​I am a website geek.  I like to think I know what a top web design looks like.  In my head, in that private place that shouldn’t be shared, I rate websites when I arrive.  I love website design Glasgow is a place full of culture and art, so design is part of that ethos.  I particularly loved the clean lines created on the Ayr Equestrian site.

If you haven’t seen the Ayr Equestrian site, let me give you some insights into what you would see. You would see the clean lines of white space, which means that the phrase Go Wild dominates.  Sometimes web design can become cluttered and loud and drown out the message.  This simple use of lines means that the energy of work with horses is the dominant brand message.

Yet, web design Glasgow web design, is classier than just a use of a bold font and white space.  The use of carefully cropped images suggests the rich lifestyle of the horse world.  The smell of the leather and the wood dominate; it is a clever use of sensory suggestion.  The clear distribution of branded horse equipment communicates the quality of the site.  The segmentation of the audience has been clearly defined.  There is no doubt that this is a site that is aimed at a higher status clientele.

This is what I like about the website design Glasgow firms achieve.  There is sense of wanting to create a strong, visual statement but with an appreciation of the demands of the company and their clientele.  There is not just a single layer of service.  There is the technical development of the site but then there is the partnership with the company to make sure the design is perfectly tuned to convert sales.

The company Ayr Equestrian found Web Designers Glasgow through a Google search for Magento Developers.  They already had an EPOS system that help their product information and wanted to develop a datalink that communicated between EPOS and Magento.  The elegance of the solution warranted the faith that Ayr Equestrian placed in the company.   Sometimes simple is best and the platform needed to work all the time, with no downtime and be fully responsive to the customer needs.  This is a complex demand and one achieved brilliantly of the Ayr Equestrian website.

What is so impressive is that the Magento platform is one of the slowest ecommerce platforms around.  However, the expertise and experience of Web Designers Glasgow with other clients means that they have been able to work wonders to speed up the performance of the site.  The site is fully optimised, allowing the products to appear on the Google Shopping Channel.  The company also set up PPC advertising and the sales conversions soared.

The effective mix of technological expertise and marketing knowledge have done wonders for the website.  It looks amazing but more importantly it works for the company.  When sales are up, you know the investment in the right web designer was sound.