Where am I? Australia or Jamaica

The first day in the day light! What a beautiful place. I googled the place before I got here, and I was not having any expectations what so ever because I didn´t really find any of the photos too nice! It just looked like a relaxing place, but Man I was wrong!! I hope to inspire more people to come to this little paradise in the middle of nowhere with the pictures I took there. One side of the beach gave me the craziest Australian feeling, but then on the Other side it was full of palm trees and I really thought I was in Jamaica. Such a beautiful place!!

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Hvor er dette? 😊nouw.com/renatedahlen
Det heter Zinkwazi, ett velidg lite ferieområde en time utenfor Durban i Sør Afrika <3 nouw.com/veronicawindom
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