FYI : What I've Learnt , Pre Departure
Budget Cut$

Tips for a student traveling (Based on my experiences in the United States)

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1. Download Venmo

Venmo is a free digital wallet that lets you make and share payments with friends.

You can easily split the bill, cab fare, or much more

You’re a student, and that means most of us are tight asses and broke, and we need to split payments for everythingggggg. Venmo makes it simple!

2. Become a Prime Amazon Student –

2 days free shipping on all your last minute textbooksthat you forgot to order, or your last minute Halloween costumes. It saved my ass on both occasions. And bonus, the first 6 months are free.

Only studying for 6 months? Unsubscribe before the first fee is due ;)

3. Couch Surfing!

Even if you don’t need it quite yet, why not create a profile and have a look at what’s onoffer in your next city or town? Although I have never used couch surfing myself just yet, it’s definitely something I’d like to give a try, who knows who you’ll meet right?

With Couchsurfing, you can stay with locals in every country on earth.

Travel like a local, stay in someone's home and experience the world in a way money can't buy.

4 . Another handy app to have is Air B n B,

Want a weekend away from your house mates or a fresh change ofscenery alone or with friends?

Check out Air B n B and see what is available. You can rent anything from just a singular room and stay with the home owners, to renting out their whole pad for the weekend (just like we did in Mexico) and use all their dandy equipment. Sweet deal.

5. UBER and LYFT

Download them both.

1. Cheaper than taxi’s. 2. Shorter wait time. 3. No cash handling.

4. You can split payment with multiple friends with a click of a button.

5. The application tracks your travel.

6. If you’re unhappy with the service, they each have a super, easy, helpful ‘help’ action you can take –

and get your money back if required.

p.s they both provide great coupons when you first sign up!

Just google the codes, or ask your friends for their special code!

6. Eat or pack from home! save your $$$$ for the activities you are going to remember!

Have a picnic on the beach, avoid the food lines!

7. Spirit Airline

Spirit is the leading Ultra Low Cost Carrier in the United States, the Caribbean, the Bahamas and Latin America”, who do not charge for your checked in luggage! Great for spontaneous trips at a low cost!

8. OR!

Ditch the checked luggage, travel light.

Save the time on anaylsing your outfits, save the back pain, save the money!

9. A great way to book a spontaneous, low cost weekend away is by using SKY SCANNER.

Sky Scanner allows you to enter your departure destination, and search all destinations in order o find the cheapest flights! You simply write ‘Everywhere’ into your destination field. Start browsing here for your very random weekend away

10. WANT HELP SAVING MONEY? The virtual world has once again got you covered with new establishments.

See if DIGIT is for you!

11. Cycling / walking - great fitness and saves time and money stuck in traffic!

12. I’m guilty of this, but if you can.. Skip the souvenirs

(although I’m personally someone who loves to buy a souvenir from everywhere!)

13. Free and discounted! Students favorite! make the most of coupons!


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Emily Paige Cocks