This was my second visit to London. The first time was in 2014 when I went there myself and met my dad later part of our journey. I was really impressed by my courage (lol) I never thought I can make it by travelling alone. I have experienced so much while travelling all by myself, even though is just a few days. This is also the reason why I am so addicted to travelling. I love to wake up in different city, looking at different views, taste different cuisine and listen to different language !

Camden Town

I went there for a short while only as I have dinner plan with Aunt Jenny. But is better than not visiting right. I bought souvenirs i'e the typical fridge magnet there. Its a good place to shop if you are finding souvenirs but make sure you shop a few of the shops as the price might be variant and you can find really cheap deals.

Tips: the cheapest deals tend to be at the end of the streets.

Snap picture with Mad Hatter and Alice XD

Hendon Central

Look at these gorgeous flower by the roadside of Hendon Central.

Big Ben & The House of Parliament

Thanks to the sunny day and blue sky so I can get the perfect shots. Still remember the first time I went there, it was a rainy day and all my pictures turned out to be grey and moody.

The London Eye

St Paul Cathedral

I always have a huge thing for Victorian architectures.

Tips: Remember to visit PAUL Bakery, they have wide range of food from savory to dessert! I love their hot chocolate soooo much ! I'm not a fan of chocolate drink but I MUST admit that they serve the best so far. Besides, don't miss their macaroons and e-clair.

The Millennium Bridge

Walking down the millennium bridge (1'o clock from St Paul Cathedral), you can have a breath-taking view on St Paul Cathedral as well as tower bridge and the shard!

Besides, when you reach the opposite of the bank, do visit Borough Market and perhaps have a cup of Monmouth coffee (They claimed it the best brew coffee in London).

Tower Bridge

FYI Tower bridge is not London bridge though. So many people kept on confuse it by saying it as London bridge.

Try to do research on when the bridge will be lifting so you can watch it and take amazing photos.

Albert Bridge

Not many know this place but I guarantee you this is definitely worth if you are planning to go for night view.

Notting Hill & Portobello Market

I went there because of the colourful houses ! You got to see them, there are absolutely gorgeous and every door of the houses is so "instagrammable" !

Besides, you can also stroll around Portobello Market. There are so many antique shops, cafes, souvenir shops etc.

Here are pictures of my lovely friends aka housemates aka roommates.

My takeaway lunch before walking to Kensington Palace which is not far away from Notting Hill.

Itsu Japanese Food. YUMS

Kensington Palace

Whenever we go, wefie is definitely a MUST. But I'm glad we did as all of these pictures turned out to be the thing I can treasure.

I love taking photos of swan ! "Elegant" is definitely a word that I can describe them.

British Museum

On our way to British Museum, there are many majestic Victorian architecture that will worth your time to slow down your steps.

Oxford Circus

If you plan to do some shopping haul, definitely reserve a day for it ! There are so many shops here from Nike to Topshop, Forever 21!!!

Burger & Lobster 

GAAAAWD its heaven here! The lobster is so scrumptious and every single bite of its flesh is so juicy ! P.S use your hand to eat to enjoy the BEST :P. Besides, dont forget to order their beef burger, my friend who do not take beef even praise for its taste.

Bon Appetite ~

Covent Garden - Venchi

My Birthday threat - Gelato !!! (how thoughtful are my friends)

The pistachio and chocolate is the best match EVER. I don't usually take chocolate ice-cream as it usually will end up being too sweet.

That's all for today.

Sending love from me to you.


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I've been missing Paris lately especially when I'm doing fashion editorials at work and come across some many gorgeous photos of Paris during this Spring ! I wish I'm am in Paris, strolling down the streets with both sides of cherry blossoms.
So here are some of my favourite shoot. Hope you enjoy it.

Arc De Triomphe

The Eiffel Tower

Musee du Louvre

Cathedrale Notre-Dame de Paris

Gare du Nord

Where Lady Antebellum shoot their Just A Kiss music vid. (I realised it when I'm singing karaoke with friends lol)

Some random streets which I do not remember where exactly is this.

I found Paris to be even more beautiful during gloomy days.

Amorino Gelato

yumss~ ice-cream maniac had gelato almost every of her night. I couldn't even count how many I have eaten. They are too good to be resisted.

Vintage Hostel

My friends and I stayed in a hostel called Vintage Hostel near Gare du Nord and Basilica. The location is very convenient as it is just 10 minutes away from Gare du Nord where we usually take the metro. P.s breakfast is served and the view from room is fantastic.

That's all for today.





I'm not a fan of heels or flats as it is absolutely difficult to find a comfortable yet a decent one. So, most of the time you will see me in sneakers or running shoes as they are very comfortable and they can even style with a dress.
However, it is not so appropriate when you wear a dress with a running shoes for a proper dinner.
So, I came across this pair of black pointed flats before Chinese New Year, I totally fell in love with it as it kinda reminds me of Valentino flats.
After a week, I just couldn't resist myself to get the second pair as it is seriously the most comfortable flats I have ever come across (for now).

The End
Hope you enjoy my blog



The 1st reason I decided to watch this movie is because it kinds of relate to my life rn as I'm having my internship (lol). The 2nd reason is because of the female lead, Anne Hathaway (duhhh). She is one of my faourite actress for years since I first watched her in the Princess Diary !

The Intern is starring by Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway. The scenario is a 70 year old widower, Ben Whittaker who always try to live his life to the fullest after his wife passed away. He has seized the opportunity to get back in the game by becoming a senior intern at an e-commerce business which focuses on fashion, founded and run by Jules Ostin.

The whole scenario I can relate wit myself pretty well as I'm also working as an intern in an e-commerce company that sells women and men clothes ! And the culture of the company in this movie is so similar like mine except there are 200++ of employees.

I personally found this movie very inspiring as it shows that women can be tough, women can also chase their dreams and inspire others! P.S I love the way Jules dress herself !

1 quote that I love the most is EXPERIENCE NEVER GO OT OF FASHION !

The End

Do watch it if you have spare time!





So far, today was the best day (perhaps) in this entire week. I woke up feeling great, ABSOLUTELY GREAT. And I always have the sense that if you woke up feeling good, you are going to have one of the best day in your life XD.

Morning, after my breakfast, my madre and I went for Rabbit Softserve (again) to grab their new flavor which is peanut butter and honey ! And BAAAM they just nailed it ! I like the combination of the cheese stick with the peanut butter and honey. The saltiness of the cheese-stick just neutralize the sweetness of peanut butter and honey. Yumms.

After getting our stomach satisfied, we went home. I started to do some house chores, then some work-out and btw I finally redesigned my "socalledpinmylifeboard" while I'was watching "The Intern", such a great movie! (would probably post a review on it).

P.S I finally got myself a pair of decent flats for Chinese New Year. At first I wasn't planning to get any new shoes as i think that I can rock my outfit with the sneakers I have. But I just happen to find this pair of flats, it kinds of remind me of Valentino studded flats, so I just couldn't resist to buy it.

The End

Hope you enjoy reading my blog





The Rabbit Softserve

My madre, sis and I started to love this new pop up softserve store when they first launched their blue rabbit!

Their softserves are in very rich, creamy yet smooth texture. I love their softserve a lot as they always came out with creative ideas. Just like the blue rabbit which is a vanilla softserve in baby blue colour! Common how can u not love it rite.

Today we went to Rabbit Softserve again. I usually don't favor any chocolate ice-cream as i'm just too afraid it will be over-sweet but this tasted quite alright. But I will still go with the Blue Rabbit and my madre still preferred the Charcoal Sesame (the one which i've missed the chance of trying it)!

P.s They are so sweet they will be giving me a free treat on my next visit due to they like my artwork.

To get more information, do click on the fb link.





​Last Sunday, my dad woke me up super early for breakfast. After we had our breakfast at an old coffee shop. Dad decided to bring us to a cafe he usually hang out with his client or friends. The cafe is called the Constant Gardener Coffee. I have been there twice but this time I really fall in love with this space! Constant Gardener Coffee has renovated its cafe !! Gawd the interior is so waaay prettier rn! They made each corner so home-alike! And not to forget the soft background music.

I have picked a seat near the window as usual because I enjoy the sun shine through the window or just look at the passerby. P.S and of course to take some nice instagram pictures on the food!

My dad has ordered the Paris tea, whilst my mum has ordered a Piccolo latte, for me just a red velvet millicrepe as I'm not allowed to drink any coffee or tea anymore due to serious gastric :(

Additional Information:
Address: Ground floor of Penang Chinese Chamber of Commerce Building, 9, Lebuh Light, 10200, Georgetown, Penang.
Business Hours: 9 am to 7 pm. Opens Daily.
Contact Number: 04-2519070

Click the link below for their fb pg.
Constant Gardener Coffee