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So this is part two of this great shooting with Camilla. This spot in Basel made the pictures look like we were somewhere in California. It was such a beautiful day and it made me wanna go on vacations. I really enjoy those beautiful sunny days.

Shirt: H & M

Pants: H & M

Sunglasses: Vintage

Haircolor: Bleach London (Violet Skies and Blulini)

🎶We can escape to the great sunshine.



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So my friend Camilla and I decided to go to Basel and take some cool pictures. We ended up doing a whole tour through the beautiful old city of Basel. Since we took them with different outfits, I’m going to post more than just one blog entry about that day. The pictures you can see above were taken in the area called Spaleberg. There are many cute coffee shops and other little shops. The buildings are old and historically very interesting. It was so easy to find good locations. We really have to go back sometime and take more pictures.


Knit Sweater: H&M

Jeans: H&M

Sneakers: Voegele Shoes

Glasses: Ray-ban

🎶You’re so art deco, out on the floor.




So this is my very first blog entry and I have thought about starting a proper blog for such a long time. After I found, I knew this is gonna be it. I’m going to do this mainly for fun. Of course it would be awesome if I get some readers.

My name is Anastasia and I study fashion design in Basel, Switzerland. I am absolutely in love with fashion, art and design. And there’s something about bloggers and blogging that fascinates me. So here I am.

Those pictures were taken in February 2017. It was about 15 ° Celsius in Basel which is unusual for this time of the year. This place is called Merian Gardens. It’s so beautiful. There’s an English Garden, a stunning mansion and an even bigger garden on the other side of the estate. I think it’s so wonderful that there are places like that open to the public. The pictures were taken by my lovely friend Camilla.

//LOVE Anastasia

Velvet shirt: Fizzen

Jeans: Tally Weijl

Choker: selfmade

Fake Fur Jacket: H&M

Pastel pink Jacket: private

Pictures by Camilla F.