This weekend it is a 3 day weekend and it feels so good. This because it is 4th of July, as I mentioned in the last post. I am really exited about it. On Friday we are going to prepare the food until Saturday and the whole family is going to help, so it´s gonna be cozy to do it all together. I look forward to Saturday the most of course. I mean how nice with some celebrate? I love firework as well and we are going to buy some at Friday before cooking the food. The special thing we are going to do is get in to the city where they shoot lots of rockets and have guests.

However, I´ve started to feel a little homesick. It is fun here and I feel comfortable with the host-family, but I miss home as well. It do feel a little bit better when I talk with them over phone, but it is not the same thing as seeing them in real life. I wish I could be with them now, I just want to hug them and like go home now. I did not thought that I was going to get homesick but i did and it feel pretty hard sometimes, in some situations. When I hang out with my friends and training, I dot think about it, so I guess that is what I should do to get on other thoughts. I know I like it here and that it is normal to get homesick, so even if tree month feel a long time now I know I will get through it, and when I comes home , I probably just want to go back here again.

The family decided to get a pet and they let me help them to pick which one they should take. I am an allergic to fur but I have medicines, so it is gonna be fine anyway, and I love animals so it´s going to be fun. I got happy when they told me I could help them to pick and I wanted them to buy a puppy so they did. This helps me to think on something else and I really feel like a part of the family. 

I think I am going to call my family on face-time now, then play with the new puppy (Lea) and them go to bed. :)

This is what I use to talk with my family and the picture at the right is our new puppy.

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Now after two month I feel more like a native!

During this two month I have gotten more and more comfortable with the routines. At the weekdays I wake up at 6,30 am and I take a shower, sometimes I even take a swim in the pool at the backyard before the shower. I always eat waffles and a fruit to breakfast with some sort of juice. Then the school-bus will come and pick us/me up at 7 am. The school ends at 4 pm and we´re going home. I usually meet my friends after coming home. At Tuesdays and Thursdays I goes to the gym and the activity group is on the Mondays. If I´m not training or hang out with my friends I´just chill or help Annalise with the dinner or something. We always have family dinners at the evenings and we use to watch TV as well. At the weekends it looks a little different in the routines. I get up later and I do different things each weekend. The weekends look like my weekends back in Sweden where I also wake up late in the mornings and do different things during the day. The weekdays looks a little bit different though. I do not eat waffles to breakfast each day, I do not go to school with bus ( I use my bike). Either am I join in any activity group back in Sweden. I like the routines here and from the start it was hard going to school for such a long time, but I have got use to it now.

Something I had really hard to like was the jell-o salad. I thought it was so nasty, strange and disgusting when I first came here and tasted it. But I have really tried to start liking it and now I do! Many of you probably wonder what this is. It is vegetables in some sort of jelly. Yeah, it sounds strange, but that what it is!

During my forth week here I did a really blundering thing. Now after I can laugh to it, but in the situation it hurt really much, I can tell. I was going for a run when I knocked a lamppost. I was ashamed about it. My head hurt really much and I got dizzy. I called Conner that came and picked me up. He drove me to the hospital and the doctor told we I got a concussion. It still hurts a little but it is ok. The whole situation must have looked really funny.

Next week at the 4th of July it is a major holiday here in Las Vegas, or more like in the whole country. This day is important for the Americans because they celebrate their in dependence. We are going to celebrate it with some friends, eat som nice food and the whole thing ends with much fireworks and I´m so exited about this.

Here is a picture at the school-bus, at the left and the strange jell-O salad to the right.



This week was not as fun as expecting...

It started well and we got known that the school was cancelled on Tuesday the same week. But the thing was that an earthquake occurred. It was really scary. The whole ground was shaking and now after we knows that a several people died of different reasons because of the disaster. I have never been to anything like that and I cant even believe it actually happened, just a few days ago. The earthquake occurred a little bit outside the city and some places became more affected than others. It was a little bit outside the city, pretty close to the earthquake that got the mos affect. Their houses broke and therefore people died. It was not the biggest earthquake but big enough for people to get hurt and it makes me so sad. Me and the host family sat in front of the TV and watched the news and at the same time I got so much texts and calls etc, from my family and friends back in Sweden to make sure I was okey. The pictures we saw at the news was horrible and I started to cry because I felt so sorry for the people that in some way got hurt or suffer. These things that are happening are really terrible.

If I should see a bright side in this week, then it is that I joined an activity group about training. I LOVE it! It is even better than I could imagine. It is kind of my new favorite thing to do here! We dance a lot and it is so much fun. I am really going to continue with this, without even thinking!

Now I am going downstairs and watch the news and see if they know something new about the disaster, eat some food and then go to bed.

Down here you can see some pictures about the week. 

The earthquake :( (pic from internet/the news) and a picture at us dancing in the activity group i joined! :)



Two weeks has already passed and the times flies away.

Now I feel more and more like home. The host family kind of feels like my own and yesterday I even had a argument with Annalise. It was nothing big, I only think she got scared because I ran out in the middle of the road without watch out for the car that almost hit me. Than right after this happened, Annalise yelled at me and then I yelled back because I was so chocked. When we came home again we talked about it and it went fine. We both just got chocked and scared, she just wanted me to be safe and that is pretty understandable, I think.

I have met a new classmate as well this week. She seems really nice. She is actually from Canada and she just moved here, so she is new here too. She has been hanging out with the other four of us for a few days and it is really fun, we all agree really good. Her name is Stella and we met each other when we worked on a task at a lesson together in school. I am exiting to be with her the rest of the time here.

This week the whole family did a really fun thing. We went to the Red Rocks/ Grand Canyon and I can tell it was such an experience. I really recommend to go there because it was really awesome and cool. The rocks, or more the mountain actually really was red (I had not expected it so red) and the place were so big. The weather was fantastic as well, so it couldn't even be better. This could probably be one of the coolest thing I have ever seen in my entire life. On our way back home to the house, when we got in to the city again I saw a really cool thing that I will never forget. It was not a big thing, but it just looked so cool. It was a roller coaster at the top of a tower! The family told me there was a few of them in the city and they promised me that we all are going to try some of them out some day.

This week has been fantastic and I really like to live here!

Here is a picture at the roller coaster! (I took one from the internet) and a picture at the beautiful Grand Canyon! :)



I have been here for one week now and I kind of enjoy every moment here. I enjoy everything besides the school. For me the school is a little bit uncomfortable because one of the student pick on me all the time. I am not used to it, so it makes me a little bit sad. For example he teas me for wearing other clothes than the others ( I have no school uniform), but I actually only think he is jealous at me, so I ignore it. The other students is really nice to me and I have Luke by my side all the time and he tries to explain that the student that pick on me all the time (Wes), is doing that all the time at everyone. It is one of the girls (Zoey) and one of the boys (Justin) that I like the most. They usually hang out with Luke, so we all is hanging out both in school and after school. They are really kind to me and with them I feel comfortable. They both are really creative and sporty. All four of us was actually at a gym for a training yesterday and it felt so good, I hope we will go there again.

I have noticed a few culture difference from Sweden. One thing I noticed directly was the traffic. It is cars everywhere., it doesn't matter which time of the day it is. You have to watch out all the time when you are crossing the road. Also it is casinos everywhere you go and at night time they light up the whole city and it looks so cool. In Sweden we don´t have these kind of casinos, we just have a few small.                                                                                                                      It is people on the streets at both day time and night time and I like that. A thing that is a little bit boring is that I am not 21, so I cant get in to any casino because I am only 15. That is also another culture difference from Sweden. In Sweden you has to be 18 to get out on nightclubs or playing at casinos, here you have to been 21 to both go out at night and to play on casinos. Another difference from home in Sweden is the weather. Because of the desert it is much warmer here, but that is just positive for me who likes the heat and to bath. Also the breakfast is different. Here everyone eats cupcakes, bagels, bacon, donuts, pancakes and waffles all the time to breakfast and in Sweden we eat granola with some yogurt and a sandwich with butter, cheese and cucumber. I only think it is fun to experience their culture here and during this time I feel good about it.

Now I am going to take shower and then I´m going to hang out with Luke, Justin and Zoey.

Here´s some pictures :)

1. The school 2. Casino Flamingo at night time 3. A normal breakfast here



Today I arrived in Las Vegas and it is so hot here. You probably wonder why I´m here in Las Vegas. I´m an exchange student and I´m here for a 3-month homestay.

When I first arrived my first thought was "It is so warm here". I met the mother in my host family at the airport and my first impression of her was really good. When I got out from the airport, on our way to the family's house, I got chocked. It was so much difference from the country I come from (Sweden) than this city in USA (Las Vegas). Everything looked like a fairyland. It was so cool and it was better than I thought.

When we arrived to the house, that laid a few minutes away from the city, I once again got chocked. The house was really big and it looked so expensive. They has a pool at the backyard that is enormous and the house is really big with four floors. In Sweden we barely don´t have these kind of houses, I have just seen this kind of house in other countries a few times.

The family stood outside, in front of the house when we arrived at the parking. The family consists of a mother (Annalise, 35), a father (Conner, 36) and two children, one boy in my age (Luke) and one girl (Lucy) that is two years younger than us. My first impression of the whole family was really good and welcoming. So far they all seems funny, calm and understanding. I also already agree good with Luke and Lucy which is really fun, they are really active and so am I, so we connecting good. I am allergic to animals with fur, so this family doesn't own any pets.

My room is on the 3rd floor. It is bigger than my room home in Sweden and I really like the furnishings, especially the bed. The bed is really big and really comfortable. It is a painting in the room that I like a lot. I cant tell what it i supposed to look like but I like all the colors.

We went out for dinner to know each other better earlier. We went in to the city by car and as all the other things the car was nice as well. It took about ten minutes until we arrived to a parking, right next to the restaurant. The restaurant was in the Eiffel tower and there it was really good food. I recommend that place if you want to have a good dinner in a beautiful building and with a wonderful view. I was a bit nervous before the dinner because we didn't knew each other so much, but it worked out really good and now it feels like we have known each other for a long time. They paid for me as well, so that was really kind of them.

This day has been really long and now I m so tired. From the start I was nervous but not at all anymore, just exited to spend the next 3 month here in this beautiful, cool city with an awesome family. I hope we will go in to the city more and also to the desert, because I would appreciate that really much and of course I want to get to know this wonderful family more as well. Now I am going to bed to get some sleep so I can go up early tomorrow for a bath :)

Here you have some pictures of my first day here...

The airport to the left and the pool at the backyard to the right

The Eiffel tower and a random picture I took at the city