hard and I had to push with both my hands on the front seat to be able to stay seated up. Adventure!



Hello! Today has been like the warmest day ever.. I think it must have reached like 40 degrees in the sun, and I was melting. I woke up before the worst heat started though around 8 in the morning and walked down to Zest to have a quinoa oatmeal and a carrot, apple, lemon and ginger juice for breakfast and a coffee to go to the beach.

I then walked to the beach with my coffee to enjoy a last sunny day on the beach for a few weeks. I listened to some pod casts, and to music, had some Oreos and mango juice and enjoyed until the heat got unbearable! I also got very bored so I left the beach at around 2.30 in the afternoon and went back to the hostel to have a loooong and cold shower. I then chilled in the room and talked to my roomies for a while, and one of them had some leftover henna and inspiration too so she pimped my mountain tattoo a little.

After my henna got dry I went down to the reception to book a taxi to get me to the airport super early tomorrow morning to fly to Rishikesh. The taxi will pick me up at 4 in the morning since my plain departs at 7.10 and it takes a while to get to the airport from here. Well let's just say that I will be tired tomorrow..
I decided to have my last dinner at my favorite restaurant, Jesus! And the Thali was better than ever!

I also had some lemon ginger tea. When I told Maria and Michael (the owners) that this is my last night in Palolem I got the biggest hugs and good wishes! We also took some selfies together. So if you ever go to Palolem then don't miss this tiny authentic Indian restaurant! The food is so good,you don't get sick, everything is homemade from scratch and you can really feel how much love Maria puts into the cooking.

This is Jesus guys! It's worth taking a trip to Goa just for the food and love you get from this place!

After the dinner I walked down on Palolem beach to meet up with Natasha to have a last beer together here in India.

I can also recommend the beer King, it's the only good beer here if you ask me. It's a bit darker and less strong than the Kingfisher that everyone is drinking.

So good but beach for about 6 weeks! I will probably miss you in about 5 weeks but for now I only feel good about going somewhere else, somewhere called Rishikesh for yoga yoga yoga YOGA and yoga and mountains and then Nepal! I have had a great time here in Goa but I definitely feel like it's time for something else, something more active in a place where it's a bit less superwarm so it's possible to go around even at daytime without getting dehydrated haha! So Rishikesh will for sure be great.

I'll write tomorrow when I have arrived at my hostel, with pictures of the new surroundings.