Humans are cute

I think it’s cute how humans are. They meet a lot of different peoples every single day. We meet new people online, when we walk in the store, when we cross a house corner and accidentally bump into someone random. And some moments we smile, some moments we get angry. But some moments, we decide “hey I like that human, I wanna add you to my friend circle”. And some times, they just stay for a moment, but sometimes they stay for years and years. And even better, you maybe decide that that person, that random person is the one you don’t wanna live without. So you end up giving that person your time, your energy, your feelings and your traumas. Even better! Sometimes you give them plants, wonderful colourful plants, maybe it evolves and you decide to give them a rock on a metal thin cylinder piece (a ring) to give them proof of their feelings for you. And sometimes your feelings for each other is so great, so wonderful and absolutely overwhelming. So you decide to create another human, together. And it’s so cute, and so weird. We put value in gifts instead of the time we have. A ring can cost thousand and thousands, and a plant eventually dies. Some people can date for 7 years and get married and decide to get divorced 1 year after, while some people can date for 3 months and get married and celebrate their 27th anniversary and have 3 kids within a year of meeting the first time. Time... value time, memories. Not things, you don’t need a 36k ring to think he/she loves you “enough”. And plants are wonderful yes but they are more pretty in nature, where they belong. Put value in the moment, in the time you spend together. You don’t know when you only have 60 seconds left with life.