Gambling is not something new or novel to the world. Every man in the world has gambled at some point or the other in his life. History has numerous instances where kings have lost their kingdoms in gambling. There have been wars because of gambling, the most notable one being the Mahabharata war at Kurukshetra. There are innumerable kinds of gambling activities such as card gambling, casinos, lotteries, etc. One such form of a lottery gambling is Satta Matka, famous in India and parts of Pakistan as well.

The origins:

Satta Matka has an interesting origin. The credit for introducing this numbers game goes to two people in general. One is Ratan Khatri and the other is Kalyanji Bhagat. Therefore, there is a variant of this Satta Matka by the name of Kalyan Matka in Mumbai. Ratan Khatri invented this game for the benefit (ruin) of the textile worker in Mumbai. We have used the word ‘ruin’ in brackets because this game has ruined the fortunes of thousands of families in Mumbai. It should not come as a surprise because minuscule amounts of people really win in gambling. We shall share some Kalyan Matka tips with you to elaborate our point.

The rules of the game:

Before we go into the actual tips, you should have an idea about the game in general. It is a game based on pure luck. You would have to pick up six numbers ranging between 0 and 9 in two lots of three each. Let us assume your combinations are 2, 6, and 9 in the first combination and 1, 7, and 6 in the second one. Add up the numbers in both the combinations. The first one would add up as 17 and the second combination, as 14. Ignore the digit in the tens place. You have the combination 7 and 4. This would mean that your Jodi number is 74. Your individual open numbers are the ones you have chosen.

The Satta Matka Results:

You can bid any amount on these combinations. All these numbers go into the pool. The Matka King is the main organizer of this lottery. He draws the open number at 9.00 pm every day. At midnight, he draws tow more numbers from the pot (Matka) marking the combination. Assume he draws the combination as 2, 5 and 4. The open number is 2 and the Jodi is 54. Therefore, all the people who have bid on the numbers 2, 5 and 4 would get nine times their wager amounts. You can also bid in the range of 9/1 to 999/1. If your list matches entirely with that of the Matka King, you can hit the Satta King Number by winning the jackpot.

Tips to win at Satta Matka:

The tips are quite simple. You should try to pick out your number in multiple of 3. The chances of winning can improve. The second tip is that you should know your limits. Remember, you would not win every day. Knowing your limits would allow you to play within them.