Dress -Oasis

Shoes- Din sko

Coat- Trendsgal

Bracelet- H&M

Watch - Michael Kors

Necklace- H&M​

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Hello guys, Happy Sunday! Hope you all have had a wonderful day? I have some important news to shate with you guys. I was browsing on the internet and I stumbled upon nouw.com. It seemed very interesting ao had to conduct all my researches and I found it to be very easy to blog with unlike wordpress and obviously  I wanted to be sure if that is what I really want for the test of this journey and the answer is yes. I  will be importing my posts to nouw.com and will be posting there from now onward.  It been close to 5 months since I started blogging . It has been really nice blogging on wordpress because this where all started but it’s time to say goodbye. As the saying goes there’s time for everything. I  am a person who is always watching out for new things to do and I mist say I am really having much fun blogging. I have had fantastic viewers and hoping to move together to you all to the new chapter of the journey.  I have high hopes that you all be following me to the new one. Thanks for the understanding.❤️








Hat And Sneakers

Hi lovely people, hope you’ve had a wonderful week. These are some of my favorites images from todays look. It was so much fun shooting on my own for the very first time. It’s a bad weather day but managed to get some cool shots. It was so much fun because I could just relax and experiment on different poses and angles and ohh today is my first time wearing a hat of this sort. I really liked it and am definately going to be rocking such hats.

Feel free to let me know what tou think about today’s look.

Outfits: Coat- Trendsgal

Pants- Boohoo

Top – Bikbok

Sneakers – Zalando

Hat – H&M



image image image image image image image




Styles You Need For Summer

Hi lovely people, welcome back to my blog of yet another post on summer must have sandals. I know many of you have been rocking sandals for quite some good time especially for my viewers in the hot countries but again many of us are just starting to retire from our winter boots. Summer is finally here and that means it time for more breathable options when it comes to footwear.

I am a fan of summer. It is my favorite season which means I get to have lots of fun and most of all have fabulous footwear choices. I have been on the hunt for fabulous footwear choices for this season and that´s why I have compiled my favorites to share with you guys. I will also share how I am going to style it.


It is no secret that gladiators are shoe staples for summer. They add a little drama to the legs which I really love. I love the lace -up design gladiators because I think it gives a classic look and I am definitely going to style it with a romper or an off-the-shoulder dress. I think it will look absolutely stunning. This lace up gladiator is absolutely beautiful and it costs $31.99.  You can get it from romwe.com which I have the link below.



Huarache Sandals

When it comes to huarache sandals I love the fact that it is comfortable and can be paired with any other thing. It makes life easier and I really think your summer isn´t complete without it. It can be styled with maxi skirts or a maxi dress which gives you more of a chic feeling. I really love woven sandals. I think it looks amazing. I really love this sandals with a cost of $25.80







Again your summer isn´t complete with a pair of espadrilles. So these once mere peasant shoes has been transformed into a chic style and now a bomb in the fashion world. These are pretty much casual and can be styled with anything from denim short/ pants  & top or an oversized boyfriend shirt. You can grab these at gojane.com with a price range of &14.60.







Mules are any type of heel that comes up high over the top of the foot. These are no doubt one of the fashionable heels trending in the fashion community.  A good one with a tailored trousers and a shirt will get everyone talking. Again your summer isn´t complete without a pair of mules.





Feel free to comment which one was your favorite and please do subscribe and share.




                                                                OUTFIT: SKIRT- H&M

                                                 TOP- H&M

                                 SHOES- ZARA

                  WATCH- MICHAEL KORS


Hi lovelies! Welcome back to my blog. It is yet another post on my OOTD.This is a church look from two weeks ago and for some reasons I´ve not been able to post it on my blog. My phone got broken and I have got my phone attached to my camera which makes it easier for me to send the pictures on my camera directly to my phone. Now unfortunately the screen messed me up at the time I was supposed to post. Wrong timing!

Anyways what I had in mind while choosing this outfit was “simplicity”. As many of you may know I love to look simple but still well put together and I am a fan of black. The brain behind my “simplicity” is my dad as he is always on me to be simple. Thank you dad!. I am a black lover as said earlier and when choosing the outfit, I wanted  an all black look with a little bit of color because I didn´t want to look like I was going to a funeral.

What I love about the my outfit most is the skirt. I love the fact that it  is A-line silhouette and it is midi length of which I don´t get to expose lot of skin. It also has an invisible zipper at the back and it is high waisted. I also love the lace detailing on my top The african print bag is the bomb. I really love the pattern and the choice of colors. The bag was my statement piece in this look. I didn´t do much with the accessories  because I wanted to be simple and don´t look all over dressed. I only went in with my Michael Kors watch and bam I was ready to go.


Hope you like this look and I really want to hear from you all how I did with this look.


image image image image image






Shop similar look:

A-line midi skirt



Lace crop top







Hi Lovelies. Happy Tuesday. On today´s post is again a different ball game together other than my usual OOTD post. As you can tell by the title, this is going to be about my May wish list. So every now and then I have an ever-growing wish list of things I drop in and out of my shopping basket. I was on the hunt for cheap but fashionable online shopping sites and I stumbled upon this online store ZAFUL.com. I grabbed me a chair and gathered some items for my wish list as it is my latest desires. I thought about sharing these items with you guys and that it might strike the interest of one or two people. I would love to know what you all think of these pieces and perhaps will be doing it every month for you.

Please do leave a comment below telling me which piece you loved most and also do share and subscribe for a notification on every new post.







So top of the list and the top end of the price range too at $17.49 is this white low cut one-piece swimwear. This particular swimwear caught my eye because of it´s halter neck low cut. I really love the fact that this swimwear brings your shape. Personally I think it could be worn as a bodysuit as I would style it with a pair of boyfriend jeans and heels and throw a leather jacket on top.

Shop swimwear at http://www.zaful.com/halterneck-low-cut-one-piece-swimwear-p_183658.html?Ikid=12439




Second on the list is this beautiful satchel bag with the price range of $26.99; again very affordable and cheap. I really love the shape of the bag and I love the fact that it has a shoulder strap because it could be tiring holding it all the time. The bag is not over complicated but it is fitted making it chic.

Shop at http://www.zaful.com/solid-color-stitching-metal-satchel-p_173939.html?Ikid=12439



Third on the list is this flower print romper with the price of $23.49. I love the flower prints and colors as it gives you a variety of color alternatives when it comes to styling. I am also loving the cut of the neck and i love the fact that it is very comfortable. I personally think that styling it with a gladiator sandals will pull up the look together.

Shop at http://www.zaful.com/cut-out-flower-print-round-neck-short-sleeve-romper-p_186808.html




This bodysuit is the bomb with the price $16.99. I love the off shoulder look. Very simple but flattering. This off shoulder body suit and a bodycon midi skirt is going to do justice. A pair of heels and a coat on top with give that chic feeling.

Shop at http://www.zaful.com/off-the-shoulder-ruffles-bodysuit-p_186672.html?Ikid=12439




$54.99 is the price.I love these pointed toe shoe. I love fact that it doesn’t cover the whole of your feet as you can get some fresh air. It looks very comfortable which I love and it is really easy to put on.

Shop at http://www.zaful.com/elastic-band-splicing-chunky-heel-pumps-p_173219.html






I could go on and on but I really think you should check out ZAFUL.com and you wouldn’t regret you did so. It got a whole lot of good stuff. Again tell me what you really loved most and please share amongst friends and relatives.




Hi guys! Just crab a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy as I rant about this topic. Today is a different ball game all together. Yaas it’s not me sharing my OOTD but today I will be talking about statement pieces. Statement pieces are essentials in the wardrobe.


STATEMENT PIECE? WHAT IS STATEMENT PIECE? This a word used so much in fashion. We hear it everywhere without necessarily knowing what it is. I know it can be difficult to catch it when the fashionistas talk about it and yaaas I’ve been there before. I kept  asking myself what is the “statement” about that outfit until I got the vibe. 😉 Well it doesn’t necessarily need to be oversized, bright or colorful but it’s normally bold and unique. It is the eye-catching piece of your outfit. It is the first thing people get to see or notice about your outfit.

For me personally, when I think about statement pieces what comes in mind is accessories. It can can be any type of accessory such as a bandanna, necklace, glasses, watch, ring, bracelet, bag, scarf etc. It can also be a piece from your closet such as a coat, blazer or a pair of heels or even a skirt. I think of them as something that completes your look. I think it also makes you feel extremely fabulous. I personally think uniqueness is also a big part of “statement”.

My statement pieces reflect my personality and make me feel confident. I feel like it has that element of “pop in my outfits. Watches, earrings and bracelets are my go to statements. I literally feel naked without them. I also like to use my blazers and coats as statements for color or shape.

How would you define a statement piece and what are your statement pieces?

ALL ITEMS IS FROM wwww.romwe.com










                                             Jumpsuit – Ginatricot

                                                                                                                                               Purse – H&M

                                    Shoes – Din Sko

Happy Sunday lovelies! It’s yet another day with a new update. Today’s OOTD is a simple look Iput together for a wedding reception last Friday; yes am late in posting which I truly apologise for. I have been caught up with work lately and exams is just around the corner. On the 13th of May I had an oppurtunity to be part of a friend’s wedding which am thankful for.I must say it was the most simpliest and nicest wedding I have ever attended. As many of u know African weddings are always big and grand but with this one it was simple and the decoration was reaally nice. Before choosing the outfit I thought I will be simple but still add a little twist to it to make it all look good. As the saying goes “Simplicity is always the best”. I went in basically with a jumpsuit , purse and a pair of heels. Yaaas as some of you may know  I really love black. I feel really comfortable in it. One of many reasons why I love black is never worrying about matching it. I also found out that black is figure -flatering.

Herewith, how I rock my black jumpsuit


image image image image image image image image image image image image image image



Trench Coat: H&M

Skirt : Nelly.com

Top : Nelly.com

Bag : Trendsgal

Shoes: Fashionnova

For a young girl like me that loves fashion, I am always on the look for hot and popping outfits. I am a fashion lover who loves to ball on a budget. I have currently developed a genre of colors in my wardrobe which I am absolutely loving.  Colors such as nude, olive, tan and khaki are the bomb now.  It makes life easier. I love these colors because  they can easily be matched with anything. I also love these colors because it flatters my skin tone and puts everything together in place. I love to be fashion forward but I enjoy saving money for more clothes. MY SLOGAN FOR LIFE: buy it cheap and rock it high. Honestly I only own a few brand stuff and it’s all from daddy. I like to get a lot of stuff rather than spending a whole lot of money on just an item; don’t get me wrong. I am currently loving the weather. The sun is just giving me life right now. I know it can be hot as a blazing fire but we can’t complain and in all God is good.


image image image image image image image image image



Hi guys! Yes I know I’ve not been a consistant blogger. I am sorry. The struggle is been real. I have no reliable photographer so it makes ithard to get shots for the blog. Well only in Norway do you find the sun up thinking it is hot but it is rather cold. The sun is so decieving so it’s always a good idea to carry a jacket or a coat with you.  On this outfit is a midi turtleneck dress , coat and cape. I was inspired by one of Breenylee posts on Instagram and I had to create my own from my wardrobe. Sometimes we need inspiration here and there to be able to keep going further. I have both the mint coat and cape styled in a previous post on my blog and here again I come with another way of how you can change it into another style. I love to play around with colours a lot these days because I noticed my wardrobe is full of more blacks than colors and until you try something you will never know how good it looks. I found out leaopard and mint is a bomb combination.Hope you like it!

Cheers! XOXO ❤️


Dress – Nelly.com

Cape – H&M

Coat – Cubus

Necklace – Accessorize

Bag – Morris.no

Shoes – Quipid (don’t remember the exact shop)

image image image image image image image image image image image