Turn your bathroom into a Spa with Rituals of Hammam

Create a spa day in the comfort of your own bathroom.

Find the ultimate relaxation during the darkest nights.

Treat yourself to a wonderfully warm and relaxing bath with a purifying cermony for body and soul.

Take your time to slow down.

Who doesn’t love the comfort of a warm cup of tea.

Purify yourself from the inside out with this organic, refreshing green tea. Featuring both peppermint and curled mint, it’s rich in antioxidants.

Revitalise your skin with the Ritual of Hammam.

1. Cleanse

Enjoy the shower foam enriched with refreshing Eucalyptus and revitalising Rosemary. A rich smoothing foam with a purifying, refreshing fragrance for pleasant and soft cleansing.

2. Scrub

Discover the nourishing body scrub based on pure purifying Sea Salt with warming Ginger and refreshing Eucalyptus. An intensively purifying, nourishing scrub effect which gives your skin a wonderful tingling feeling. After exfoliating, the skin feels super soft and refreshed, and is left with a wonderful warm sensation that can immediately reduce tiredness. Immediately reduces fatigue and boosts your mood.

3. Apply the rich cream

This rich body cream nourishes the skin, leaving a beautifully silky soft feeling. Enriched with revitalising organic Eucalyptus and Rosemary.

Give yourself a little moment of me-time.