The biggest sport in Sweden is fotball. We also have one of the greatest player in the world in our team, Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

According to me should the equestrian sports be bigger than it is. I mean that it should own more respect than it does from many parts in the politics and so on.

The ridingsports is at 6th place on statics of popularity. Between fotball and riding there is a few other sports. For example hockey and floorball, I think these two are the most popular sports in Sweden exept fotball.

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He was born the 11th of september 1991, in Fana, Norway.
He has been playing piano since he was six years old.
Since he found out about Avicii, he was his source of inspiration about producing remixes and electronic music.
Some examples that he has done remixes of is “Younger” and “Cut your teeth”. But he has also done some singles: “Firestone”, “Stole the show” and “Nothing left”.

It was in 2014 that he became known with the remixes he’ve done. His version of Younger ended up in the toplists very quickly in Sweden. It was after this breakthrough he signed up with Sony Music, and got the three singles produced: Firestone, Stole the show and Nothing left.



It works quite different about buying alkohol i Sweden. Like we only have one store who sells alkohol and you will have to be at least 20 years old in order to buy anything in that store. It’s called Systembolaget.

I think it’s pretty wierd at this point because you can go to the pub to buy and drink alkohol when you are in the age of 18. These ages should be the same, and actually I think the minimum age for buying alkohol should be 20 years old.

One thing I think Systembolaget own som creed for is that they don’t give out any reklam of their stor and selling. The only thing they do is placeing a sign with their name on the store.

Thus they don’t want to expand their selling, people get to find out about everything about them on their own.

Bildresultat för systembolaget



Lagom = not too much, not too little, but somewhere in between.

Dygn = It’s both day and night in one word. One dygn is 24 hours long.

Fika = It’s like a minimeal. With either cookies and coffe or sandwiches and juice.



We have many amusement parks and zoo’s here in Sweden. For example Grönalund and Liseberg, these are two big amusement park’s in Stockholm and Gothenburg.



We also have some zoo’s, like Kolmården and Skånes djurpark.
Kolmården is placed close to Norrköping.


We even have events for those who likes wateranimals, Aquaria wathermuseum, in Stockholm.
I am also giving you a hint about Jukkasjärvis icehotell, very nice. It’s a place where you can chose live in a room where almost everything is made of ice or snow.

Skara sommarland is a waterland where you can go with kids, family and friends.
It’s a really nice place to be in the middle of summer



Class | age

F - 6
1 - 7
2 - 8
3 - 9
4 - 10
5 - 11
6 - 12
7 - 13
8 - 14
9 - 15
1 - 16
2 - 17
3 - 18

In Sweden you go to school at least 10 years. After ten years of elementary school you can chose if you want to go to high school, but it’s good if you do.

Preschool contains four years and begins in the age of 6.
You go to middleschool when you’re 10 years old, this stadium contains three years.
After middleschool we have highscool, wich is classes from seven to nine.
And last but not least, we have something that’s called first, second and third ring. These classes is like a repetition of everything you’ve done the earlier years.
The lastmentioned classes is a bit harder than the others, but the higher levels brings the better teachers.

When you begin the last three years you got to choose an orientation you like. There is many, for example you can choose an education to develope within cars, horses, fotball or even painting.

My biggest passion in life is horses and their welfare, so my choice was very easy. I’m very happy I ended up on this school and education.
When it was my time to choose high school, I was happy and satisfied with my
choice of school. But later on I wanted to switch so my parents and the teachers at the new school did everything to help me out. I moved 90 swedish miles for this wonderful education.

Our schoolsystem works very fair, everything is the same for everyone, everyone got the same basis.

In many countrys there are schools who want their students to use matching uniforms.

So according to that, there is a dresscode.
Here’s an example:

But in Sweden we are free to weare whatever we want when we go to school.