Seriously need some pep in my step today! It's grey and cold outside and all I want to do is curl up in my bed. Haven't caught up on my sleep and I think I am still tired from the weekend. But hey! Keep on truckin' right?! My first snowmobile rally ever is this weekend. And I need to step back up to the plate and stop being tired so I can keep gettin' my butt in shape!

On a side note, I found the most beautiful necklace ever, Check out this website.

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Good afternoon!

Had an amazing weekend! Got my own snowmobile (partial Valentine's present from my boyfriend!), it's not quite the bright pink bomb in my other post but it is pretty freaking great! Clipping along at 80km/hr in -35 degrees Celsius is one way to definitely enjoy winter! We went on a 60km drive on Sunday and 24 on Monday. There may or may not have been some alcoholic beverages consumed and some seriously sore muscles for a couple days after!

So here's an arm workout because i need it.

" To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not 

be able to keep our mind strong and clear." Buddha

I love my Kayla Itsines workouts but here's a site that I use when i need something different!



What is stopping you from doing what you want to do?

Fear of judgement?

Fear of rejection?

Fear of failure?

When people are trying something new they are always worried about what other people may think or how other people are going to react. But if those people don't support you or offer you friendly advice then they aren't worth it. I think that we build other people up more in our mind than we should. I know I can be guilty of it. Every now and then I get myself so worked up about how my life is going to turn out and want to plan it down to every tiny detail and have it happen NOW! I get myself into a panic but one of my best friends and old roommate always reminds me to take it day by day. (Sometimes that girlie needs to listen to her own wisdom!) But sometimes you just have to say screw it. Be patient and make your choices and if you don't like them then change it. You won't get anywhere if you wait for life to happen to you.

Go ahead. Do something that no one else you know has done. Whether it be launching yourself into the world or trying out a dance class, it can't do anything but make you a stronger and a better person.

Fear is a real thing and it comes in many different ways. It's how you deal with it that matters. Like when you see a bear and all you want to do is run. We know that is technically not the right idea.  Maybe don't entice it like in the movie "Without a Paddle" but hey! At least it's not eating you! It always seems we want to run from things that are new and scary.

Get past that point in your head that says you can't or you're too afraid.

You're only hurting yourself and preventing your success.

Be a tiger. 



 Get out and enjoy the winter! If you don't live in Saskatchewan, Canada or Manitoba then you have no idea what our year round weather is like. It's extreme. Can go from +35 to -50. Get your parkas out ladies! (Unless you live in BC--Mom!) I saw something on the news this morning talking about Seasonal Affective Disorder and chronique fatigue and the affect it can have on people's moods. Someone made a Facebook post the other day wondering why on earth everyone was so grumpy and crotchety these days. Well, mainly because they wake up in the morning and choose to be that way. You wake up in the morning and decide how your day will go. No one else decides this for you. And if you think that way then you are letting them. It is true though, that a week of gray days doesn't exactly motivate a person to get outside and do things. It's hard not to let the weather affect you, when it is gray and cold and rainy all I want to do is curl up on the couch and watch a movie. And you can! Sometimes. But the way I see it, everything in moderation. I have even found myself tired lately and I do believe that what you eat and exercise habits can have a major effect on this. As well as just getting out and enjoying life. My boyfriend recently turned 28 and I think being that much older has made him realize that life is too short and wants to make sure he gets out and enjoys life. Even something as simple as going snowmobiling and ice fishing! And yes. Those are the types of activities we do here. But it's fun! And yes it is cold, but put some toe warmers in your boots and crank up the heater in the ice shack and away you go! Don't let yourself get down, don't let other people or the weather affect your mood! A lot of it is mentality but push past those yucky boring thoughts and enjoy life! You only live one. Just don't get too crazy and spend all your savings. Eat your greens (which I need to be doing because I think i have a slight iron deficiency...more to come on that.) and go out for a walk! If you live in Australia or somewhere where it seems the sun never stops shining well then....just keep this post in mind when you visit Canda!

I have posted a picture of my dream snowmobile. Never thought I would say those words!




50-40-30-20-10. Squats, lunges, burpees, mountain climbers, glute bridges, sit ups, back extension 60 secs each time, wall sit 60 secs each time. 60 secs rest each set.

Love my pink Underarmour runners!



Week 5 of Kayla Itsines!

I still have barely improved on push-ups! Can actually do lay-down push-ups now though.  I want to be able to do a hand stand by March but my upper body strength is so poor. My BB Guide is helping though! I can do a head stand for the first time in my life! Success!

It can be hard to learn how to motivate yourself and not get down when you don't reach a goal. But keep going. If you have a set target. Aim to pass that. Don't shoot for 80 when your target is 100. Shoot for 120. Nothing good in life ever came to those who didn't work their butts off. Give yourself that pride.

Do a circuit of:

10 pushups

30 bicycles 

5 incline pushups

30 Mountain climbers

30 crunches

5 Lay-down push-ups


*not my photo



How do you know where your life will take you? How do you know what the right choices will be? Who is to judge you for your decisions? Make decisions and if they suck. Change it. If you're happy. Show it. No one ever knows where their path in life will take them so all you need to do is stand by your thoughts and take each day as it comes. Everyone gets through things. And things could always be worse. You make your own luck. ​




2 min skip
40 Dips
30 Squat jump
20 Push Ups
10 Burpees

X 5

2 min rounds of Boxing

X 10

1 min Box
2-20 Mountain Climbers

X 2

1 min Box
1-10 Burpees

X 2



Exercise is something that I constantly fall in and out of love with. We have a love / hate relationship. But like it or lump it I get it done. See the thing with exercise is you can't listen too much to what others tell you to do, it's like finding a partner, you are not going to love the one your mother tells you to marry. So with exercise try many different things before you settle with the one you love.



My goal is to learn how to do a handstand! I am working on the headstand right now and can actually keep my legs up in the air by myself now! Hopefully that means my abs are getting stronger! I found this online and hopefully it helps!

Handstand push up progression

Overview: Handstand push ups provide an excellent bodyweight workout for the shoulders. They primarily work your anterior and lateral deltoids and the muscles in the back of your arms (your triceps). They also engage the muscles of the upper back (the trapezius).

Form: When performing handstand push ups, make sure your upper body, your arms, and your head remain in a straight line.

Notes: Handstand push ups also help building up towards unsupported handstands. A strong core and strong shoulders will help you find your balance and maintain the position more easily.

Choose one of the following variations as a starting point and perform 3 sets of between 4 and 8 repetitions with periods of between 1 and 2 min of rest between each set. When you can do 3 sets of 8, move on to the next exercise in the progression.

1. Incline pike push ups (a.k.a. incline military press push ups). Place your hands shoulder-width apart on a raised platform. Bend at the waist keeping a straight back. Your outstretched arms and torso should form a straight line. Bring your head to your hands.

2. Incline pike diamond push ups (a.k.a.incline Chinese push ups). Place your hands with thumbs and index fingers touching each other, on a raised platform. Bend at the waist keeping a straight back, and bring your head to your hands.

3. Pike push ups (a.k.a. military press push ups). Same as above, without the platform. Make sure that your head travels directly between your arms. Try to keep your head, arms and torso all in the same straight line.

4. Pike diamond push ups (a.k.a.Chinese push ups). Same as above without the platform.

5. Decline pike push ups (a.k.a. decline military press push ups). Same as above with feet on a raised platform, and hands on the floor.

6. Decline pike diamond push ups (a.k.a.decline Chinese push ups). Same as above with feet on a raised platform, and hands on the floor.

7. Wall bent waist handstand push up. Walk your feet up the wall, keep a bent waist (you will need to remain some distance from the wall), then perform a push up. Make sure your head and torso remain in line with your arms.

8. Wall bent waist handstand diamond push ups. Same as above with hands in 'diamond' position.

9. Wall half handstand push up. Facing the wall in a handstand position, lower yourself till your arms are half bent, then come up.

10. Wall handstand push ups. Lower yourself all the way down, until your head touches the ground.

11. Wall handstand diamond push ups. Same as wall handstand push ups, but with thumbs and index fingers touching each other

12. Wall raised handstand push ups. Using parallets, push up handles, or any raised platform such as dictionaries, benches, chairs, etc, to increase the range of motion.
For this version of the exercise, you will need to be facing away from the wall, rather than towards it.

Gradually build up the height of the platform to increase your range of motion.