When the Tudor Pelagos was introduced in 2012, it completely changed the way watch enthusiasts look at a “tool” watch. For one, it was designed with real divers in mind, taking into consideration the pressure and depth these professionals have to go through. From the case down to the bracelet, the Pelagos is every inch a genuine tool watch that doesn’t rely on its eye-catching beauty alone (although it’s one handsome diver’s watch that can take you from day to night) but more on its function that serves the very purpose it was built for.

That is why the variations under this line that Tudor came up since the launch have obviously become sought-after timepieces themselves. One of them is the Pelagos Blue, which was released in 2015.

Let’s get to know the Pelagos Blue in greater detail as we list down five key things that make it a masterpiece of a tool watch.

1. The First Pelagos With A Blue Dial

The Tudor Pelagos came out with a black dial back when it was first launched five years ago. With the release of a blue dial in 2015, the line has truly lived up to its name (the Greek word Pelagos means “depths of the ocean ”) as a genuine instrument of the sea.

The blue dial of the Pelagos Blue is made even more attractive by the blue bezel that complements it. This bezel has a ceramic-made disc in matte that gives it a subtle, minimalist look.

2. Fitted With An In-house Movement

Tudor watches have always been about providing high-quality timepieces at a reasonable price, but even more so now with the blue Pelagos. If you’re wondering if these Tudor tool watches are worth the money, they certainly are as they are fitted with an in-house-developed manufacture calibre, the MT5621. This self-winding movement was first seen in another equally impressive tool watch, the Tudor North Flag.

Prior to using an in-house movement, Pelagos watches were ETA-powered. With a manufacture calibre now powering up the Pelagos Blue as well as the black-dial ones under the line, the collection takes on a more value-for-money stance. Imagine 70 hours of power reserve, a frequency of 28,800 beats per hour (4Hz), a bidirectional self-winding system, and a regulation system powered by a variable inertia oscillator with silicon balance spring positioned perfectly by a fixed traversing bridge at both sides to ensure shock and vibration resistance – such an in-house movement is a powerhouse. Added to that are the hour, minute, and central second functions as well as a date display that the wearer can view at 3 o’clock. Of course, this manufacture calibre is certified by the COSC to ensure exceptional reliability and robustness.

3. Pelagos-exclusive Features Designed For The Serious Diver

The Pelagos has stood out primarily because of its outstanding features that were developed with the serious diver in mind. You can expect this as well from the Pelagos Blue, which possesses a titanium-made lightweight case that’s perfect for deep sea exploration, complemented with a bracelet also in titanium with a stainless steel folding clasp that features Tudor’s patented auto-adjustable buckle, and the helium escape valve that protects the watch from overpressure during saturation dives.

4. Radiant Markers

Complementing the blue dial and bezel are luminous markers that shed a warm shade of blue, which perfectly provides the wearer the legibility he needs underwater. These markers are helpful during extreme conditions when there’s low visibility.

5. Comes With A Characteristic Tudor Feature

Just like the iconic Tudor Black Bay watches, Tudor Pelagos Blue features a historic detail – the “Snowflake” hands. Borrowed from the brand’s diver’s watches that started from 1969, this distinct feature gives the Pelagos that vintage touch.

Visit Tudor online for more information on the Pelagos Blue and other remarkable timepieces like the Tudor Black Shield watches, as well as other Tudor watches’ prices. Check out the Revolution Magazine website for interesting features and must-see videos on Tudor watches.



If there’s one thing that sets apart the great from the mediocre, it’s distinctiveness. Take, for example, the legendary Michael Jordan. At the height of his career, he was undoubtedly the greatest basketball player the NBA has ever produced. It wasn’t just he played the game well; he took it the next level. For the greats like him, it surely follows that only a timepiece of equal calibre could very well complement such a sports icon. Jordan knew this by heart, that’s why he goes for an IWC Big Pilot’s Watch.

Michael Jordan

NBA Player, Michael Jordan

At the awarding ceremony held at the White House last year, Jordan was spotted sporting a limited edition IWC Big Pilot’s Watch platinum (reference 5002-02) as he received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Barack Obama. While it was truly a commendable feat to be awarded with the highest civilian honor, watch lovers praised the basketball legend even more for his exceptional taste in timepieces.

No surprise there, really. The Big Pilot’s Watch has become a favourite not just of athletes but of Hollywood celebrities as well. With its distinct design and exceptional craftsmanship, the Big Pilot’s Watch is truly an iconic timepiece that befits legends.

Revolution Watch goes in-depth on how IWC’s legendary watch became one of the greatest names in haute horlogerie.

The Watch That Rules The Skies

IWC Schaffhausen’s love affair with flying started way before the Big Pilot’s Watch became a household name. It was in 1936 when IWC manufactured its very first Pilot’s Watch, which would lay the groundwork for succeeding IWC Pilot’s Watches that would capture the hearts of watch aficionados the world over. The first of which proved to be a hit right away: the T.S.C. Big Pilot’s Watch caught the attention of luxury watch enthusiasts for its instrument-themed looks that would become the precedent to follow in making a classic pilot’s watch.

The 1940-manufactured, 52-calibre Big Pilot’s Watch was such a hit that it became the model for the most popular IWC Pilot’s Watch of all time, the Mark 11, which was introduced in 1948 for the Royal Air Force. From then on, the Pilot’s Watch would become even stronger, taking on incarnation after incarnation that made the line more appealing to those who just couldn’t enough of the classic, versatile look of the world’s first observer’s watch.

The Many Faces Of The IWC Big Pilot’s Watch

Leave it to an iconic timepiece like the Big Pilot’s Watch to redefine class with every variation it undertakes. Perhaps this could be attributed to the fact that it retains the very essence that made it legendary in the first place, no matter how many iterations it undergoes.
That is why the incarnations themselves have become coveted pieces among watch lovers. The classic look of the Big Pilot’s Watch has spawned numerous incarnations such as the Pilot’s Watch Chronograph, which looks almost similar as its 1940 predecessor but boasts clarity and legibility; the Pilot’s Watch Automatic 36, which was designed for those with smaller wrists but love the minimalist appeal of a pilot’s watch; and the Big Pilot’s Heritage Watch 55 and Big Pilot’s Heritage Watch 48, which were introduced as a tribute to the original for those who have a penchant for vintage classics.

Proving that it is the preferred time-telling device of elite fighters, Big Pilot came out with a Top Gun line in honour of the legendary Advanced Fighter Weapons School of the United States Navy. From this line came a chronograph and perpetual calendar versions, as well as the Miramar line which pays homage to the location where the elite fighter’s school was born, Miramar in California.

The reference to legends didn’t stop there. In 2003, the Big Pilot’s Watch paid tribute to the Spitfire, a legendary British aircraft by giving birth to a series of Spitfire-inspired watches that include a chronograph, an annual calendar, a perpetual calendar, and the “Ju-Air” chronograph edition.

The Big Pilot’s Watch, however, isn’t all about flying. It proved its versatility by coming out with the Antoine de Saint Exupéry collection in recognition of the works of the avid pilot and author of the literary classic, “The Little Prince”. Under this line which was introduced in 2006, special edition watches such as the “Le Petit Prince” and “Antoine de Saint Exupéry” pay tribute to the exceptional literary talent of the famous French writer.

Of course, limited editions also added more colour and allure to the beauty of the Big Pilot’s Watch. Jordan’s Big Pilot itself, reference 5002-02 (https://www.hodinkee.com/articles/michael-jordan-iwc-big-pilot-presidential-medal-of-freedom), was introduced in 2003 to 2006 as limited edition pieces, defined by a unique blue dial. Another limited edition item, reference 5002-03, meanwhile came with a black dial.

With such an expansive collection, no wonder watch collectors of all shapes and sizes, famous or not, are charmed by the outstanding classic beauty and technical excelle nce of the Big Pilot’s Watch. From NBA players like Michael Jordan and Carmelo Anthony to actors like Bradley Cooper and Ewan McGregor, everyone who’s anyone is a big fan of the IWC Big Pilot’s Watch.

Celebs And Personalities Who Love The Big Pilot’s Watch

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone
Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone

Arnold Schwarzenegger: spotted shopping wearing Big Pilot.

Bradley Cooper: seen taking a selfie with fans while sporting a Big Pilot’s Watch

Kevin Spacey: has long been a fan of not only the Big Pilot’s Watches but also other iconic IWC watches like the Da Vinci collection, which inspired him to produce a play called Leo and Lisa.

Ewan McGregor: a long-time admirer of the Big Pilot’s Watches and a frequent visitor of the IWC booth at the SIHH event.

Carmelo Anthony: a brand ambassador for IWC who owns a Mohammad Ali Big Pilot’s Watch special edition, an IWC Aquatimer, and a Portuguese Mystère Squeletter Tourbillon, among others

John Mayer: loves the Big Pilot’s Watch so much that he was even code-named “Big Pilot”
during one of his tours.

To know more about the Big Pilot’s Watch, visit the IWC Schaffhausen website, where you can also view other exceptionally designed IWC watches that fit your modern lifestyle such as the IWC Portofino (if you’re on the lookout for a fine dress watch), the IWC Ingenieur (for those who want a high-performing tool watch), the IWC Portuguese (for everyday wear), and the IWC Perpetual Calendar (for men who love perpetual calendars that boast style and substance).

For more interesting features and videos on the Big Pilot’s Watch, check out the Revolution Watch Magazine website.

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