Why haven't we yet got here..?

It's not only one bad realtionship I have had. And I guess that's why I was scared for my last one I had cuz it was worse than what I ever had before. But it also made me very fascinated about mental health, how people think and work, and why. So I made it to my coping mechanism, to rather understand mental health than judge or blame myself (even tho I still do xD). I still don't understand what I did wrong, what I did to deserve that treatment, I did everything I possibly could, to make sure he was happy, even over my own happiness, and I was absolutely nothing for him. And something that's even more... brain fkt, is that.. - an abuser doesn't abuse everyone. Just cuz I got abused doesn't mean he will do the same to the next person he's with. And I guess that's why it's so hard to prove something that you don't have any proof of ever happened expect for what's in your mind, your memories and awful feelings..

I truly hope that one day, our technologie will be so evolved that we can actually replay memories.. To have an end to all lies and words people bend to benefit them.. To just take out one memorie after another from both sides..
Or create a feeling simulator. It wouldn't be so crazy tbh, cuz feelings are just chemicals. We can train dogs and other pets to be ESA, to sense when our chemicals goes crazy. So why wouldn't it work to actually create some kind of simulator to use in
investigations or in psychology validations. Cuz in the end, they are only chemicals, all feelings have their own fingerprint of chemicals.

I remember when I was in the hospital, plugged into those weird machines that goes ''blip blip'' and so on. And when I got a panic attack my little friend freaked the fk out and nurse after nurse ran and checked on me.
It can feel when we get a panic attack, or dying, or have a hard time breathing etc (cuz of the heart's rhythm). Why not evolve that to chemicals? Chemicals in our body is released faster than a heart beat. We can literally feel a panic attack coming before our heart start freaking out. It's not that crazy idea..