Are you willing to know How to install WordPress WooCommerce theme? Before this installation you must know about the WooCommerce ? It is the most popular and open-source e-commerce platform for building your online business.It is a free e-commerce plugin and you can download it very easily, but what you actually see is: the power when you start using its Plugin and Theme from the beginning.

Do you really wish to use a WooCommerce theme?

While it is not necessary, I highly suggest that.

Not only the themes of eCommerce-centrist by design, but also the totally number of themes is centered around its style.

Now time arrives to know, How to install WordPress WooCommerce theme?If you have already woocommerce installed, that’s good.If not, I highly recommend wpglobalsupport beginner’s guide to using woocommerce. This will introduce you to woocommerce setup and all steps needed to installation.

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Step 1:Install Dummy Data

The dummy data is included with your WooCommerce Plugin . It helps to adds fictional products to your storefront to visualize your store with products. After completed this installation and set up your WooCommerce theme, you will want to delete all the dummy data before adding your products.Otherwise you risk accidentally deleting your own product data.

Step 2: Install a WordPress WooCommerce Theme

If you not downloaded your theme already,go ahead and download it to your computer, (you know where you are downloading it, so you can access it.)

There are two different ways you can install your theme:

1.From WordPress Admin.

2.Access your website using FTP.

1.From WordPress Admin

Installing the theme from WordPress Admin requires that the theme folder be zipped ( You know that when you working with the actual theme folder and not the folder your theme may be packaged in.

  • From WordPress Admin,under appearance,click Themes.

  • Add new theme.

  • Upload theme at that place where your theme file is located,it is in zip file like as (
  • Click Choose File and make your way to it.

Once your theme is installed, you can visit Appearance > Themes in your WordPress Admin to see

  • click to activate it straight away.

Now your theme is successfully is installed and activate.

2.FTP Your Theme

If you are comfortable using FTP, go ahead and connect to your server and make your way to the WP-content>theme directory,where you will want to send your theme. Before you send your unzipped folder to your server,you know that make you are sending your theme.After unzipping your download, you will see there are a number of different folders.

Sometimes the zipped folder you download is the real theme folder. It is a better idea to double-check, since this varies from place to place.

  • If you look in the Theme file folder for savory,you will find your theme (
  • If you are installing through FTP, go forward and upload your unzipped theme folder into theme directory.

Step 3: Set Up a WordPress WooCommerce Theme

This step help you to get your WordPress WooCommerce theme setup-no matter what theme you are using from ThemeForest or anywhere else:

Recommended/Required plugin

  • After installing and activating the Savory theme you will be notified of recommended plugins.

Sometimes your theme notifies you of recommended plugin while others include recommendation with our documentation.There may be theme design functions-like as optional sliders-that are not coded into the theme, but are accommodated for.

  • Click on first installing plugins in the theme that you are uploaded to see the list of recommended plugins.
  • In this case you may or may not want to install all of these.


Customize is the part of installing and setting up your WooCommerce theme when its get actually fun and you start to see your website come to market.

  • You can access the WordPress customize from menu:Appearance>customize.
  • Otherwise go to the theme page under Appearance>Theme and then click the customize button.

Welcome to the WordPress Customizer.

  • The first thing after the entry you will see the Site Identity, where you can change your Site Title and Tagline.
  • Next up, configure your menu.
  • You can easily add and create a new menu.

Before leave the Customizer, you will want to tell WordPress to make the front page your store.The front page to be your shop page and it was automatically created when you installed the WooCommerce plugin.

The Results

  • Now, you can see how good your online store can look using a WordPress WooCommerce theme.

  • The individual product pages look amazing.
  • It even includes related products.


Finally, you can see how easily these steps in configuring your new WordPress WooCommerce theme can be and how good it look-Easily by using a WordPress theme designed specially for WooCommerce.

Looking at some of the best-selling ThemeForest WooCommerce themes might be a good place to start.You will find these thing that’s fits your eCommerce store perfectly.