I remember back in January I decided that I would start a blog so that my family and friends at home could read and follow my life and experiences over here. There is more than one reason why I struggled to keep it up. I couldn't decide on/find a good blogging site to use that was free and not in another language. A lot of the thoughts that I have I thought were too personal for the internet, I like to keep them private in my diary only for myself. And because I prefer pen to paper, I figured as long as I stuck with that, I would still have the memories to look back on in years time.

March was definitely the best month so far. I had 3 weekends off in a row. From November - February, so for 4 months, I had one weekend off a month, and I was beginning to feel exhausted. It just worked out that way because they had things on. I had the last weekend of Feb off, and then H & J went away to upstate NY to visit friends, and then the next Saturday J had his Easter photoshoot which H took him too. (Something like that anyway). I remember at the end of February feeling so stressed about booking and paying for my travel class to NF (Niagara Falls). The family pays for $500 worth of fees for the au pairs credits. So the travel class to NF is 4 credits. I went into the city for 3 Sundays from 10am - 4pm. (26th Feb, 12th March, 19th March). I caught the train into Penn Station (obvs) and then the Subway up to Harlem, it was easy to get there, thankfully. The first class was excited that the view from the building was so beautiful, and I made a gorgeous friend from Finland, Henrietta. The second class, 2 Sundays later, We made friends with Flor & Kubra who we had lunch with. Henrietta and I hung out in Central park afterward and took some cute photos together. It was very cold that day, so it was a bit of struggle tbh. We walked half the park and then took the Subway back to Penn (it was too cold, my toes and fingertips were hurting). We ate at the Shake Shack and I headed back home on the train at 7:30 and then walked the 15 min walk to home. God, theres no better feeling than having a shower and hopping into bed after spending a freezing cold day in Manhattan and then walking home in the dark at night. 

The next Sunday I think I was just SO exhausted as we put our clocks back that morning, I just went straight home afterwards. I got myself a chai latte from Starbucks and caught the train home, and then again the 15 min walk home to then shower and crawl into bed to start the new week the next day. I was so glad the classes were over and so happy to have met 3 beautiful girls. From the Netherlands, Mexico and Finland. So it feels like one day, I was stressed about missing a spot in the class and the next day - the classes were over and now I'm looking forward to NF in June!? Where did March go?

But yeah, other than that, not much else occurred in March. I went with the family to my first sports (ice hockey) game at Barclays, in Brooklyn, and was happy to experience that with them! I have just been saving a lot for Miami. I booked our accomodation - I am SO EXCITED! Cameron arrives on Thursday April 20, I will pick him up from the airport (6 whole friggen months without seeing him! I can hardly believe it, it just baffles me. It has honestly gone quick!) Friday April 21 is his birthday, and Saturday April 22 we fly to Miami!

So now its April!. I had the first weekend of April off. On Saturday H, J and I took a ride and got lunch. I went to the gym in the arvo and then probably did sweet fa at night cause I can't really recall. Sunday, went to the gym in the  morning with H for spin class. Came home, showered, felt SO darn refreshed, and then Genevieve and I hung out for a bit as it was a such a nice day! We walked around Target and Old Navy then went to TGI Fridays (was my first time) and it was yum! Then we went to Marshalls and she dropped me home. Did sweet fa again. What a riveting weekend?! Lol. This weekend H & C are away so I have J for the weekend which will be interesting. I will still take him to the gym and it will be like most normal except I don't usually have him until 9:30 am, so I will have him from when he wakes til he sleeps. Lucky he's a good sleeper. (Naps after lunch and goes to bed between 8-9pm). So that will be my extra cash for Miami! And then only one more weekend until Cameron gets here! And it's the Easter weekend! Kids are off school for one week from Monday 10th. I have a hair appt Saturday 15th, and Sunday 16th is Easter! Then Thursday 20th, Cameron gets here! It's all happening.

May 6th at night I have a cruise around Manhattan with Cc, and then May 19, 20 and 21 I have class at LIU to complete the rest of my credits, and then June 2 - 4 is Niagara!