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Latin is a huge part of the English language and whilst it is now considered a dead language, there was a time when Latin dominated the works of the most powerful minds in history. Nowadays Latin can be found in medicine jargon along with Greek which again is one of the most ancient and rich languages in the world. There are also people who love to use in their speech Latin phrases & quotes to get a certain message across. Indeed, there are a plethora of wise and thought-provoking Latin sayings which you could use in your everyday speech to motivate, inspire or simply impress. Here are a few of my favorites:


This one is my motto. It means "Dare to know"; dare to learn and be wise. It was originally used by the Roman Poet Horace in the "First Book of Letters", 20 B.C


A simple yet meaningful phrase. Seize the day! Again used by the Roman Poet Horace in his work "Odes", 23 B.C.


Firstly used by the Roman Philosopher Seneca and translates as: "If you wish to be loved, love".


This one refers to the power of group work meaning: "Where there is unity, there is victory." by Publius Syrus, a Latin writer from Syria.


A motivational quote uttered by Terence which means "Fortune favors the brave."

These are my 5 top favorites. Write in the comments down below which one of these is your favorite and if you'd like me to write another post like this, with more Latin phrase & quotes. Valēte!

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I am missing Hungary...this journey was something else. I never thought I would actually create such a strong bond with a country and that I would find parts of myself in its streets.

A multitude of people who are fond of traveling commonly say that they travel to find pieces of themselves. I always liked that idea. yet never sincerely believed it until...Hungary. Hungary is a place of kind, creative and warm-hearted people. I particularly remember that time I went to this mini market in the metro station to buy some chocolate, as I always do, and went to the cashier, rose my head and faced an old man's heart-melting smile and shiny eyes. He kindly asked me where I was from in pretty good English, which I found impressive for a man his age, and I replied smiling "I'm from Greece". Suddenly his face sank in a mixture of empathy and disappointment as he told me: "I hear about Greece and the refugees on the news every day; it must be a hard time for you people as you are simultaneously dealing with a huge crisis." At that moment I immediately reacted with an affirmative response and thought of the all my fellow citizens who despite their own desperation and struggle, put their ego and their problems aside and prioritized their duty as humans; to love, respect and help one another. This is something that strikes me everytime that I think of it and is one of the things that make me proud to live in this country and to be part of this community around everyday heroes.

In all the chaos of the contemporary everyday life in Greece, I totally forgot about all those great things that my country has been known for in centuries and about those kind-hearted people I thought gone. Having such a brainstorm resulting from such a small conversation seems kind of funny to me but at the same time enriching. It made me remember of all the things I had forgotten, including the fact that there are people out there who still care and worry about what is happening in the world, even if it is a very small part of it. It made me have faith. Yet, this is just a small occurrence of my 5-day-trip. I met amazing people, shared thoughts, had fun, felt emotional and wondered through streets of a world unknown to me; a world that I fell in love with.

We stayed in Százhalombatta, a beautiful small town, and visited Budapest, the most dreamy and fairytale like place: Szentendre and the Greek village Beloiannisz. We also did some creative projects, went out wine-tasting and threw the coolest school party which also included karaoke. We laughed, danced and sang our hearts out.

Of course, this is just a sum of this whole eye-opening experience since I could not possibly put into words my thoughts and everything that happened. Thus, I will let some pictures I took speak for themselves. Also, this whole journey I had to experience thanks to my mom and of course to the program Erasmus+ and all the people involved. Thank you.

With love,




The Danube

The Parliament


"To travel is to take a journey into yourself." -Danny Kaye




Obviously, the best period to shop is on sales, so I couldn't resist and bought a few things I wanted to add to my closet and a knowledge book I have been looking for a very long time. Also, I've decided to shop winter/fall clothes on sales even though here in Greece sales start when fall ends, because it is more economical and it makes more sense to me to wait and buy something I want half price. Thus, even if the pieces that are on sale won't be "in fashion" next year it doesn't really matter to me because I just buy whatever I like and suits my style.


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Tattoos have always fascinated me but I am a person who likes changes so if I were to get a tattoo it would be a small one and in an area that would not be visible, at least, to me. If you are considering getting inked but would rather get a small tattoo than a complicated & huge one continue reading. There are a plethora of spots on your body that would look fantastic with a microscopic but still meaningful tattoo. Here are some ideas that might help you decide:

1. Behind The Ear

This area seems to be the best choice for a long-haired girl that doesn't want it to be visible. It also makes it easier if your workplace does not allow body modifications because you can easily hide it. In my opinion, the most suitable tattoo for this spot is a music symbol.

2. Wrist

Tattoos on the wrists are the most common ones. It is a small & visible spot; great for tiny and cute symbols or words. In case you do not want it to be seen you could always cover it with bracelets.

3. The Side of The Finger

Obviously, if you consider getting a tattoo on your finger it's going to be tiny and fade away quicker than on another part of your body. Despite that, finger tattoos look classy, elegant & cute.

4. Nape

The back of your neck is a great spot for a small or medium sized tattoo. It can be hidden having your hair down or displayed with a ponytail. If you ask me a phrase would be perfect for that spot.

5. Collarbone

Last but not least the collarbone is favorite areas on a woman's body. It is an elegant, feminine spot & amazing for a variety of tattoos whether they are lyrics or lines or symbols. If you love your collarbones like me it is a great way to draw attention to them.

These are some of the most common & my personal favourite spots to get your tattoo done. Of course the spots on our body are limitless, but whatever spot you choose make sure that the tattoo you are getting conveys a meaningful message. At least to me that's what tattoes are for; scars that remind me of things that I love and that is why I haven't got a tattoo yet, because the things I love are unlimited.

Have fun getting inked! Tell me in the comments below on what spot of your body would you have your tattoo done.




Τhis last week I allowed myself to satisfy its wants (haha), because when it comes to shopping I don't like overdoing it. I mostly buy stuff I need but sometimes, when I really like something, I let myself loose. So this time I really felt like I needed something for my hair & shoes but also got few more stuff that I wanted. I will have the link to everything that is included in this post.

Dame Rose - 39€ 

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Polo Sweaters - 20€ & 25€ 

I got them from an outlet mall *original price 60€ each*

Asos Krystal Choker Necklace - 12€ 

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Aussie Miracle Beach Waves & Miracle Styling Mousse

I got these online somewhere. I spent for all of them around 20€

Pantene Pro-V Perfect Hydration
Pantene Pro-V Aqua Light & Anti-Frizz Creme
Babyliss Paris Easy Curl - 40€

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When I feel like I'm lost and forget my purpose, the core of my life I find quotes that inspire me relaxing,empowering and a reminder of who I am, who I want to be and what I want to do with my life. Roller coasters come and go. Turn up the music and do something that amuses you. Be creative and surround yourself with people who believe in you & support you; remember that they are your number one source of strength after yourself.

Magic lives within you always keep that in mind.





What you'll need:

  • Water
  • Olive Oil
  • Jar
  • Food Colouring
  • Soluble Tablet (Optional)
  • Candle


1. Pour water in the jar

2. Add olive oil

3. Add food colouring

4. Add a soluble tablet for bubbles (optional / for fun)

5. Lastly, place a candle on it

I also put glitter in it to make it sparkly and white stones but my camera's battery died. If you liked it make it and comment down below with a picture of it.

P.S Here's a free candle sticker I made for your jar: Download



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Hello everyone! I hope you've all had a blast this Christmas and I wish you all a Happy New Year! 2016 was kind of harsh for me and as I've seen for most people. Nevertheless, last year I had some good & unforgettable moments too. Lots of them took place at the end of that year in Austria. I have to admit that this trip which lasted for only 4 days gave me the chance to return home more open-minded,tolerant & accepting. I learned few awesome facts about Austria and its history, found out another facet of my traveling buddy's personality; a friend of mine who I have known for more than 2 years and was taught that sometimes friends might need you to be confident for them as stupid as it may sounds. I found a piece of myself in Austria and I I feel the need to find the rest of them in other places. I guess that means more travelling for me. I want to visit places and meet new people,idiosyncrasies, learn new languages, other cultures,religions and enrich my mind with experiences.

This is the view of Vienna from the top of the Giant Ferris Wheel, one of Vienna’s most famous symbols. The wheel as well as the museum "Madame Tussauds" are located in Prater also called Wurstelprater, an amusement park for many, a place taken out of a fairy tale for me.

Cheers! While me & my friend were in Vienna we went to Palais Auersperg and watched a concert. The orchestra played pieces from Mozart to Johann Strauss. The building is like a palace and makes you feel special, as though you belong to the royal family and this is a typical Friday night when you go to watch the best orchestra in the kingdom perform only for your eyes to watch and your ears to listen.

"I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world."

Albert Einstein

Empress Elisabeth of Austria, known as "Sisi". Such beauty.

Baden! And yes everyday I would eat pizza. There was literally no time for us to go to a restaurant and eat, so we would grab a piece of pizza to satisfy our hunger. The only time we sat at a restaurant to eat was in Saltzburg and guess what....we ate pizza.

Besides Vienna we also visited St. Gilgen.

And of course Saltzburg. A dreamy place. A traditional place full of stories & memories.

I had an amazing time in Austria. And I do not regret this trip a bit. In fact, I'm planning to visit Austria again, because there are so many places I want to see again and much more I haven't seen at all. I highly recommend you visiting this heavenly & magical country. Next stop: Who knows!



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Last Christmas I visited Bulgaria. An underestimated country which holds a haunting beauty. I specifically went to Sofia and Borovets, I have also visited Bansko in the past. I have to say that Borovets is by far my favourite because of its forest and the skiing resort. I wish I had stayed a little bit longer and had more time to observe,feel & enjoy this place. Nevertheless I had a blast with my family in Bulgaria those four days. Here are some photos I took while I was there.

These pictures where took in Sofia. I have a lot more but I already uploaded too many in this post. So, if you wish to see more just visit my flickr: or my facebook page:

The rest are from Borovets. Fell in love with this place!

And there's my mom down in the right corner hah

This lake looked like it had escaped from a fairy tale as well as the whole forest.

Our view from the resort in Borovets.

Hey sister! 

Wish I could live in here!

This is the view from the hall in the second floor of the apartment we stayed at. Loved it. If you would like to see the whole apartment and you're interested in visiting comment down below. ♥

Next stop: Vienna, Austria!!!