For you that struggle

My thoughts and care goes to you who are struggling with things in private. That think and feel that there's no one to talk to. That you are utterly alone with it. You're never lonely, it's hard to find someone that really do understand what you are.. -struggling with... That will look at you and choose to understand you, rather than judging you.

And then we have those that doesn't care about the past, that will do absolutely everything to be in your future. That care very little about what have happend and just focus on all the good stuff that can be. I think that's weird, but it's also something beautiful. We all have a past, and our past shouldn't say who we are today, or what ppl see and think about us. Sure it did form us, and changed us. But we're humans. We are one of the best creature to allow changes, adapt to them and our experience.

We do mistakes, a lot. But we also do a lot of good stuff. Or trying.. ;))
We shouldn't stop trying or give up just cuz we are walking in a harsh path, we all fall at some point in life. And that's okay. It's okay to feel like shit sometimes, to be sad or depressed. It's okay.

Cuz at some point, that will change. You might realize what it is that cause you to feel like this, or that it should stay in the past cuz it have taken so much time and energy away from you. It's okay to let go of stuff, without being given a reason for why it did happen. We don't have to forgive it or accept it. But we can, let, it, go. And that's okay.