• Skin analyst

Before you decide to buy bunch of things, please check your skin type. The cheapest way to do is to take a free test at cosmetic stores, pharmacies. When you have done all the tests, and find out what kind of your skin type is. Move to next step!

  • Check the price

You don’t need to go to shopping center to do this. There are many companies which offer online shopping sites where you can just click! And, voila! You can compare brand to brand, store to store, and let’s find the price you can afford!

  • Ask opinion

Family and friends are a free source for us to know their review of beauty products. Of course, everyone has their own opinion. However, there are a lot of things we may should know before purchasing!

  • Purchasing

What do you need? Of course, we always say: I need all and everything that can make my skin flawless. Wait a minute! You mean: absolutely all?

You D O N O T need everything sweetie. If so, then you have just made someone’s day, not yours.

Beauty products

Let’s start with some basic steps here

  • Skincare routines

As you can watch a dozen of beauty videos on YouTube, such as: morning routine, before bed routine and so much more. Let’s skip all this, ladies!

The most important thing is what you have in your daily grocery bag. My point is beauty comes from inside.

  • Cleansing

Have you ever heard from your friends that you skin gets damaged because of cosmetic? Well, then you need to read this. Makeup can cause acne. You'll usually be fine if you're diligent about removing your makeup at the end of the day and immediately after exercise. That’s the reason why cleansing your face is real important! There are many brands have produced cleansing products to give your skin that beautiful glow. However, you can also use some ingredients which you can easily find them in your kitchen. Coconut or almond oil are amazing. Crush some oatmeal, rice or using sugar for blending together with type of oil you’d preferred. This is a well-known method for removing your makeup, erase your fine lines, and renew your skin. Please, take this step seriously!

  • Moisturizing

After cleansing your face with warm water, and block it with cold water. What? Why do you need to do this? Yes, because your pores are opened to pull all the dirt out, and you need to close your pores to get that firmed skin. After this, moisture is a must! Choosing the perfect face cream can be difficult because you are confused of thousands of brands, and their ingredients. You spend all your money on products that you dislike. What? Come on, get some samples! They are free. Beside you can use it for a week or so to see if that cream will be a good investment.

  • Mask

We call this a treat for your skin. It must give a strong effect at the first time. How to experience which type of mask suit your skin type? Normally, I apply a small amount on my neck to check. Reaction comes after few minutes if your skin gets irritated. A good mask gives a natural glow after rinsing. It will not give dryness and irritation. Especially around eyes area. My favorite is olive oil, honey and yogurt. This one is a my beauty secret!

You might think that she wants us to use all the foods in the kitchen to save money. Yes, this is true! Japanese women have been drinking green tea for so long before I was born to extend their youth, and get a longer life. However, my point is you can save a lot of money by spending them smarter. Do not buy a face scrub for its popularity, girls. Everyone has different skin type and the size of wallet.

Save your money and be confident with your beauty!

My day was super. I have been planing what I am going to share with you all, and I am so excited! I hope each of you has enjoyed reading so far. I am going to post three times a week on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Each time will be different theme! There are beauty, lifestyle & cooking, and style!

This is all for today and have a lovely evening, ladies! xoxo 🌸

- Written by J E N N Y   L E E - 



We - women were born in places where we get a thousand of beauty advice every day. However, how many of us do survive and accept the fact that each of us is beautiful enough to win someone’s heart.

What does beauty mean?

A combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight.


How can one describe herself as a beauty? You tell me.

As a woman, I take care of myself, my beauty because I believe that nothing last forever. That is the reason why there are thousands, and thousands of beauty brands in the market. Which ones are you going for? Does it matter? Because we buy what they want us to buy in the end.

You can spend your money smarter!

Let’s talk about budget and all these numbers! I’m just kidding…

In fact, I can show you the smarter way to invest things you should not invest. What should you choose among dozens of brands. And, how to be confident in your own style!

- Written by J E N N Y   L E E - 



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