Hello! So I'm Taru and I'm 13 years old girl from Finland. I haved thinking start my own blog and got inspiration start this blog from my irl best friends and internet life saver @malinoak And yeah I'm just 13 years old so don't hate me if my English is bad. So this is my first post and I haved thinking about to do post where I tell something about me.

Okay lets start.

Yeah I'm 13 years old and I'm 7th class and it's music class so we sing more than other classes.
I'm fangirl of Isac Elliot, Antti Tuisku and Mikael Gabriel. I love many other artists music too.
I have many favorite movies. Every High school musical, every Harry potter, every The hunger games and Maze runners. I watch very much movies alone and with friends.
I don't read much book but sometimes if I have good book I like read it.
I wanna go to Sweden, Norway, London and America. Maybe someday I can go there.
I speak Finnish and English and maybe soon Swedish too.
My hobbies are playing violin, art, sometimes photographing and always fangirling.

Maybe here was something. I'm trying to post here, but if I don't have time, text or pictures I maybe have post many weeks. And in this post I put some pictures from last summer.