I'm a bitch

I'm a hard bitch to handle nowaday. I have no problem taking heat nowadays. Cuz I'm the person you either love or hate. There's no inbetween in my life. I'm not weak anymore. I'll speak up about my life and where I've been, all the shit I've walked through, and it's not something everyone can handle. And that's okay. I'll keep speaking my real shit till its not shit anymore, where people can understand that sometimes stuff isn't what it seems like. I'm here speaking about my trauma to learn people about it rather than hush hush it down and let people think and guess about what happend with me. I've never clamed that I'm a nice person, cuz I truly isn't. My way of thinking and comunicate isn't something everyone can handle. I'm very raw, cuz sometimes we have to be that for others to understand how things really are or how they were in order to prevent it from happening again.