Interview with Monica

chose to interview Monica who is a teacher at Prästbols skola in Östra Ämtervik. She is my old teacher I had when i went there.  

-How long have you been working here?

-I have been working here for almost 7 years, or it was 7 years since I got a permanent employment here before I was here and did my VFU.

What responsibilitys do you have?

-First and foremost, I have responsibility for all students here and is mentor for class 5-6. Then there is another thing, for example, that I am a financial manager and take care of everything that is to be bought into school. I am also the contact person for the principal, so if the principal wants to contact us in the staff or get information to students and parents quickly, she will turn to me at first. Then I am also a member of the national test group, which means that I am involved in helping determine the requirements for the tests and how the assessment should be. I travel to Uppsala about 2 times per academic year. I am also a guardian and a busman and make sure that the students get home after school.

What difference of responsibility have you compared now when you started working here?

-I had almost only responsibility for maybe the library a little while and of cours over my class but then I've got more responsibility, the more years passed.

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