Properties of Stainless Steel Jewelry

Its brilliant silver silver-like appearance, with its exceptional resilience, has a growing popularity in jewelery manufacturing. To make certain jewelries (such as body jewelery, earrings), it stands for the durability of stainless steel, it has antiallergic properties, so it does not cause inflammation and can be worn by people with metal sensitivity.

Thanks to its durability and scratch resistance, it is a perfect jewel base material for beautiful brushed, engraved / engraved surfaces that retain their beauty for a long time.

Due to its extremely favorable properties, rings of stainless steel, titanium or tungsten steel are becoming increasingly popular, which are considerably cheaper alternatives to expensive gold .

What makes it stainless?

Stainless steel is formed by the combination of iron, chromium, carbon and other metals, resulting in extremely high resistance to corrosion. This phenomenon is passivation that protects steel against harmful external environmental influences such as The oxidation. Chromium is one of the most important elements of the alloy, in the right amount of steel on the surface the chromium oxide forms a passive layer that protects the surface from rusting, discoloration, deformation under normal conditions.

Stainless steel types

Manufacturers produce more than 150 types of stainless steel, the composition of which varies depending on the purpose it serves. From the production of decorative anti-allergenic jewelery and body jewelery, through kitchenware to building materials, it is suitable for many kinds of products.

All types of stainless steel contain a certain amount of chromium, which is responsible for resisting metal against corrosion. For jewelery production the un. 316L alloy (medical metal) is the most widely used, with chromium content relatively high and contains all carbon.

Stainless Steel Fashion Jewelry

Stainless steel jewelry can not only be made in silver, jewelers often engage in gold, rose or black coatings.

Stainless steel rings and necklaces are extra durable and adapt to daily lifestyle. They are available in many styles and shapes, from finely crafted, feminine pieces, and robust, distinctive masculine jewelry can be easily produced.

Stainless Steel Men's Jewelry

Men's jewelry is usually bigger and heavier than feminine jewelry, so much more material is needed for their production. The price of a thick gold necklace or bracelet is quite peppy, whereas the price of stainless steel jewelry is a fraction of the price of the precious metal. Not to mention that it is even more important for a man to have a durable and durable jewel. There are plenty of styles, the most popular are men's jewelery combined with stainless steel and stainless steel, and black and silver color combinations.

Summary properties of stainless steel jewelry:

The chromium oxide layer protects not only against corrosion but also against other chemicals. It is well known that the chlorine or salt water causes silver to become discolored. Our stainless steel jewelry can be used to bathe in the sea or in the thermal water. We do not have to wash or bathe, because soapy water can not be damaged in our jewelry.

(It is important to know, however, that if the jewel is made of a coating (eg. gold), it must be spared from the chemicals, because if the steel is not, the gold coating on it may be damaged!)

Stainless steel jewelery does not become obscured and stains. There is no need for polishing, enough to wipe it with a soft cloth and it will look like a new age.

One of the most durable metal alloys. It does not become deformed, the jewel has a fine detail for years and is resistant to scratches and injuries.

Hypoallergenic, does not cause allergies. This property is especially important not only in the manufacture of jewelry but also, Also in the manufacture of medical devices. (316L Medical Metal)