​Hi again,

So I dropped out of high school about a week ago and the plan was to get a job and then just work until the summer. But it's actually harder than I imagined it to be. Like come on, I'm 16 and I work full time, the company is going to save so much money but whatever.

I've applied to a couple of clothing stores but I haven't even gotten an answer back. 

That's the part of applying to jobs I really fucking hate. They don't answer. Like you could at least just text me "ah shit sry bro u didnt get the job" like come on. Then I'm sitting there waiting and it's killing me.

I live in central Frederiksberg, which is a city in Copenhagen. Kinda hard to explain. But now I'll apply to jobs everywhere in Copenhagen. I found this job at a coffee shop in downtown Copenhagen that I really hope I get. 

I also just started painting and I've started designing. 

See ya next time buddies.

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Hi again,

So these are my favorite coffee shops in Copenhagen.

I've chosen them for 3 categories:




Number one:

Café Viggo, Værndamsvej.

This is a great coffee shop between Vesterbro and Frederiksberg. The atmosphere is amazing and the price is fairly cheap (5 euros for a coffee.) The waiters are so kind and helpful. The quality of the coffee is really good and they sometimes give free stuff.

Number two:

Sankt Peders café, downtown Copenhagen.

The guy who works there is so kind and really helpful. He gives really good discounts for no reason. I got two americanos for around 3 euros. He also has a deal where you can get a coffee with cake for 5 euros. The quality is great. The atmosphere is really chill and it's a cool little coffee shop.



​Hi again,

I¨m going to men's fashion week, January 25-28. I'm going with my bff (@nannalyngg.)

I'm honestly so excited to see the fashion scene in such a different way. Hopefully we can get into a show or 2., but I'm also really excited about all of the pop up shops there's going to be there. 

The Unknown Vlogs (fashion youtuber) When he went to the Balenciaga store he could pay to make a custom 1/1 t- shirt. I really hope I get such a chance. 

I've been to Paris 5-6 times, but it's my friend's first time so we're gonna have to see the tourist attractions. 

And yeah, we're travelling alone and that makes it a 100 times better ;)

Paris is a beautiful city with beautiful people and I can't wait to go there again




Hi again,

So now I'm gonna tell you guys my favorite brands based on a little bit of everything.

1) Saint Laurent

I think that Saint Laurent really took a turn for the better when Anthony Vaccarello became the creative director. I like the fact that the YSL has so many different kinds of style. I like the whole SLP aesthetic but I also really fuck with their rockstar vibes. Overall great brand with a lot of nice pieces.

2) Acne Studios

Some Acne pieces are ugly as hell but I generally fuck with the brand. I really like the hoodies where the sleeves are oversized. But paying almost $200 for a simple beanie with a smile on it, damn, that's basically stealing money. But most of their stuff I really fuck with.


Donna Karan New York is such a dope brand. I know it's more on the formal side of fashion but I have so many shirts from DKNY and they're so dope and kinda have a vintage vibe going on and the quality is stunning. My dad also has a lot of shirts that have that cool vintage look. The downside is that it's kind of a basic brand so a lot of their stuff is just a plain t- shirt with a logo on it and that's a downer.



HI again,

So today I was in the Zara Copenhagen store because my friend was looking for a new jacket. That's when I realized that Zara is lowkey making hella fufu.

I saw some shoes that looked a biiit too much like the collab between Pharrel Williams and Adidas NMD's. Then I saw some fake ass Saint Laurent wyatts.

Then we went over to the clothing session and there was the iconic Gucci print with a lion on it.

I think most of us remember when Zara basically ripped off the entire Yeezy season. They had exactly the same kind of style and the clothes were almost identical. They of course also had to make the rip off yeezy 750's.

Zara is a basic brand and makes some nice simple essential pieces but Zara, you're making it embarrassing 



Hi again,

This is why I dropped out of high school about 2 days ago.

Well so I went to a Danish "Gymnasium" called Rysensteen, which was like #7 of the best gymnasiums in Denmark.  So I'm basically doing a Mark Zuckerberg ;)

No, but on the real, I chose to study social studies, English and French. I find it all pretty interesting and okay-ish to work with, but the other lectures was about AP, which is like grammar in Danish and Latin and it was the worst. 

I had such a great time socially I got so many friends and it was awesome. But the school in itself just wasn't me. 

So what are my plans now?

Well I'll start working soon and then start on a language school where I take courses in French. Then after summer 18, I'll go to Paris to become an au pair for a year. 

Then we I come back, I'll take an education about fashion and design and it¨s about 2 years and after that I think I'm done with school. Then I'll hopefully get a job in the fashion industry. Right now I want to be a stylist, fashion show event manager or a creative director. 




This is the first post on my blog and as you can see it's about streetwear in 2017.

When streetwear first started it was all about Stüssy and brands like that. Streetwear was kinda trashy in the start because it was mostly skaters that had the style.

Times have changed though, big time. If I go up to someone and say name some streetwear brands, the person would probably say brands like Supreme, Balenciaga and OFF white. Those brands are expensive as fuck. The Balenciaga speedrunners are about $600.

But what happened since the streetwear scene has changed so much?

First of all you gotta think about famous people, but mostly rappers. Rappers such as Kanye West, ASAP Rocky and Tyler the creator has had such a big impact on the fashion scene. Personally I don't like Kanye West's Yeezy line. I think it's god awful. But either if you think he stole the clothes from the homeless and sell it for $$$ or you think it's the dopest shit in the world, you can't argue that his influence on the streetwear scene has been massive.

Do I think that the whole high end streetwear "trend" will wear off?

No, I think it'll live for a long ass time because so many people are in love with it, including me.

If only I had the money :(