Today I went to the famous Uluru rock, also known as Ayers rock! An old friend of mine, Emma, who's been living here in Australia for a few years went with me. We were going to walk around the base of the rovk, a 10,6 kilometres long walk which takes about 3,45 hours. We wanted to see the sunset afterwards so we planned to start walking after lunch. It's best to walk in the morning or afternoon since it can get dangerously hot in the middle of the day. We had packed lots of water, some fruit, sandwiches and sunscreen. We headed out at 2pm. Emma and I talked alot, we haden't met for almost 2 years(!), and we stopped now and then to drink and to take pictures.

After about an hour we stopped to eat some fruit. We left the path to sit down in a shadowy area. Then we suddenly saw a big snake! It was a brown snake almost 1,5 m long! Brown snakes are quite aggressive and they're venomous. Emma whispered to me to be quiet. The snake laid perfectly still on a big rock. It was probably resting and getting warm in the sun. We carefully backed away from it. It didn't move. When we were a safe distance from it (back on the track) we started laughing. It was a " that could have gone badly wrong and Im so happy we're safe" kind of laugh.

After that pretty much nothing else happened. We came back to the start at 6pm. Emma drove us to the sunset lookout and we found a good spot. We ate our sandwiches and around 7pm the sun started setting and gave us an incredible veiw. Emma then drove me back to my hotel and I'm going straight to bed now.


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Hello everyone!

It's the end of my second day here in Sydney, Australia. When I first got here and got the keys to my room it was 11 am local time. The flight took 19 hours but I slept most of the time so I wasn't tired. I was ready to explore! I unpacked my things first and ,of course the most important thing, tried out the bed. It was very comfortable. I live at ADGE apartment hotel. It's very colorful and homely, and it has a kitchen area which I like.

I have a few places I wanna visit here in Australia. So after I had taken a closer look around my apartment I went to my first destination - Royal botanic gardens. It was absolutely stunning! The views were so beautiful, the atmosphere was so calming, I felt free. I saw some amazing plants as well as wildlife. I really would recommend going there.

I was very tired when I came back to the hotel so I called room service and ordered a pizza and then went to bed. This morning I went next to the hotel and bought some things to make breakfast with. After breakfast I went to my second destination - Blue mountains. Once again very beautiful veiws. I went canoeing down the Bellinger River. I had to share a canoe with another girl. She was about my age with long brown hair, brown eyes and a pretty smile. I was nervous first but a soon as we got in the canoe and started going she started talking about herself and asked me questions and I calmed down. She was interesting and funny. We talked trhough the whole ride. When we got back we exchanged phone numbers and promised to talk to each other again. I took lots of pictures during the ride and during the tour I went on afterwards. I really had a blast!

I got back to my hotel room at 6 pm, tired but happy. After a quick shower (it's quite tough to paddle) I went out to find get some food. I got the Aussie meat pie which is a typical Australian dish. It was a small pie with meat, bacon and onions served with mashed potatoes, gravy and steamed vegetables. It was lovely and quite filling. Now I'm back in my hotel room in bed. It's been a great two days already and I hope the rest of the week will be just as good.

I'll talk to you soon