As usual I have a bit of trouble with this routine thing. Writing everything I do was more effort then I thought. My excuse is that I've been in the tropical wet season nowhere. My touch likes to fuck up when there's humidity so I have to wrap my phone in paper and put it in a bag and I just can't be bothered with it.

So I was in Cairns until the 6th. I went to the botanic gardens on the 3rd which was so beautiful. I went there with Finn and Pheline my german friends and we picked up my cool kiwi metal detecting friend Olivia along the way. It was rainforest and flowers everywhere.

I spent the 4th-5th in the mountains driving through clouds and seeing some cute falls. I went swimming in a volcano and had the most hilarious tour guide that seemed like he'd been snacking on some mushrooms from the rainforest. That night and the next day it was only me and 2 girls from cyprus staying in a cabin in the mountains straight inside a raincloud drinking goon. We went kayaking and then mountain biking the day after. I was sick so I didn't do the whole biking route which meant I had an hour in the forest by myself and it was incredible to just have some complete alone time there. I was sitting on a bridge by a creek just looking at the water. Walked around and saw a snake fall from a tree.

On the 6th I caught a flight to Darwin and I was terrified because I'm always in pain from not being able to equalize and then I had a cold on top of that. I was well prepared though and made it through. Didn't hurt at all but the effort it took made me think I'd be better off taking buses or trains for 2000km at a time to get around the country.

I met a dutch guy called Finn going to my hostel. Turns out we had been on the same flight from Cairns, the same airport bus to the city, walking to the same hostel and then we got the same room. We spend 4 days together constantly, he even ate my food and dragged me along on road trips forcing me to gps us around the top end. Once we did a 1 hour walk to the museum boiling to death in the blinding sun and with humidity like a sauna. When we got there we just sat down in the air con by a kids table coloring in crocodiles and eating ice creams like 3 year olds. I got to know a lot about cyclone tracy from the museum. It wiped out 99% of Darwin in 1974 and killed over 70 people. No building in Darwin is older then 1975 and it happened to them on christmas day poor things.

We also saw the sunset from the waterfront where the sky turned purple and went to a beach where crabs had chosen all kinds of little beautiful shells to live in. At first you couldn't see them but if you stood still they'd come out of their houses and the whole beach would just start moving.

We rented a car with a german girl and an irish lady called Mary. I wasn't a very good gps reader seeing as I didn't really read the gps. We drove wrong a fair few times on our way to the Adelaide river where we wanted to see wild saltwater crocs getting fed. There are 7000 saltwater crocodiles in adelaide river where around 700-800 come up to the little boat during the year. There are 244000 ppl in Darwin and around 250000 crocs. Crocodiles are the only animals that doesn't keep away from humans, they want to eat us. All other animals keep away unless they feel threatened. That's why you can never swim in the top end. The boat trip was amazing and 6 cute crocs came up to us. The last one was only a meter long and he had to swim out really fast because he was too scared of the other crocs. They eat each other to establish dominance so a 5 year old mini wouldn't make it unless he stays away from the open waters.

Later on we went to Litchfield national park and saw Wangi falls and Tolmer falls. Mary had to get to work so we had to rush it a bit but the sights were amazing. Mary is the loveliest lady that always wants your best, knows everyone and is so sweet. It was a good roadtrip. I was just singing and dancing like an idiot the whole way home. Finn tried to convince me all these Dutch words were international when clearly they were not and he wouldn't stop talking about his 11 meter croc. We drove through a lot of floodways and later that night he bought me pizza because he'd been eating my food.

I'll continue with the tb when I have more time

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It's the 2nd today, I'm coming down with a cold and I've had a few hectic days. Which is prob why I'm getting a cold.

Yesterday was hangover day and I didn't manage much except to eat a block of chocolate and get lost in an asian supermarket trying to find more snacks.

New years was fun! I ended up selling my vegas party ticket in the cue to Gilligans for 30 dollars when I bought it for 25 and then bought my Woolshed ticket for 20. Was pre drinking with my german friends and some aussies in the hostel. We played some ring of fire and other card games. Woolshed was indeed more techno and my style. My sister said "of course the germans wants to go to a techno place". Two of my german girl friends were my new years kiss and I ended up dancing til 5 in the morning.

Today Pheline and Finn found a guy called Elias who did adventures that you could tag along on for a few dollars. He had a 4wd car and a cute dog called Nala. We did some 4wd driving on sand and in the rainforest, up on mountains through clouds, to some lakes that supposedly has crocs but I didn't see any and to Port Douglas.

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(Cairns, great barrier reef)

I've had a couple of interesting days. It was ladies night at pjs (a pub in the city) on the 29th which meant free champagne for all girls. After a few glasses they announced a bikini competition in the middle of my beer pong session. My german friends cheered me into doing it and signed me up. I then heard the prize was $200 and a skydive for second place so I didn't see the problem with getting into a bikini and goof around when I'm practically always wearing one anyways. I got into the changing room where the staff gave us a bottle of champagne to share and I put on a bikini with the Australian flag on it. I jumped around in my bikini for a bit and then I won first prize and got $200 (1400kr) in my pocket. It was a good night.

When the sun was setting the same day we saw a million bats flying in the sky as you can see in the picture below!

The next day I didn't wake up from my alarm so I had half an hour before my boat to the great barrier reef left. I run and got on the boat 5 min late but still made it!! When I got there they asked if I wanted to add diving to my tour. Because I booked all of my tours together in one package I didn't know much about each thing and I really regret doing that. Wish I could've just gone from place to place and see what I felt like there and maybe also get it cheaper. I extended to diving but had to write down that my ears hurt when I fly which they said could be a problem. I got in my wetsuit and air tube which was so heavy I couldn't get up. I held my nose and blew out every second when we where slowly getting under water holding a rope but around half a meter down my ears started hurting. I still showed I was okay and wanted to go down but the instructor pulled me back up after a while and wouldn't allow me to dive with that much pain. She practically said I would go deaf. I later asked her if I would ever be able to dive and she just answered maybe not. I really want to though so I have to see a doctor about it.

I at least got to snorkel and it was one of the best things I've done. The reef is so beautiful. I saw clams (the ones with pearls in it) that was 3 meters wide and I swam along with huge fish. A Danish/Norwegian instructor tried to show me some free diving which looks so cool but hurt my ears a bit too. I spoke Swedish to him which I think confused him and it sounded funny when he tried to speak back in Swedish. Very Scandinavian guy. I regret not having a go pro with me for going in the water and not taking a lot of photos but I like being in the moment and often just turn off my phone because it's annoying or it starts acting weird and I can't use it which doesn't really bother me.

This morning we changed from our hostel called caravella resort to caravella central because the one we were staying at was too far from the city and really boring. This one is still not the best but it's better. We're staying in the same room as all the germans now and we're watching this german traditional new years video called dinner for one where we drink all the time.

It's new years today and I'm very shattered of what I want to do. I bought tickets to a vegas party which a lot of my lovely friends are going to but my german friends wants to go to more of a techno place. So now I have 2 tickets and need to sell one and it's confusing. I skip the line at the techno place so I'll try and sell my vegas ticket.

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Right now I'm by the lagoon dying of the heat. My hostel is quiet boring but it's nice to relax for a change. I met a lovely german couple that I've been hanging out with. We went around town and had a few drinks with the english from maccas yesterday. Today we made pancake breakfast. Nothing more interesting then that tbh. The heat makes you not wanna do anything and I'm just showering in my own sweat.

I realized you can't really take yourself around Cairns and see all the beautiful places without a car so I'll try and find a space or help rent one with people. I want to see the waterfalls, rainforests and beaches around.

I'm going to the great barrier reef to snorkel and dive tomorrow though and then a night in the rainforest the 4th-5th. Also I need to figure out what to do for new years. There's fireworks by the sea, a vegas party at gilligans or pub crawls.

Pheline the german girl told me about the floodings in alice springs that I hadn't heard of since I keep away from the internet and technology. Apparently houses has been destroyed and ayers rock has turned into waterfalls. I'm going there in 2 weeks so I need to figure that shit out.

Right now I'm quiet bored. So if you're in Cairns hit me up.

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Arrived in Cairns 5.30am and was told the golden arrow or something like that was opened if you wanted a coffee. I was chatting to some english and they said that's just slang for McDonalds so I was sat in maccas with them until 7 when my hostel opened. Had a shower and I think it's the first time I've ever shaved in a public toilet. I also forgot my shower things so had to wash my hair with soap I found in there. Now it's 8.30 and I'm drinking some smoothie in my new beachy top. Feeling fresh.

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(Whitsundays, Airlie beach)

I'm still in Airlie Beach after my boat trip to the Whitsundays. It's really touristy here as it's just one street packed with travel shacks, souvenir shops, bars and restaurants. At the end of the street there's nothing. Me and this Swedish couple I met at the boat were discussing if you could actually live here, if they have a school and so on. I started chatting to a guy working in wollies that was apparently a local and turns out they do have a school and a population of 2000 people here. He told me he was exited about turning 18 because there's nothing else to do then drink here which sounded a bit depressing. I can imagine walking to the end of the street is like walking to the end of the world growing up here. It's beautiful here with a harbor that's got clear blue water, white sailing boats rocking in the water and palm trees perfectly planted around. It reminds me a lot of the gold coast where there's only really skyscrapers on a beach built to impress without any real purpose.

Christmas has been even though it doesn't feel like it. I was on the sailing boat in the Whitsunday islands until the 24th (Swedish christmas). It was called the British defender and the whole tour was really good. They wanted us to recommend it to others but usually people just book their tour through a travel agent or in a massive package and then you wouldn't really know which boat you get. So I recommend it if you have the choice.

I had packed my stuff on the 22nd and started walking up this hill towards the harbor carrying my massive goon box, sweating and getting burned in the face. I met some Irish guys waiting for the boat that later on would make me think I might be adopted and actually Irish. I'm pale, I have freckles and I can party like an Irish person. First day on the boat we sailed and I thought I'd fall over the edge and die. It was a little like pirates of the caribbean when they turn the ship over. Then we went snorkeling where the reef was looking a bit sad and dead but it's still so impressive seeing under the water in a land where nothing looks the same. No little seaweed or mörtar in Östersjön here. The next day would be a complete chocking contrast to the snorkeling from the day before. There was so much colors, patterns and fish. Within minutes of getting in the water I tried watching this neon blue rock when it just opened it's eyes and swam away. It was a 2 meter long fish that looked like Dory had been on too much steroids. A guy in the crew later told me her name was Pricilla. I also saw a clam that was half a meter vide and the day after a sea turtle the same size. The guy then brought some fish food and through it in the water so fish would swirl all around you. For some reason he thought it was fun to through it at me though so I got attacked by fish and freaked out. The Whitehaven beach was beautiful even though me and my English friend scared each other over stingrays and box jellyfish. The nights were also a lot of fun. The captain drank half a bag of goon through a snorkel and then the Irish switched it to gin.

The Swedish couple, Camilla and Vasse, made me feel a lot like home and they were so lovely. We had a bbq and afterparty with everyone on the 24th (christmas) where I got hike banana, potato salad and grilled halloumi like the typical Swedish summer. We borrowed some ppls christmas hats for a picture later on and apparently mine said gayboy. I then offered them dinner the next day before they left. 

It's difficult with people always coming and going when you're traveling. Someone you get along really well with and love to hang out with might be gone the next day and you know you won't see them for a very long time. You meet more people then in any other situation and get new friends every day. It makes it hard to remember peoples names and story (I mostly call them by their country... Although I do remember your name now Nico the dutchie) but it's also amazing because you learn so much about different people, their culture and language. So far I've learned to say new things in over 10 languages and I can apparently understand a bit of german as I had a bbq with my wonderful english roomies and got right in the middle of their german friends that only talked in german. I could follow pretty ok. 

Later on that night the english Joanna told us she saw glowing things in the sea the day before in an area where you could swim because it was surronded by net. We went to check it out and apparently there where glowing plankton in the water that lit up when you swirled your arms around. It felt like being in the sky with blue little stars all around you. I don't have pictures of it but I did jump around hitting plankton like a moron with the english girls go pro so I hope I caught some on camera. Jo saw the glowfish, as she called them, after going out with me on their christmas (the 25th... Weird people). It was a crazy night, I suppose all backpackers wanted to forget it's christmas and that they're not at home with family by getting fucked. Everything opened at 12am because they don't wanna give double pay to their employees on christmas I reckon. So we had to wait it out sitting in the hostel eating cheese and crackers thinking about going to sleep. I had a great night with some great people though so it was worth it and I was wearing blinking christmas earrings and did my full make up and dressed up for the first time in my month backpacking.

Jumping back to language: I really wish to improve my spanish seeing as I studied it for such a long time but I'm always to shy about trying when I meet spanish people like the lovely Victoria from Chile I met in brisbane and accompanied all the way to 1770 where I got off and she stayed on the bus to Cairns.. I really hope to go see all the people I meet while traveling. My next journey will be South America in probably a year (don't wanna miss another swedish summer) and then I'm really gonna try to go see my new friend. I wanna do that trip alone as well but I've been advised by people to not do it as a young girl. 

I chose to travel alone now and it's the best thing I've done. You meet more ppl and in a different way, you're more free, no one can interfere with what you feel like doing and that one person isn't there to get on your nerves because if I need a break I just walk off. I don't know how it is traveling with someone I know well, maybe it'll be heaps of fun but right now I feel like I'm learning so much, growing as a person and getting to know how to get along with myself so I'm happy I'm doing it.

Right now I'm sitting on a night bus to Cairns, my next adventure. I'm extremely happy about getting 2 seats to myself and trying to get comfy with my travel pillow at hand. I checked out from my lovely jungle village today (see the view from my balcony below) and said goodbye to people at the hostel and my English friend Daniel who was really struggeling with his tax number and medicare and needed my help. I'm meeting him along with many others in Cairns.

So now let's see what Cairns has to offer...

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(1770 Agnes Water, Airlie beach)

Hi sweeties! I wanted to start this blog for all my near and dear to be able to read about what is actually going in my backpacking life without me having to copy paste my journal to everyone. I'm also gonna write in english for all my international beloved to understand. I'm doing this mostly for me to look back at but also it might be a good read. I'll update here as often as I can but I can't always rely on my internet and I'm constantly on the move.

I'm currently in a hostel in Airlie Beach called Magnums which is like a little rainforest village where you easily can get lost without the (no joke) map provided in the reception. I arrived this morning at 7.30 with my greyhound bus. I wasn't able to sleep at all because I forgot my travel pillow and had no window to lean against. I was pretty much just practicing the weirdest yoga positions in the smallest space trying to get comfy. After that I was just hanging out with a german and a dutch guy all day that I met making breakfast. We went swimming in a lagoon because the ocean is too dangerous up here with jellyfish that'll give you heart attacks and sharks and things. Still a bit in the unclear about what exists here and what is harmless or kills you. They gave me a pair of sunglasses when I told them I didn't have any (so sweet because you can't find any under $20) and I followed them to their boat pickup for Whitsundays.

When I checked in at 2pm I got to meet my cool roomie from Taiwan who has been traveling for 4 years all over the world. We did our laundry together so we could split the 3 dollars and pay 1.5 each. Now my laundry is hanging from the top bunk creating drapes that cozily closes off my bed. She gave me some aloe vera when she saw that I had burned my face and now look like a tomato after just a short walk in the sun. While I was cooking some dinner I met a frenchie that gave me a cooler after I accidentally did her dishes (got thrilled because I don't own one). Now I'm just relaxing in bed before my Whitsundays trip tomorrow until Christmas. I've seen some crazy animals here. Outside my door bush turkeys just walk around freely. There are ants as big as my thumb and my dutch roomie showed me a video of a meter long python trying to swallow one of the bush turkeys whole in the hostel from the other day.

I'm trying to make the best of my stay here in Airlie although I'm really sad I left 1770 and my amazing hostel yesterday. I was supposed to do just a stopover to avoid doing the whole 18h bus trip from Noosa to Airlie. I was just so exhausted on my way there that I thought about not going at all. I had been staying in 16 ppl dorms and my phone had been broken for a week while I was traveling on my own from Brisbane to Noosa to Fraser Island and back to Noosa.

I fixed my phone in Noosa and made my bus to 1770 with only a minute to spare. I didn't even fkn now what the time was for a week. Still I managed to catch all these buses and not get fully lost. I met some really cool people asking my way around. This really interesting guy called Steve that I met in the bus stop helped me around Noosa to get my phone fixed and I got to know his life story.

After I proudly managed to get on the bus, I was sitting down to relax and tried to get my phone back to life. When it turned on I started stressing out about being connected with reality again and having to deal with a million missed calls and emails. I called 1770 and without me even asking they said they'll pick me up. Then when I was the only one getting off at the station at 9.40 pm there was this lovely girl there asking if I was Vira because she didn't wanna pick up the wrong person even though I was the only one there. She drove me about 100 meters to the hostel making me really confused of why they even had a shuttle bus. I got along with this 18 y/o german girl straight away. She showed me around like you would to a close friend at home. In the hostel people were having movie night with candles everywhere and just chilling in hammocks by the fire. I saw toads everywhere and the birds where practically yelling because I've taken my way so far up the coast now, the animals and nature gets more and more crazy. My room was practically private because of how few where there at the time and I just got so relaxed.

The next day I saw a guy writing something on a whiteboard whilst I was doing my dishes. When I asked him what he was writing he answered that he was gonna do a little tour to a beach with this inflatable swan he was really satisfied with just having bought and then to paperbark forest which is this little forest filled with trees you make paper out of only that you weren't allowed to do anything to this forest. All I had to pay for was the gas so I was happy to pay $5 for this cute lil tour.

It ended up with only me, the dutch whiteboard writing guy and an aussie guy that also worked there. I was about to bring my goon in the cooling box (eski I think they call it here) when the aussie gave me a bottle of some nice new zealand sav blanc he said he'll never drink. He explained to me that he likes sharing and small things that might not matter that much to him can make some peoples day. I thought that was inspiring and of course he made my day as I can't afford my alcohol. Dutchie asked if I wanted a free surf lesson seeing as there were only us three there. I would have taken the offer any day of the week if it wasn't for my fear of waves after getting caught in a rip in Vietnam. A surf lesson in aus could cost between $50-60 I think.

Instead I was just laying around on the beach drinking my sav blanc watching tose guys trying to surf on an inflatable swan before we went to the beautiful paper forest where I saw my first huntsman. At night I cooked everyone dinner (pasta pesto.. always a winner in backpacker land) and then I was getting to know this Swedish girl living in Scotland that is gonna see me next time she comes back to Uppsala. Everyone just grilled marshmallows together and it was so sad leaving. I really recommend Backpackers at 1770 for anyone traveling the coast.

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