We all need this teddybear in our life! How cute? Guess who decided to fall asleep on this little teddybear? I did! Slept like a babyyy.

Today I am having my own little spa day at home with body scrub, face mask and face peeling as well as a hair mask- Redken hair mask for sun damaged hair together with organic coconut oil. My hair is going to be back to normal again after sleeping with that mask. Just remember to wash your hair with shampoo like four times the day after to get all the coconut out of your hair, but trust me, it´s so worth it!

I was supposed to go to this blogger event tonight, but it´s really far away, and with the gass, toll station and parking it´s going to be a whole day´s salary so I won´t be able to make it today. I wish I knew someone in Oslo I could stay with, guess I need to buy an apartment there one day so I can attend some events and be more social in the Social Media World here in Norway.

What are you doing today? Any spa day suggestions?

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