I have never felt more uncomfortable in my life! I don't even know where to start. Yesterday my long 20h+ journey started from Oslo- Johannesburg. First let me say that I only slept 3 hours the day before I was going to fly because I was really excited. I am finally in a new country! South Africa 💛

The whole trip started perfectly fine, the flight from Oslo to Dubai was quite empty and I could have ten rows to myself if I wanted too! I decided not to sleep on that plane because I was told that the Dubai- Johannesburg flight wasn't fully booked and they wore sure I would have a row to myself. YES! I was so happy to get a row to myself on both flights. There is also no time difference, so I wanted to stay in the normal time zone.

If you don't want all the story before it happened, jump down here!!

I get onboard the Johannesburg flight after waiting for 5 hours at Dubai Airport. Eating the spices Indian food in the world + 1.5L of water.. The line is as long as I have never seen- to get onboard, and understand quickly that this flight is going to be fully booked! I sit down at my seat ( trying to make this story short because it could be ten pages if I wanted it too) and once the guy next to me sits down he has a very strong smell, me being very sensitive to smells, this is not a good thing! He do not speak English what so ever, and he starts talking to me asking tons of questions. I see that he is trying to get the TV to work so I help him, and put the language to Arabic cause it was that language he spoke to me in. He just looks at me weird and continue to talk, I, as always do my best to help others so I find a movie for him- he put his thump up 👍 and starts watching. Ten minutes after take off, he decided to sleep- he takes his pillow on my shoulder. I like to be comfortable on the plane, so I put on my blanket. He takes his hand under the blanket and on my lap( EXCUSE ME!!!??) and just keeps it there. I push his hand away while I bump with my shoulder to try to make him understand that this is not cool, he looks at me angry( very) and I just continues to watch my movie. After a bit he starts scratching my hand. THA FUCK!! ( see picture for proof.)

Then he starts putting his foot on top of mine. ( Feet are so gross) Even though we wore wearing socks, this is disgusting. I push his foot away and he continues for at least two hours. I sit down so only so much I can do but I push my foot down on top of his, and he FINALLY stops..

Later on I start to take a photo of the coke with the wing, don't know why. He decided to take his phone up and take a selfie of us, I say no, and turn away he gives me the phone so I take a photo of him. Later on, he then sits there and take photos of me randomly. SO uncomfortable !! I was going crazy on that plane. No space. No sleep, a smelly, annoying person next to me.. I even had to order drinks and food for him! I am too nice sometimes ... He thought he was super nice probably cause he was smiling to me the whole time. Nah man, if you only knew!! His teeth wore white though, that was the only nice thing about him I would say... We are about to leave the aircraft, he takes my hand says "Shukran, Thank you!" So let's just say. I am happy that he was appreciative of what I did for him, but the way he was acting was NOT ok!

Excuse my language in this blog post, but man was I annoyed by this guy! You have no idea how happy I was to get of that flight. Now you might wonder why I did not complain? I was told the flight was 110% full, and I wasn't comfortable complaining about him because he was a bit aggressive.. I was going to sit next to him for over 8hours so it was not worth it to me. Now I had a "funny"(not) sorry to tell you guys at least!

Have you ever experienced something bad on planes as well?

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OMG, I would def hit him and asked to be moved, you are toooooo kind!!!! <
Haha, I know! Until this day I regret not doing anything about it..
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