2. Comfortable clothes

Let's be honest, who doesn't like to dress comfortable. Some people fashion is for people who can squeeze in to tiny dresses or uncomfortable shoes but I think fashion is for everyone. It's not about looking in a special way, it's about how you wear it. If you wear it like you think you look like a trash bag of course it won't look good, because you're not feeling comfortable. But if you wear it like you were a queen it will feel like it. You just need to be confident and that's what fashions about.

1. Transparent shoes credit vogue magazine

So basically models (like Rihanna for ex) wore transparent shoes already in 2017 at big events and galas. But the trend kinda died when winter came, so therefore I think they're coming back this spring.

Me and some of my friends thinks it's a popping because you know, who wouldn't like wearing transparent shoes? Only minus is that you can't wear socks under it but that doesn't really matter.

3. Tiny sunglasses

Sooo, to be honest I wasn't that into tiny sunglasses when they first launched​. But now they're like everywhere and I love them. I think the "oval" ones (in the picture) look best but the round ones look good too. Also fashion week is coming up and I really hope they'll launch new designs of tiny sunglasses. 

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