Moon phase 10/19/17

I am really interested in the moon and the sun. Today I went on Pinterest and found this in one of my boards(this is my drawing). I really felt like drawing (or attempting to draw). So I thought why not post about the moon today. The moon today is a Waning Crescent. A Waning Crescent is when the Moon is only showing less than half of its full face. It is caused by the illumination of the Sun only hitting less than half of the Moon. During this phase, the Moon is getting closer and closer to the Sun. We are viewing, on Earth, the night side of the Moon with only a small edge getting illuminated by the Sun. The Moon and Sun are so magical to me. Just the way the Sun illuminates the Moon and we only see some of the Moon is just amazing. 🌘 - what the Waning Crescent looks like!