The last day in Tokyo! This is so sad, and we started the day so late as well! But we had a great day. Started by taking the subway to Shibuya where the most famous crosswalk in the world is before we went to eat sushi for breakfast, or should I say lunch because it was almost 2:30 when we finally sat down! I love the fascinating sushi train at Genki Sushi.

We spent the rest of the day subwaying around Tokyo to different shopping areas, and ended our night with a real Japanese style dinner! Our own room where we ordered from a iPad.

Oh and we had donuts, McFlurrys and a lot of other unhealthy food that day! Walking 60km in 9 days, I guess we could do it. Even tho we ate like that everyday,lol

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Amar singh
Amar singh ,
wound live to try sushi in the land if it. you surely had a great tome in japan. the weather pmaves food all look amazing just like u. thanks for sharing.
yess Japan is amazing!!
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