Why do I write about this?

Why do you write about your abusive past and mental health?
Simple answer, I'm ready to open up about it, but mostly I want others to know it is very real and hope others will learn something from it.

You just want attention..
No, it's not my fault you don't believe me. I've been called a lier for so long now that I've stoped to try make people believe in me. I open up in hopes that others might learn something very important. And what that important thing is all depends on yourself. Is it to stop bullying in school? To accept mental health as a very real society ''problem''? Is it to accept that just some people are different than you? Or is it that those that have the biggest hearts and a pretty smile can have a troubled past? There's so much to learn from what I'll write on my blog.

And it all comes down to you. You who read it. What will you learn from it?