Spring breakers ...?

Hi guys :) So tomorrow it's spring break for me or easter break or whatever it's called haha xD And me and my bestie  are going to our old city we used to live in . It's going to be so fun cause we're going to stay there for a week and we're going to meet some old friends and just have fun and shop and drink and party and look for hot guys xD ;) And the things we're gonna do kinda remind me of that movie called spring breakers lol , u should check it out xD but anyways We're gonna take the bus on friday to get to our old city and then we're gonna stay there till next friday so a whole week with my bestie <3 We're also gonna eat at a new resurant #lovefood #foodlover

By the way im just so in love with Monster energi drink * not sponsored *
But i drink it all the time and im just in looooove with it , im pretty sure im addicted .. Am i the only one ? XD #monster #energidrink

My day today has been pretty damn boring , all i have done is sleeping and just chilling haha . Later today me and my family are gonna eat mcdonalds cause we're just feeling lazy today and we haven't eaten fast food in awhile so yeah . #fastfood

Im going to answer some or very few questions now cause some of you probaly or maybe just want to know this haha #QandA :

Gender ? : i identify as a girl

Age ? : sry it's a secret xD

Were r u from ? : europe

Are you attending school ? : yes :( xD

Why did u want to start bloging ? : Cause i feel like i needed something to do and somewhere i can make my voice heard .

Favourite artist ? : Eminem / Justin Bieber : Rihanna .

Favourite quote ? : ~ Don't let others talk ruin your voice ~

Favourite colour ? : red / black / white

Do you have a bestfriend or bestfriends ? : yes <3

Okey so that's all the questions im gonna answer right now :) and i think i have talk about everything im doing today so i have not really nothing else to write about so bye bye or something idk lol love ya all